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  1. John 3:3 "born again" Christians....are children of God. Once a child always a child.... even a disobedient and rebellious child is still a child, even if a disappointment. Children are dealt with according to thier level of disobedience.... even up to and including physical death "that the spirit may be saved" ... John said "that which is born of God (John 3:3 ye must be born again) cannot sin. The flesh can and it suffers the consequences of sin i.e. Moses died on the other side of Jordan for his sin of striking the rock, but after his flesh paid for it's sin, we find Moses standing IN the promised land with Jesus! in Matt 17 because Moses died in Faith! His body was buried on the other side of Jordan, but his redeemed soul was with the Lord! Amen!!! Eternal security is literally everywhere in scripture.... it is inescapable. The Ark of Noah.... the Tabernacle.... The offerings vs Hebrews "one sacrifice"..... everywhere we turn....there it is.
  2. To teach that salvation can be lost - is to make the blood of Christ equal to the blood of goats and bulls (Heb 10). It is to say that the blood of the Lamb of God was temporary blood much as was the blood of the O.T. sacrifices..... We of course know that the Blood of Jesus Christ was shed once.....because it is permanent blood and must be shed but once, applied but once and secures "eternal salvation" [Heb 5:9] {not temporary salvation} as erroniously taught by many. How it can be missed that Heb 6 says IF it could BE LOST, it could never be regained - is beyond me..... it's so screaming obvious once you learn that man is a trinity "Spirit, Soul and Body" [i Thess 5:23] that you wonder if Paul didn't have this in mind when he said "if a man be ignorant....let him be ignorant". I am thankful God is keeping me an apple tree and not me.
  3. Now thats a good illustration - I use one much similar in soul winning, particularly in lost people who claim to be saved. An "apple tree" I tell them, doesn't produce pine cones.... If year after year all I ever see on my "apple" tree are pine needles and pine cones, sooner or later I must come to terms with the reality that my apple tree is not an apple tree at all. It is in fact a pine tree. Stringing apples into it and setting in the midst of an apple tree orchard might help it blend in better with real apple trees.....but in the end....the harvest season will come and there shall be naught but pine cones strewn about under it.... for it was a pine tree all along. Kind of simple....but I find that often works best in the spiritually blind.
  4. Making Christ the author and originator of Daniel's 70th week is to set upon the Son of God the title of the Anti-Christ - a doctrine of a devils. Were I a mod here, I would immediately delete such a hellish & foolish comment before allowing it to be read and possibly believed by weak and unlearned young Christians.
  5. The Mark of the Beast is most certainly literal just as the Devil is a literal being. There are some figurative, symbolic things in scripture of course, but there are some very real events, beings, powers and things to come which are most assuredly real, tangible and literal. The unfortunate reality is that the Mark of the Beast is one of the very real and most horrible "yet to come" events. Thank goodness the Rapture is "Pre-tribulation according to scripture" and I won't be here. As for babies - small children, the Mark must be "taken" as in accepted. Those who do not willingly accept it are killed via beheading ( A stinking muslim party favorite ). Children are one of the great 'unknowns' but we do know that in many scriptures God himself directed the killing of countless thousands of them, babies, animals and small children.... [better just to remember that God is God and his plans, thoughts and will are not subject to our sensibilities and opinions] What will happen to the children in the trib as it relates to the Mark of the Beast? Hard question....but one thing is sure, God is not going to permit Satan to go round branding children who are unwitting & unknowing and thereby unable to "take the mark" of matter of choice. They may be killed wholesale, but physical death is preferrable to Hell anyday. Of a certainty the events of that 7 yrs will result in a lot of children & adults getting killed in various events..... A horrible time that will be - thanks be to God for his mercy and goodness that he has made a way for even those born therein to make it to Him!
  6. Malcolm Harrison Pastor, Faith Baptist Church Parsons, TN (731)-733-1891 PastorHarrison@tds.net KJB extremist, Christian extremist and been called some other things I can't spell.... was a cop and state investigator before being called to preach and back then was called a lot of things I can't repeat :Green
  7. Although Bob Sr was KJB, his replacements have been flying the flag high for compromise ever since....no one I know in FIBC circles who still holds a "straight, tight no wobbling" position on doctrine or the KJB recommends it to anyone now. But then no one recommends Hyles or Dallas or PCC anymore either.
  8. This is a new one to me, I've known more than a few Hyles graduates....haven't seen anything even remotely indicative of this allegation. I've read more than a few of Hyles' books, never read a single thing indicative of this....in fact, everything I've read indicated that Hyles was pretty well like the rest of us: A Christian doing his best according to his understanding of Scripture, to obey and honor the Lord God and the risen saviour. Did he make some mistakes? Sure.... we dare not admit thus of ourselves I take it? Baptist Pope? Been reading, studying, teaching and am pretty well read for 20 yrs.... guess I've been in the wrong pasture, cause I've never once heard that title for him. :uuhm: Heresy and defense of Ruckman? Guess I am guilty of that..... he believes in the risen Lord Jesus Christ. I'd defend that. He believes the King James Bible is not merely a version but is "THE BIBLE". I'd defend that....absolutely. He believes that since not a soul has seen "the originals" in 1500 yrs, it's rather foolish to blabber about what was said in them as a basis to correct the Bible. He's certainly right on that. In short, many of the things Ruckman teaches are not "Ruckmanite teachings" but merely true and correct sound teachings which long preexisted Ruckman....but because he's been staunch in those teachings, even offended some well known and liked Bible correctors, he's garnered a bad name and bad attention. He's compounded that with inappropriate comments and being disqualified from the pastorate by being divorced.... I'm not a Hyles graduate and wouldn't consider myself a Hyles follower perse, nor am I a PBI graduate or a Ruckman follower (though I do own some of his commentaries). I think though to fling broad spectrum insults at everything they say is rather foolish - for I know of a certainty that if one is KJB only, IFB and believes in Eternal Security and is against most of Augustine and Calvin's teachings -- You'd be very embarrassed I think, to learn just how much you may be in perfect agreement with as it relates to what those two men believed and taught. Yes...they've made some mistakes. So did Peter but lets not be too rash in labelling everyone who backslides as a Peterite!

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