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  1. [quote="Jerry80871852"] You mean because you had been a member of a church that worshiped on Sunday they said you had taken the mark of the beast and would not have you? If so, maybe they really did you a great favor.[/quote] No, you can have worshiped on Sunday but you must now know the "truth" and only worship on Saturday now. They did do me a really great favor. Hey I am now IFB! Interesting on the time/day issue. That is a really good point. The other argument that always comes up, is if we don't keep that commandment, then do we toss out all of them? Some people really want to hang onto those - all ten. As for do most SDA keep all of the Sabbath rules, yes, as much as they can. They precook meals and don't go anywhere except Church and other fellowship places (like someone's house for dinner). No TV (if they even have one in the house). Eating meals out from Friday night through Saturday night is a no no. If you do work in a place like a hospital, that is ok, because Jesus healed on the Sabbath.
  2. I am married to a person who grew up in the SDA Church. I even tried to join to have our family worship together, but hey, they wouldn't take me hehehehe For the SDA, Sunday worship is taking the mark of the beast. That is a big deal! We are not Jews. We have Jesus. Jesus fulfilled the laws. He is our Sabbath rest.
  3. With Microsoft's track record of bad upgrades and updates, I wouldn't trust them at all! It seems that with every "improvement" there is a "fix" to make it work.
  4. Oh yes, amen Thanks for the wonderful reminder.
  5. I didn't want to hijack the thread about the Shepherd's Chapel, so I started a new thread. I hope that's ok. Jerry, you said: What do you know about Gene Scott? I am asking because since he died, his wife has been head of the ministry. Pastor Melissa Scott is on at 10pm PST for an hour. Since I don't sleep well, I am often up and wandering around the channels, I came across her. I have been watching off and on and so far, I can't find anything in her doctrine that we (IFB) would disagree with, except for being a woman Pastor and head of a Church. Does any one know some specifics about their doctrine that is wrong?
  6. I like anything with caramel and/or almonds
  7. Why is it cold in November?
  8. Yes, I agree with the OP. Homosexuals want things their way only and make everyone accept them. The hard part is when working in a Government position where everyone is treated "equally", except for White Christians. I have family members who are black. They are more prejudiced that any white people I know. :2cents
  9. I have had this listed in my Favorites for a long time. Today, as I was wandering around, I thought, hey, why not just join? So here I am... I guess I listened to myself :coffee I'm Carolyn. I live in the Pacific Northwest, home of Starbucks, Nintendo and Microsoft. I live with my husband of 30 years, my mom, and a couple of cats who let us stay as long as they are fed and the kitty litter changed. We have 9 grandchildren, oh yes, and a couple of kids who gave them to us. I am looking forward to getting to know you all. I'm off to go read and post, now. :pmpkn:
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