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  1. I am glad to have found this board. My name is Brett and my wife & I have 2 sons. We attend Faith Baptist and live in PA. I look forward to being able to share with others how to witness to the lost and help those in need. Very complicated world we live in but thank God we have His Grace to make it through!
  2. It is really shameful that society has become this way. There are many Christian dads who have a Biblical plan for discipline that sometimes involves spanking. From what I understand on this case the son knew what to expect and his dad said he would get paddled in the future. I have 2 sons and spanking is not done in a heat of anger. Both of them when they disobey know what the consequence is. This is Biblical love using the rod of correction. You tell your child what is wrong and review what is expected and then you spank them. I can't think of anything better than God's method for te
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