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  1. Hi, I live in MI too. Way up in the UP eh? I am IFB too. Lot of good IFB churches around. Just have to look for them. Any good radio stations down there? Grace Baptist College in Gaylord has a really good one. You can find them online. I haven't been on in a while myself. Welcome
  2. This is going to sound crazy, but my oldest son picked a skunk up by the tail and tossed it in a field and it ran away. If you corner it and grab it's tail really quick it cannot spray. The muscles on its backside cannot flex to allow it to spray. He met me at the driveway one night holding a live skunk by the tail as proof. We have chickens and it was trying to get to them. If the skunk is cornered it does not turn around. We sicked our dogs on one, one time and all we did was wind up with a stinky dog for several weeks. Tomato juice only works so well. Good Luck!!
  3. Or you could wonder what Jesus would say if He was looking at you from the cross. Is he saying "Father forgive him/her for they know not what they do" or is he saying "you will be with me in paradise".
  4. I personally do not like Zondervan. They are too ecumenical in there other publishing. I have a KJV study bible and have found mistakes and disagree with many of their notes.
  5. Is this the one with Church on the outside binding? If it is, I agree.
  6. Alot of people would have to become a born again American, because alot of people seem to have forgotten what an American is and the fundemental principles this country was founded on. But that is the plan anyway isn't it. Was it OBama that said the founding fathers are outdated. Kind of like when people say the bible doctrines are for people back then and doesn't relate to now, so we need all these new versions to corrupt what God has given to help us learn how to live. If people can't read KJV than they should have flunked English in school reading Shakespeare. But most people can read th
  7. I do not know how to pick out a certain part of your post and "quote" on it, so I will just tell what I am responding to. You wonder if you are taking God's glory to praise those who work for him. He still gets the glory, because it is Him that strenghthens us and give us boldness to witness to him. It also edifys and uplifts the brethren, which we are supposed to do. It is nice to know the effort the brethren put forth comes to fruitation. Sometimes we never know. Sometimes we do. You will find that out. So its nice when someone says something, although I had nothing to do with you up
  8. I like the Colts because I lived in TN when Payten Manning played with the Vols, but I see the Vikings are doing pretty good too. How close are they to being Super Bowl material. They are my home state.
  9. Don't even get me started on this one again. Picture Jesus sitting in the temple and listening to the harps, lyre, psaltry and what, electric guitars, snare drums????? Coming in the clouds with a jamming rock beat or with the trumpet of Gabriel??? Doesn't matter if this is a different age. It isn't a different Jesus.
  10. Agree. Examples are all through the bible (New and Old). God always takes His people out before destruction comes if they repent. Yes he does let us go through hard trials and some of us even unto death. But not the main Trib.
  11. Just wanted to update. The children's dad would not change the visits to days that would allow my children to go to church. He even shorted himself some hours with the children that I offered him so I couldn't have the children in church on Wed. They are going to miss most of the Kings Kids they are in on Wednesday nights because he gets them 5-8. I offered him all afternoon so the children could go to church at night and he refused. The court went with most of the standard Friend of the Court schedule which does not accomidate church anymore like most sports and events around the town.
  12. This is going on today in court. Please pray that God's will is done and he gets the glory.
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