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  1. Thanks alot. I have heard about him before but I dont know a lot on him. Will check out the site.
  2. My dad was a mason before he was saved and some of the oaths and other rituals would make your blood curl. In my mind there is no way a man could be both a mason and a true Christian. You cannot serve 2 masters.
  3. Georgia boy born and bred!!! HUNKER DOWN DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Absolutely beautiful my friend. Thank you. I am new to this site and wish that I had found this before.
  5. I was homeschooled for the majority of my life and have no regrets. I am not a recluse or a loner by no means but am not a very outgoing person. My children on the other hand take after my wife who is very sociable. Am I doing my children an injustice by homeschooling? There is no way I could put them in the public school system, but at the same time private schools around the house are way out of my budget.
  6. I collected baseball cards as a kid, but now thanks to my 2 yr old I collect rocks from the church flower bed. :lol Just dont tell him that I take last trips handful back each trip there.
  7. I remember seeing one similar to that at an antique store a few years back. Does it have any markings on it at all.
  8. Just finished "Oswald Chambers, Abandoned To God" by David McCasland. It is an awesome read on dying to self. Just picked up "Mere Christianity" by CS Lewis. I have read several of his books before, but I usually have to reread as I go along
  9. I am not a party voter I vote the individual. As a Christian I feel you must vote moral standards. History has shown us time and again that if you give up principles for privledges it will not be long before you have neither. On the union issue you cant lump them all together. I am an electrical lineman. My union was started to improve saftey in a trade that had a 50% death rate and to provide a funeral expenses for deceased members. It is also the only way I will have any type of pension when my body is to wore out to climb poles anymore. My union like all the others backed the democrati
  10. At the beginnig of the lunch line there was a plate of apples with a sign that read "Just take one, GOD is watching." Near the end of the line there was a plate of cookies with a small sign that was in a childs handwriting that read"Take all you want, GOD's watching the apples." The second grade teacher started off the day's science clas by asking the kids if any one knew anything about whales. Little Suzy raised her hand and said "I know Jonah was swallowed by a whale." The teacher replied"Suzy, science has proven that a whale cannot swallow a man, it is impossible' Suzy said"Well
  11. I was interested in the different daily devotionals bein used in conjunction with daily Bible reading. I use Streams in the Desert by Cowan in the am an My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers in the pm.
  12. Who am I to question the logic of a woman. I just enjoy the kisses! :saint
  13. I wear a full beard in the winter and mustache and goatee in the summer. My wife doesnt mind either as long as I keep the mustache. In her words: "Kissing a man without a mustache is like eating peanuts with no salt." :cooldude:
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