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  1. "For instance, consider an apple tree: it doesn't bear apples to become an apple tree; neither does it bear apples to stay an apple tree. It bears apples because God made it an apple tree. Just the same with a true Christian; he doesn't strive to live holy or do good works to get saved, or stay saved. He does it BECAUSE GOD HAS SAVED HIM AND LIVES IN HIM! It has become part of his nature. "For it is God which worketh in you to will and to do of his good pleasure." (Phil. 2:13)" :clap:
  2. No problem. I figured that you may have thought that, that's why I didn't get defensive. I appreciate your help.
  3. Thank you. I didn't intend on worshipping on Saturday. I knew there must be a good Biblical reason, and you have just given that to me. Thank you.
  4. I agree with your thoughts, but this verse stood out to me. Very scary when you apply it to the state of our nation and its constant rejection of God...
  5. I'm not saying Christians are going to escape persecution. The ones you mention, had they taken a stand for Christ, would have been given the strength they needed to endure their persecution as others were. Many didn't have a choice as their villages were raided, men, women, and children were tied into "balls" and rolled down mountainsides. I don't know what the mark is, but Revelation clearly state a person is given a choice--they are not forced to take it. This isn't something you can recant for the sake of saving your life. If you reject the mark, you will be killed or you will possibly starve to death. If you take it, you are not saved. The Bible is clear that those who take the mark are not God's children.
  6. Jesus, in the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24:3-31), outlines the sequence of events in the last days relative to the church. Verses 3-14 parallel Revelation chapter 6 and depict those events from the beginning of the 70th week to the rapture. Then, in verses 15-28, He focuses on the middle time period of that future week (the final 7 years) and emphasizes two key events: (a) a time of great persecution, and ( the "cut[ting] short" of "those days" of persecution for "the sake of the elect". Finally, in verses 29-31, He highlights what it is that will "cut short" that persecution, the rescue of the elect (the rapture). Paul echoes this same teaching in his 2nd letter to the Thessalonians 2:1-12: (a) the apostasy comes first, ( the revealing of the man of lawlessness, © the "challenge" to all who will not bow down to him and worship him "as being God", and (d) the coming of the Lord to "gather together" believers unto Himself. In Revelation 6-8, we have the same sequence repeated: (a) the 70th week begins, ( the pressure builds [seals 1-3], © the midpoint [seals 4-5] and apex of the persecution (against the "saints") arrives, (d) the "cut[ting] short" of that persecution with the same cosmic announcement [seal 6] as Jesus spoke of in Matthew 24:29-31 followed by the rapture of the saints (Revelation 7:9ff). There is absolutely no teaching either by hint or by direct instruction that the church will not be present during the 70th week of Daniel.
  7. Quote: "Wasn't Stephen martyred after the Holy Spirit was given? Post-trib martyrdom won't have the Holy Spirit to help them. Isn't this scripture dealing with no Spirit martyrdom: 2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way" Wasn't John the Baptist martyred BEFORE the Holy Spirit was given? I don't believe the church or Spirit is gone after Rev. 4 as many do. This belief only stems from the word "church" not being used. There are lots of words not used for long periods of time in the Bible. It means nothing. If we apply that same argument to the gospel of John, we have to conclude that the gospel of John isn't for the church because the word church isn't even mentioned in all of its chapters. Can that be true?
  8. 'A Conservative History of the American Left' 'To Train Up A Child' 'The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin' Depends on what kinda mood I'm in when I go to bed, which is the only time I get to read other books--morning is Bible only.
  9. If you are a Christian, you won't take the mark. Just as God gave our early church fathers and mothers the strength to sing hymns as they were burned at the stake, He will give martyrs in our time the power to withstand the devil/anti-Christ. I stated before, I think it is good to be prepared for the possibility of enduring at least part of the tribulation. I'm not discarding pre-trib completely, but I find more biblical evidence supporting otherwise, and that is why I lean that way. If I'm wrong, PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!! If I'm not, I feel sorry for millions of Christians, especially pastors, who won't be prepared at all for what they face.
  10. He was speaking to His disciples who were alive and present at the time and wanted to know when all these things should come to pass, just as anyone would. The early church expected the tribulation, and many believed they were living through it. Today, Ameiricanized-Christianity has taken a relatively new idea (that of pre-tribulation rapture) and made it a cornerstone doctrine in many circles. I have traveled the world. I've been to over thirty different countries in the last ten years as a DoD employee. I can say as an eyewitness, that Christians in other, poorer, parts of the world don't subscribe to the pre-tribulation rapture en masse as westerners do. Many of the countries I have been to, you will be killed for simply saying you are Christian. Tell that person we aren't meant to see tribulation. They laugh at rich Americans and their cushy lifestyles. They think its hilarious when Americans claim to be persecuted because the Ten Commandments can't be posted in a courtroom--while simply citing Jn 3:16 will get your toungue cut out in many places where they live. Most Christians are forced to practice in secret. Some, very few, are bold enough to approach an American and ask question regarding the subject for fear of their lives. And it is surprising how many high ranking officials actually believe. There is no reason for a heated discussion, but discussion is good. Whether I believe in post trib or you believe in pre-trib won't effect where both you and I will be 10,000 years from now.
  11. John81 said: "Since Scripture doesn't give a clear, 100% statement that there will absolutely be a pre-trib Rapture, I do believe it's wise to be alert to what's going on. I've studied the end-times/Rapture the best I can and while I do believe the pre-trib Rapture seems likely, I've yet to encounter an iron-clad case for this. All things bear watching, we know the devil is continually prowling around." I fear that if we are to go through the tribulation, so many who have based their lives on "oh, well, I'm not going to be here for that anyway..." are going to be caught so off guard, they will not survive long at all. I have prepared myself mentally for the possibility; and I don't think we are far at all from the end. The state of the world's economy, and the calls from Russia, China, EU, AU, and even many in the United States for a "global stimulus" and a "global economy" is pretty telling. Yes, globalists have always been around, but the world has never been in this position--having the capability to do such a thing. Other things that are possible now, that many wondered about just a couple decades ago: How will the WHOLE WORLD witness the two witnesses deaths? How can the mark work? It's already working in several high-end country clubs. Entrance, attendance, purchases, etc. are all tracked by a chip implanted in a member's arm. So many of the "how can or could that be's?" are being answered today. Just the fact that Israel exists as a nation today is a miracle. Speaking of Israel, the Bible talks of the alliances against them in the end time. Russia, no longer the Soviet Union, is a very powerful nation, and getting more powerful as time goes on. Iran will be nuclear within the next few months. Russia and China, longtime rivals are now friendly--even partnering up for military excercises. Iran and Russia, not friend for many years, are now friendly and have a mutual attack agreement/treaty for certain situations. Russia is providing much of Iran's nuclear fuel. Turkey has the capability to "dry up" the Euphrates river. A dam in Turkey can basically turn that river "off." Turkey and Israel have been relatively friendly for years. Now, Turkey is not so friendly towards Israel. My biggest reason for questioning pre-trib is Jesus' answer to the apostles when they asked what to look for, and when would it all happen. It's not simply the words of Jesus, and the signs that He says to look for (which correspond to the Revelation), but the fact that He actually took the time to tell them all these signs and situations to look for. If we aren't to go through the tribulation, why did Jesus speak vain words? Why did He take the time? If WE know FOR SURE that we won't be here, SURELY JESUS CHRIST knew that, too. It would have been out of character for Jesus to not just say, fear not, those things aren't meant for you--instead of going into detail of the signs--if we were not going to be here. As I said, it's not WHAT He said so much for me, but the fact that He took the time to explain it in such detail.
  12. I'm glad you were willing to take the rocks on that one. I've always questioned the "get out of tribulation free card".

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