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  1. As long as it is handled corrrectly, raw milk is way better! The pasturization kills all the good stuff in the milk. Also goats milk is better for human consumption, although we do need to aquire a tast for it, the particals in the goats milk are smaller making it better for our bodies to digest. If you could get raw milk and make your own cheese and butter, now thats healthy!
  2. I will be the first one today I pray last nights meetings went well.
  3. We had a great time, some summer people made it back North to stay for a few months. We are walking through the Proverbs, we are in chapter 15 now.
  4. We are happy to get one or two days even close to 90, we look forward to upper 70s and 80s :clapping:
  5. A steep roof and a good sno-blower, no worries!! :blink:
  6. Eggs with onion, peppers, salt, pepper, and radishs(the kids love it!)
  7. In our area the bad weather is snow, last year we had 300 inches of that great stuff. We do not worry about tornados, floods, hurricans just snow!
  8. Turkey burger, Stir fry veggies, and brown rice. Someday we will get sugar back :icon_pray:
  9. It's amazing how Christ gives his life for us, He pays the price, He gave enough for all to be saved and yet some still need to add to it! To be baptized is an ordinance of Christ but we are baptized because we are saved. To trust in anyone who could loose us is just like any other cult. A young belever may strugle (or immature) with these ideas, but as we look into His word we see we must trust in a God who did it all for us and all we need to do is fall into His arms and know we are forever His. We must beleive His call went out to all, He did not want any to parish, His grip is forever, not one can be plucked out of His hand, and Salvation by grace alone.
  10. so are you going to get coffee tea or hot coco, just so we can know what we are jealous of
  11. It was good to get to know you better, all of you! Really Happy new year!

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