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  1. The confusion concerning the Pre / Mid / Post and the new Pre-wrath view is a failure to understand the difference between the Church and Israel. When authors misidentify Israel vs. the N.T. Church which then the confusion sets in and you get some poorly studied but often well meaning chap teaching that the church goes into the trib... which of course it doesn't. Second - the teaching that the pre-trib view originates in 1830 is like saying the doctrine of the rapture started in 1912 .... It is a Bible doctrine and therefore has it's foundation in the authorship of the scriptures. The Pre-Trib Rapture of the church begins with the N.T. but was foreshadowed in Enoch. -- A good set of sermons on the subject are to be found on James Knox's website http://www.inthestreets.org/knox/
  2. Idolatry has a somewhat broader reach than you give it credit for I think. Col 3:5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: Idolatry shouldn't conjur images of Charlton Heston and the golden calf from the movie "The Ten Commandments", but rather the best N.T. Representation of Idolatry today would be a good old fashioned bathroom mirror - idolatry is within the heart and no statue is needed. Idolatry as Paul pointed at here in Col 3 is anything that has your heart to the point that you won't surrender it for Christ. If the knowledge that sunrise services on Easter, a festival celebrated by Herod with the murder of an Apostle, using eggs, bunnies and dye and revolving around worship of a false god.... IF THAT ISN'T ENOUGH to cause a Christian to turn from such things immediately without argument in favor of keeping them, nothing I could say is going to get their attention either. As Abraham said some will not be persuaded "though one rose from the dead" - nothing is going to turn them from their opinion....not scripture, not preaching, not teaching, not compelling, not truth....not even a dead relative coming to see them in person... In the end Christ is longsuffering and such Christians go to heaven nontheless. All I am seeking to do is to help minimize the amount of shame such an one will suffer at the judgment seat for all the things they did that brought reproach upon the name above all names.
  3. As I go door knocking I am constantly encountering those who've flopped out of church because they didn't like the brand of piano polish being used or some other cover story excuse, yet who seem to think this quite acceptable based on misinterpreting scripture. The following series of three articles ran in our local newspaper and in our email subscription which is growing rapidly. I'll post all three articles in this one thread: Part 1 Trusting the Bible On:
  4. Theme: Those who just never seem to be focused on Canaan. Trusting the Bible On:
  5. John 3:3 "born again" Christians....are children of God. Once a child always a child.... even a disobedient and rebellious child is still a child, even if a disappointment. Children are dealt with according to thier level of disobedience.... even up to and including physical death "that the spirit may be saved" ... John said "that which is born of God (John 3:3 ye must be born again) cannot sin. The flesh can and it suffers the consequences of sin i.e. Moses died on the other side of Jordan for his sin of striking the rock, but after his flesh paid for it's sin, we find Moses standing IN the promised land with Jesus! in Matt 17 because Moses died in Faith! His body was buried on the other side of Jordan, but his redeemed soul was with the Lord! Amen!!! Eternal security is literally everywhere in scripture.... it is inescapable. The Ark of Noah.... the Tabernacle.... The offerings vs Hebrews "one sacrifice"..... everywhere we turn....there it is.
  6. To teach that salvation can be lost - is to make the blood of Christ equal to the blood of goats and bulls (Heb 10). It is to say that the blood of the Lamb of God was temporary blood much as was the blood of the O.T. sacrifices..... We of course know that the Blood of Jesus Christ was shed once.....because it is permanent blood and must be shed but once, applied but once and secures "eternal salvation" [Heb 5:9] {not temporary salvation} as erroniously taught by many. How it can be missed that Heb 6 says IF it could BE LOST, it could never be regained - is beyond me..... it's so screaming obvious once you learn that man is a trinity "Spirit, Soul and Body" [i Thess 5:23] that you wonder if Paul didn't have this in mind when he said "if a man be ignorant....let him be ignorant". I am thankful God is keeping me an apple tree and not me.
  7. Now thats a good illustration - I use one much similar in soul winning, particularly in lost people who claim to be saved. An "apple tree" I tell them, doesn't produce pine cones.... If year after year all I ever see on my "apple" tree are pine needles and pine cones, sooner or later I must come to terms with the reality that my apple tree is not an apple tree at all. It is in fact a pine tree. Stringing apples into it and setting in the midst of an apple tree orchard might help it blend in better with real apple trees.....but in the end....the harvest season will come and there shall be naught but pine cones strewn about under it.... for it was a pine tree all along. Kind of simple....but I find that often works best in the spiritually blind.
  8. I think its kind of humorous to see a Calvinist quote scripture that falls in line with the thousands of verses that demonstrate the irrefutability that salvation is up to the believer's choice to accept or reject. According to Calvin we can't make sure of anything cause we're too dead to do any "makin sure" and have to let God "make" it sure for us.... cute circular logic....
  9. Trusting The Bible On: ?Surrendering your throne? Faith Baptist Church holds Wednesday night Bible studies for those desiring the meat of God?s word in chapter by chapter Bible study. We?re presently in I Samuel 20. The following article is compiled in small part from one of the multiple things covered in ch 18:1-4. The lesson is ?Surrendering your thrones? to a far greater King. Read I Samuel 18:1-4 King Saul had three sons, with Jonathan next in line to be King after him. In chapter 15 King Saul failed to ?completely? obey the word of God! The result? God ?rejected? him from being King [i Sam 15:23, 26] and sent a preacher ?Samuel? to tell Saul the price of his disobedience. Saul was outraged?and set himself to not only keep the throne anyway, but to put his son Jonathan on it after him. But God had chosen David [i Sam 16:12] to replace Saul when the appointed time came. Saul?s actions had forever cost him and his sons the right to be King and sit on the throne! Just one act, by one man! Condemned himself and his children to shame and suffering. It is Genesis 3 all over again! Adam in Genesis 3 failed to obey God and his rebellion plunged his family (all the way down to me and you) into sin, shame and suffering! Adam plunged into sin, cost his wife & sons their place in the Garden of Eden ( a picture of right standing in God?s sight). King Saul decided to fight God?s will and sought to kill David and put Jonathan on the throne anyway! Today there are millions of ?Saul? - ever struggling against God?s word, always intended to do what they want despite what God said and refusing to surrender the throne of their heart to Jesus! Now lets turn to Jonathan in chapter 18:1-4 and see what we may learn. We might expect Jonathan to be angry to see his hopes of being King ripped from his grasp by his father?s actions?.we might expect Jonathan to look upon David with jealous hatred. But no? just the opposite happened! Jonathan is a God fearing young man and he accepts God?s word and will. When he realizes that David is God?s chosen King and not himself, instead of getting angry he turned his heart fully to accept David as God?s King! Jonathan immediately began to surrender all his own rights to that throne! He hands over to David all the symbols of the throne & royalty: His ?robe?, his ?garments?, his ?sword, bow & girdle?! What an incredible picture & lesson we have here! At once we see ourselves as Jonathan. Our father Adam {like Saul} willfully rejected ?complete? obedience to God [Genesis 3:17-19] and his refusal to obey God plunged all the world into sin & shame & death [Romans 5:12-14]. As a result God has chosen & sent a new King [i Sam 16:1; Romans 5:15] to sit upon the throne in righteousness! Romans Chapter 5 teaches us that Adam was a figure of Christ. Much the same way Jonathan was a figure of us all as sons of Adam and David is the figure of Christ! Let us follow Jonathan?s great example then and surrender ALL our heart, life and soul unto the love of our true King ?the Lord Jesus Christ?. Let the lost man or woman reading this bow down before God and gladly surrender the throne of their heart & life to his precious Son Jesus! (Read Acts 16:1-31, Romans 10 and John chapter 3). You may say ?ahh but pastor, I?ve already given my throne to Jesus?. Wonderful! but let me ask you have you followed Jonathan?s example in surrendering not just the throne but EVERY remaining thing in your life that belongs to the King? Jonathan found it joyous and rewarding to surrender not just his throne but also all the ?things? of Royalty unto his true King David. Christians who are willingly out of church are soon out of the Bible, not reading and not praying. This brings spiritual weakness and eventually the heart grows cold to the things of God ? like an ember removed from the fire?.it soon dies. You as a Christian will only find complete joy of the Christian life by gladly and wholly surrendering to Jesus your time, your faithfulness, your attendance upon the things that need doing at church, honor, prestige, pride, self will, righteousness, heart, mind, love, desire, hopes, dreams, wife or husband, children, families, country, nation, our all to the great King of Kings and Lord of Lords the Lamb of God ? the Only Begotten Son of God Jesus Christ! When you give the ?robe, garments, sword and bow & girdle? of your life to Jesus ? you?ll soon have the joy of salvation! The Life that Jesus paid for us to have and live! Come and let us follow Jonathan?s example in surrendering all to Jesus at Faith Baptist Church ? two blocks South of the hospital ?up on the Hill?! PastorHarrison@tds.net
  10. Bitterness runs through the scriptures in women as well as men. Thank you all for sharing your comments. Don't we all suffer with this? Has been hard for me to let some "off the hook" for no other reason than that it needed to be done not so that they could be free of my anger, but so that I could! Pastor Harrison
  11. Considering "scripture with scripture" it is clarified that "speaking" in the church is not referring to every utterance of voice - considering Anna, Elizabeth & Phebe and Priscilla who spoke in a church setting. Rather dear sister, it is that "speaking" as clarified in scripture is meant - the focul teacher, preacher, pastor. In other words, it does not mean a woman cannot utter a word in a church, but rather that she cannot assume the role of "the speaker" {the Pastor, the Head, the Preacher} which pictures the husband of the wife. A woman most assuredly can and should pray in church, teach other women & children in church and serve the Lord in the church - simply, not as it's pastor or preacher.
  12. In response the article I posted here on Women Preachers, when that article ran in the paper a local Church of God with a woman pastor responded by saying that I Tim, I Cor, Eph 5 and Titus 1 & 2 are "Mosaic Law" and that women can now preach because there is no more male / female re Gal 3:28. She asked in the newspaper that I answer those questions.... here is my reply: Trusting The Bible On: ?Woman?s Ministry? At risk of seeming contentious or argumentative, yet for sake of correcting false doctrine & false teaching, Paul frequently ?reasoned? with the Jews ?out of the scriptures? [Acts 17:2, 18:4, 18:19 & 24:25]. Some trusted the Bible and some didn?t. Good questions have been raised about what God said concerning his ordained order for women in ministry. The answers to those questions are found in scripture. Many great women are found throughout the word of God serving in incredible roles in ministry, beginning with Eve and the greatest woman?s ministry of all - ?Motherhood?. Are there women disciples in scripture? Yes! Were women mightily used of God in scripture? Yes! Do women serve God in wonderful ways in the Bible? Yes! But not once, not ever, anywhere in the Bible, as a Pastor, Apostle or Preacher or Deacon! You find them serving in their own ordained roles & ministries. You might get it in a false bible, but you won?t ever get a single priestess, pastoress, deaconess, or preacheress out of a real Bible {AV1611 King James Bible}. Why not? Because God said ??I suffer not a woman to TEACH nor to USURP AUTHORITY over the man?? [i Tim 2:12]. ?Let your women keep silence in the churches?for it is a shame for women to speak in the church?. Can God have possibly said it any clearer? Some men & women hate these verses. They twist, distort and reason them away [see Mark 7:13]. Question 1. Isn?t this an O.T. restriction given under the law? No! This is in I Timothy not the O.T. Law! Trust the Bible - The Mosaic Law (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy) {God?s word} also says God only calls men as pastors. It is reiterated in the N.T. but as we see in Matt 5:27-28, the N.T. often cuts far deeper and is harder to live in than the law ever was! No, our verses are N.T. given 2000+ years after the law and 40 ? 65 years after Christ: See [i Tim 2:11-12; Titus Ch 1-2; I Cor 14:34-35; Eph Ch 5]. This is not ?under the law? it?s ?in Grace? for the local church. Question: What about Eve, Sarah, Deborah, Jedidah, Ruth, Anna, Esther, Phebe, Priscilla, Mary and Martha etc? Wonderful Godly women who served God faithfully and honorably! But not as Priest, Pastors or Preachers or Deacons. God does not violate or contradict his word! Question: What about Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek?neither male nor female? Many Jews thought getting saved required 1. Being a Jew & 2. Keeping the Law. God gave this letter to teach that being a Jew & keeping the Law won?t get you saved! See Gal 2:16, 3:7, 14, 5:4! He said being a man, woman, Jew, Gentile, slave or free has nothing to do with salvation. None of that matters at the foot of the cross! You come to Jesus by Faith or you don?t come! Saying that this verse means women can preach today because they?re no longer ?women? would give the sodomites {homosexuals} a great argument for ?gay? marriage. They could claim ?we?re not really violating the word of God because we?re no longer ?men marrying men? or ?women marrying women? we?re just ?one in Christ??! That?s a heresy. Question: What about women who say God called them to preach? God does not call women to preach they called themselves. ?Let your women keep silence in the churches: (notice that?s not just the Corinthian church as some confuse ?look close and trust your Bible! It reads church(es) ??for it is a shame for women to speak in the church?. Women & men alike call themselves to preach. Should women be witnesses? Yes! Share the gospel with lost people? Yes! Serve God? Yes! Teach other women & children the word of God? Yes! Can a woman help her husband expound the Bible to a confused adult man? Yes! [Acts 18:26]. Question: What?s a prophetess? Study every use of that word in the Bible ? it was a woman who could tell the future as it related to will of God. A prophetess was NOT a pastor, priest or preacher in the Bible. God didn?t forbid women from preaching because they can?t do it well, or because they don?t know the Bible?but because of Eve?s transgression and the woman?s place in the family of God [Gen 3, I Tim 2, Eph 5] What a dear Christian women should do is to honor, accept, embrace and submit to the word of God. The role and place of women is prestigious, honorable, beautiful, loved, cherished as the weaker vessel and vital to the world, to the home, to the family and to the body of Christ. Millions are in heaven now because of dear Christian mothers, Grandmothers, sisters, aunts, daughters and wives.
  13. Thus Saith The Lord: ?Women Preachers? More and more commonly as we move into the ?last days? we?re seeing the departure from ?sound doctrine? II Tim 4:2-4. I?ve been asked by more than a few why the Fundamental Independent Baptist and some other denominations forbid women preachers while others allow them? The answer is not well accepted in these days of apostasy: The Bible clearly, unquestionably forbids it: The ?Pastoral letters? of I & II Tim and Titus deal with it bluntly: "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence" 1st Timothy 2:11-12. Many women get outraged and respond in anger and bitterness if anyone points the words of God out on this matter. Lets look though at more of God?s word ?The head of the woman is the man I Cor 11:3 and I Corinthians 14:34-35 Let your women keep silent in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church. God knew that many would hate Paul for these words and even try to explain them away, so he added ?If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord. But if any man be ignorant, let him be ignorant?. There it is, plain as day in your Bible! If you accept them you?ll be called a chauvinist, hateful, prejudiced, a legalist or just mean-spirited and you?ll be fed a dozen ?explanations? for why women can preach & pastor. [see Mark 7:10-13]. There are hundreds of verses demonstrating this simple truth but for just ONE lets look at Genesis chapter 3 vs 13 And the LORD God said unto the woman, What is this that thou hast done? Then in 16 God told Eve I will greatly multiply thy sorrow ??thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee?. When explaining that women can?t be preachers or pastors in I Timothy 2, God pointed back to Genesis 3 and said ?I suffer not a woman to teach, nor usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence? [i Tim 2:12] not much question there! In I Tim 3 God outlined the requirements for pastors (Elders), preachers & deacons. His repeated words are HE, HIM, HIS, HUSBAND and how their ?wives? must behave. In Genesis God rebuked Adam for ?hearkening? {submitting to} his wife and then put all women forever thereafter under the authority and rule of their husbands. From then on God held Adam, and all husbands after him, accountable as the head of the family [Eph 5:22-25]. You see, God?s divine plan and order for the family is A HUSBAND & A WIFE. God ordained that the local church, like the family, is the household of God [Eph 2:19] and that household has a husband (the groom, head) and a wife (the bride, body). For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church Eph 5:23, 32! The Pastor (is a type of the bridegroom, husband, father) with authority & accountability for the flock (church, bride, wife, woman) in HIS care [i Thess 5:12, I Tim 1:3, Heb 13:7, 17] He answers for its actions and decisions like a husband answers for the wife and children. Women (wives) are never ?the groom? or ?Husband? or ?Head of the wife? in God?s order. Ignoring this simple truth has devastated America in the last 50 yrs! Christ is ?the Groom? or ?husband? and his type or picture is the Pastor (the husband, the head) and thereby obviously a man. The Bride (the body of Christ, the church) awaits her Bridegroom (husband / Christ) ?the groom? {our Lord, Son of God, Son of Man}. A woman makes a beautiful picture of the bride of Christ (the church) in scripture, with a vitally important role and ministry only she can fulfill! Today as I write this, the church is called in scripture a Bride who waits for her husband! My wife & daughter cannot be the husband / father or head of the family in God?s ordain order?{they?re smarter than I am and could do it better than I can!}, but God said ?no? and they love him enough to accept HIS ordained role for women. They don't consider God?s ordained order an insult or degrading, but honorable, loving and vital! I later added the subsequent article - Trusting the Bible on "women's Ministry" see this section for that follow up article.
  14. Trusting the Bible on: ?Bitterness? Recently I preached the message ?When you can?t forgive? using the shameful event of David & Bathsheba?s terrible adultery as my text [iI Sam 11] which it would help you to read before continuing. By way of introduction let me say that one of the most painful things in life is betrayal! If you?ve lived very long you may already know the great pain & heartache of having been done wrong?maybe even by someone you loved and trusted! Often in the wake of betrayal & heartache comes great wrath, anger and bitterness. Let me tell you a story: Back before David slew Goliath there was a man of great wisdom named Ahithophel. So very wise and great was he that the Bible says his counsel was ?as if a man had enquired at the oracle of God? [iI Sam 16:23]. Ahithophel later became one of David?s counselors and most trusted friends. But David fell into a terrible sin ? adultery with a married woman whom you may know as Bathsheba! The young beautiful wife of the promising military hero Uriah. Uriah was a great warrior and though young himself he had already made it into David?s own elite force of valiant fighting men! Together Uriah & Bathsheba had dreams and a bright future! But while Uriah was off fighting for King and country, his King was committing adultery with his beautiful young wife! David and Bathsheba ruined forever that bright future with a night of adultery. If you?ve read the text, you know that Bathsheba ended up pregnant and that in order to hide it David tried to get Uriah in bed with her so that no one would ever suspect the baby she carried was David?s! When that failed, David had Uriah murdered in battle. What you may not know is that Bathsheba had a loving Dad and doting Grandfather. The Bible doesn?t tell us how many times Bathsheba?s granddad gave her piggy back rides and took her fishing as a child, but it does tell us who he was. Can you guess? The beautiful young Bathsheba?s grandfather was none other than the great Ahithophel {David?s friend and counselor}. When Ahithophel realized the dark secret of how his dear friend the great King David had lain with his precious granddaughter, defiled her and gotten her pregnant & ruined a family?s hopes and had even had her noble husband murdered to hide it, he was consumed with rage! It was a painful betrayal of his son, his granddaughter, his grandson-in-law, of the throne and of God! Anger & outrage spread like a wildfire in Ahithophel! It consumed him so deeply he said horrible things [iI Sam 16:15 to 17:6] and even asked David?s wicked son Absalom to let him have some men with which to go hunt David down and kill him personally [iI Sam 17:1-4]. But meanwhile David had been confronted with his sin, and he and Bathsheba had paid in tears with the death of their baby for that night of fun and that murder [iI Sam 12]. Sin always has a price and it?s always much higher than you think it?ll be! David sought and obtained mercy & forgiveness from God. We don?t know if he ever went to Ahithophel and asked his friend & counselor?s forgiveness, but if he did it fell on deaf ears. This betrayal had hurt Ahithophel too deeply for him to forgive. The bitterness of seeing Bathsheba in David?s arms, while her husband and baby lay cold in the grave turned his heart to stone and his great wisdom to darkness. I would caution you as your friend and as a pastor, anger and bitterness will eat you alive ? you must seek to forgive! By the end of II Sam 17 Ahithophel hung himself. The Bible tells us in Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Many verses come to mind in dealing with the results of anger and betrayal, of bitterness and wrath and all of them point to a simple truth: The heart that?s been born again and filled with the Spirit of God cannot long endure the heavy burden of bitterness and anger without suffering harm. See Colossians 3:13 ?Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye? and Ephesians 4:32 ?And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you?. I encourage you to search for God?s strength in mercy by asking God to help you find compassion and forgiveness!
  15. Good Morning Sis, It appears, to me at least, that we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Proclaiming Easter's origin and name forgotten and thus it's customs (eggs rabbits and sunrise) white-washed & sanctified for Christian use, is rather absurd. For a comparison take adultery - Biblically a SIN. Our 'society' has pronounced this too as acceptable. Our "time-lapse reconing' calls adultery just living together ... consentual sex...extra marital affiar etc But our cute little renaming ceremony doesn't change the sin, nor make it's acceptance any less insulting to God. To borrow your point - if I approve of adultery or engage in it - does that really change the sinfulness of adultery? Does it lessen somehow whether or not I should point out that adulter is a sin? From your perspective I could argue that if one engages in sin, he is thereby precluded from pointing out the sinfulness of sin and indeed the sin itself is somehow vindicated and acquitted. Sorry my sister - but that "dog won't hunt as they say". Easter is just as much pagan now as it ever was....the fact that many don't know it is Pagan idolatry and embrace it in ignorance IN NO WAY makes it less a sin. Sins committed in ignorance are of course still SINS and the person committing them is STILL GUILTY - unless we're not calling Leviticus 5:17 the word of God anymore? Anyway - I say the Bible says the women who went to the grave were carrying spices....not egg dye and easter baskets :cool I say Peter walked away from that empty tomb wondering where Jesus was...not where his Easter basket and chocolate rabbits were :lol I say a Christian who hides eggs from his children, is hiding the truth from them as well and insulting his redeemer as well. I may not have the right to rename the days of the week...but I do have the ability to NOT embrace pagan practices for Easter. If that makes some mad..... better go take another peek at Psalm 119:165 is all I can tell ya.
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