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  1. The confusion concerning the Pre / Mid / Post and the new Pre-wrath view is a failure to understand the difference between the Church and Israel. When authors misidentify Israel vs. the N.T. Church which then the confusion sets in and you get some poorly studied but often well meaning chap teaching that the church goes into the trib... which of course it doesn't. Second - the teaching that the pre-trib view originates in 1830 is like saying the doctrine of the rapture started in 1912 .... It is a Bible doctrine and therefore has it's foundation in the authorship of the scriptures. The Pr
  2. Idolatry has a somewhat broader reach than you give it credit for I think. Col 3:5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: Idolatry shouldn't conjur images of Charlton Heston and the golden calf from the movie "The Ten Commandments", but rather the best N.T. Representation of Idolatry today would be a good old fashioned bathroom mirror - idolatry is within the heart and no statue is needed. Idolatry as Paul pointed at here in Col 3 is anything that has your heart to
  3. John 3:3 "born again" Christians....are children of God. Once a child always a child.... even a disobedient and rebellious child is still a child, even if a disappointment. Children are dealt with according to thier level of disobedience.... even up to and including physical death "that the spirit may be saved" ... John said "that which is born of God (John 3:3 ye must be born again) cannot sin. The flesh can and it suffers the consequences of sin i.e. Moses died on the other side of Jordan for his sin of striking the rock, but after his flesh paid for it's sin, we find Moses standing IN t
  4. To teach that salvation can be lost - is to make the blood of Christ equal to the blood of goats and bulls (Heb 10). It is to say that the blood of the Lamb of God was temporary blood much as was the blood of the O.T. sacrifices..... We of course know that the Blood of Jesus Christ was shed once.....because it is permanent blood and must be shed but once, applied but once and secures "eternal salvation" [Heb 5:9] {not temporary salvation} as erroniously taught by many. How it can be missed that Heb 6 says IF it could BE LOST, it could never be regained - is beyond me..... it's so screami
  5. Now thats a good illustration - I use one much similar in soul winning, particularly in lost people who claim to be saved. An "apple tree" I tell them, doesn't produce pine cones.... If year after year all I ever see on my "apple" tree are pine needles and pine cones, sooner or later I must come to terms with the reality that my apple tree is not an apple tree at all. It is in fact a pine tree. Stringing apples into it and setting in the midst of an apple tree orchard might help it blend in better with real apple trees.....but in the end....the harvest season will come and there shall be na
  6. I think its kind of humorous to see a Calvinist quote scripture that falls in line with the thousands of verses that demonstrate the irrefutability that salvation is up to the believer's choice to accept or reject. According to Calvin we can't make sure of anything cause we're too dead to do any "makin sure" and have to let God "make" it sure for us.... cute circular logic....
  7. Trusting The Bible On: ?Surrendering your throne? Faith Baptist Church holds Wednesday night Bible studies for those desiring the meat of God?s word in chapter by chapter Bible study. We?re presently in I Samuel 20. The following article is compiled in small part from one of the multiple things covered in ch 18:1-4. The lesson is ?Surrendering your thrones? to a far greater King. Read I Samuel 18:1-4 King Saul had three sons, with Jonathan next in line to be King after him. In chapter 15 King Saul failed to ?completely? obey the word of God! The result? God ?rejected? him f
  8. Bitterness runs through the scriptures in women as well as men. Thank you all for sharing your comments. Don't we all suffer with this? Has been hard for me to let some "off the hook" for no other reason than that it needed to be done not so that they could be free of my anger, but so that I could! Pastor Harrison
  9. Considering "scripture with scripture" it is clarified that "speaking" in the church is not referring to every utterance of voice - considering Anna, Elizabeth & Phebe and Priscilla who spoke in a church setting. Rather dear sister, it is that "speaking" as clarified in scripture is meant - the focul teacher, preacher, pastor. In other words, it does not mean a woman cannot utter a word in a church, but rather that she cannot assume the role of "the speaker" {the Pastor, the Head, the Preacher} which pictures the husband of the wife. A woman most assuredly can and should pray in ch
  10. In response the article I posted here on Women Preachers, when that article ran in the paper a local Church of God with a woman pastor responded by saying that I Tim, I Cor, Eph 5 and Titus 1 & 2 are "Mosaic Law" and that women can now preach because there is no more male / female re Gal 3:28. She asked in the newspaper that I answer those questions.... here is my reply: Trusting The Bible On: ?Woman?s Ministry? At risk of seeming contentious or argumentative, yet for sake of correcting false doctrine & false teaching, Paul frequently ?reasoned? with the Jews ?out of the scrip
  11. Thus Saith The Lord: ?Women Preachers? More and more commonly as we move into the ?last days? we?re seeing the departure from ?sound doctrine? II Tim 4:2-4. I?ve been asked by more than a few why the Fundamental Independent Baptist and some other denominations forbid women preachers while others allow them? The answer is not well accepted in these days of apostasy: The Bible clearly, unquestionably forbids it: The ?Pastoral letters? of I & II Tim and Titus deal with it bluntly: "Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authorit
  12. Trusting the Bible on: ?Bitterness? Recently I preached the message ?When you can?t forgive? using the shameful event of David & Bathsheba?s terrible adultery as my text [iI Sam 11] which it would help you to read before continuing. By way of introduction let me say that one of the most painful things in life is betrayal! If you?ve lived very long you may already know the great pain & heartache of having been done wrong?maybe even by someone you loved and trusted! Often in the wake of betrayal & heartache comes great wrath, anger and bitterness. Let me tell you a story: Back b
  13. Making Christ the author and originator of Daniel's 70th week is to set upon the Son of God the title of the Anti-Christ - a doctrine of a devils. Were I a mod here, I would immediately delete such a hellish & foolish comment before allowing it to be read and possibly believed by weak and unlearned young Christians.
  14. Good Morning Sis, It appears, to me at least, that we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Proclaiming Easter's origin and name forgotten and thus it's customs (eggs rabbits and sunrise) white-washed & sanctified for Christian use, is rather absurd. For a comparison take adultery - Biblically a SIN. Our 'society' has pronounced this too as acceptable. Our "time-lapse reconing' calls adultery just living together ... consentual sex...extra marital affiar etc But our cute little renaming ceremony doesn't change the sin, nor make it's acceptance any less insulting to God.
  15. This is what I used to say when I got mad at preaching too I said almost the same thing to my wife when our preacher dealt with these 'holidays'. As such I understand your angry reply. "Santa Claus is just fun... Easter eggs are just fun....it isn't a real witch, just a plastic mask for halloween...all in fun" Yea bro, I said the same things.... I am glad to hear your wife and children are saved...thats wonderful!!!
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