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  1. I love listening to Pastor Ken Burdett and James Knox
  2. Hi Dave, That is wonderful news. I heard from a friend in my old church on the Qld central coast that their church has grown and is moving along too. Australia still has some life left in it. Our church is doing well too. Our teen youth has grown with lots of kids from the local community. It is wonderful to see God's hand move.
  3. My message just disappeared. Oh well. Welcome Zed another Aussie. It's good to see. I'm on the east coast.
  4. We didn't elect our last pm she won by getting independents to side with her. The whole thing was a circus. Nothing God didn't know though, I'll leave it in his capable hands.
  5. Having taught in the public system for 7 years with 30+ kids in a class not much distracts or annoys me. Obviously I'm not a pastor but I just keep looking up front or at my bible and the rest slides on by.
  6. Hmmm I do see your point we have some monitoring in our country no doubt, I do think there is a lot more cause for concern these days than in the days of when our constitution was written. Who would have thought in the early 1900's when our constitution was written that a terrorist attack was possible never mind probable. I don't tend to get worked up over such issues because I believe that God has all of this hand, it is of no supprise to him and most likely is forfilling his purposes. I don't intentionally do anything wrong that would cause my government to act against me and therefore am not concerned about the invasion of privacy. However I do understand and agree that this will be a stepping stone for more and more invasions on our rights as citizens. But that is just more of proving the bible right and another indicator of my Saviour's return. It's all about perspective.
  7. If the acts of people weren't so rotten monitoring wouldn't be necessary. I don't like invasion of privacy either but I understand why they do it.
  8. I like cicadas too. They compliment a bush orchestra nicely.
  9. I think you may have mistaken my question. The list is understandable it's the phrasing of 6 and 7 and 3 and 4 in Amos. Poetical writing sounds about right but I was wandering if there was more. God only needs to say it once for it to be taken notice of. Maybe it's because of our humanness that he repeats it.
  10. I've never understood the 6 and 7 nor the for 3 transgressions and 4 in Amos. So if anyone does would love to understand it. It seems like a similar pattern.
  11. I think there are neutral thoughts. For example I need to have breakfast etc. My thought life is my biggest problem. Memorising scripture and hymns etc does help but then you have to have the self discipline to use it and stop your train of thought!
  12. Thanks for that tip. Not sure I could master the accent though!
  13. I think I've stirred the pot enough and clearly marked the state boarders. God knows the truth of my statement! Yours on the other hand is debatable! In the spirit of unity I'll stop here. Nice to see another Aussie on the board though. I must say that I defected from the Broncos when Wayne Bennet left, Go the Cowboys! Which fits in nicely with all the Texan talk don't you think?
  14. The question is a natural one! It is also one we need a good answer to because the world often asks it. Having recently been and continue to be in a situation where something totally unfair happened to me, The answer of Because God is God is often small comfort even though I know and believe the truth of it. I think it is more effective and easier to understand the sin argument which is also as valid as God is God.

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