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  1. As long as it is handled corrrectly, raw milk is way better! The pasturization kills all the good stuff in the milk. Also goats milk is better for human consumption, although we do need to aquire a tast for it, the particals in the goats milk are smaller making it better for our bodies to digest. If you could get raw milk and make your own cheese and butter, now thats healthy!
  2. I read one time that the NIV omits enough scripture that the equivalent of the book of Acts is not in the NIV. This is not only the NIV but all that have been translated from the Critical Text.
  3. I will be the first one today I pray last nights meetings went well.
  4. Rightly said!! God's Word still is the authority
  5. We had a great time, some summer people made it back North to stay for a few months. We are walking through the Proverbs, we are in chapter 15 now.
  6. We are happy to get one or two days even close to 90, we look forward to upper 70s and 80s :clapping:
  7. A steep roof and a good sno-blower, no worries!! :blink:
  8. In our area the bad weather is snow, last year we had 300 inches of that great stuff. We do not worry about tornados, floods, hurricans just snow!
  9. Turkey burger, Stir fry veggies, and brown rice. Someday we will get sugar back :icon_pray:
  10. I will have to try that next time we go shoping
  11. What about that flying hampster game! It was a great stress relief in our home
  12. Don't most blessing of the bikes have a priest or a father say the blessing? This would be enough to keep me away?
  13. Hi, we have been around for a little while but never introduced ourselves. My wife and I both use this user and have a great time reading what others of like faith have going on and how it is handled. I am a IFB preacher in northern michigan and love defending Gods word(KJV) and discusing issues of the day. Thanks
  14. so are you going to get coffee tea or hot coco, just so we can know what we are jealous of
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