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  1. You have just been blessed with the most awesome of blessings. Enjoy it! Will be praying,and happy birthday to your wife, she couldn't have gotten a better birthday gift from the Lord.
  2. Hi, will be praying for your friends.
  3. I've never had zuchinni bread and like you I don't particularly like zuchinni but if you grate it with carrot, add a little butter, garlic and some herbs, then fry in a pan for about 3 mins, it is delicious. You can also cook it in the microwave but I prefer it in the pan.
  4. Ohhh that is such a shame, Pumpkin is delicious baked like a potato, cooked and then mashed like mash potato or my favourite steamed. I have never had sweet potato pie, but I don't like sweet potato normally.
  5. Hi all, Just wanted to say I finally got to taste a Pumpkin pie made by my American Pastor's wife. Wow!!!! I could never understand why anyone would put a vegetable in a dessert and now I know why. It is delicious. I am a little shocked that you guys have canned pumpkin, never heard of it being canned, but nevertheless pupmkin pie will be made in my home from time to time.
  6. Praying for your family, but what a blessing to know you'll see him again in glory.
  7. Another word is 'Wicked' I am currently dealing with my boys over using this word. They keep saying but it means cool. It's another one of satan's and the worlds tools to water down the bible.
  8. There is a tendancy to get personal when one gets passionate about a stand, not much grace given in these circumstances by some.
  9. That is amazing faith and a very strong character to remain calm. What an inspiration!
  10. Yes there is. There is a link to it on the online baptist forum page. Or you can click on the below link. http://www.onlinebaptist.com/ladies/
  11. Praying for you and your family LuAnne
  12. We went to Thailand after Hong Kong but didn't eat any take away there. After Hong Kong we thought we'd eat pre packaged food from a 7/11. Which may not have been much better, but the images were just too new.
  13. That's tough John, will continue in prayer.
  14. I love pizza hut, in Australia it is delicious. I've had it in Sth Korea, it was nice but not the same and three times the price. Macdonalds tasted the same in Korea as it does in Australia but they offer burgers that we don't have here, like the Bulgogi burger. The worst was in Hong Kong, my mum saw the cleaning lady cleaning the toilets with the same cloth she wiped down the restraunt tables with. She came screaming out pf the toilets "Don't touch the food" everyone stopped and looked at us. How embarassing. Must say I preferred that to eating the food. They also recycled the chip packets from out of the bin. GROSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!
  15. Have you heard from him again? How's he doing?
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