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  1. Started reading the book One Heartbeat Away, Your Journey into Eternity. Its kind of slow going in that its taking me a long time to read. KInd of weird coming from someone that used to read books like some everyday habit. This book by Mark Cahill is so far well written and as far as I can tell right on. Great reading . I have another by him called The One Thing You can't do in Heaven. I have yet to read that one, but intend to after this one.
  2. Well its a tough one. I don't get on here alot it seems like anymore, but am here tonight for the moment. Hope things are going well here on board. T.S.
  3. It it possible to incorporate a Dictionary search for spell checking ?
  4. Went to the Nurologist Thursday and the nurologist said alot of people get those kinds of abnormalities. It could go away. He said though that he wanted to do another MRI in June to see if its still there. If so then he'd want to do more tests, but for now nothing to be too concerned about.
  5. I still struggle with this kind of negetive thinking. Indeed it would be impossible to clean everything up that we've done wrong in our lives. Its a trust issue........
  6. I'm reading through these pages and find it wierd how you refer to Hyles as a 1,2,3, pray after me salvation. I grew up in one of those churches too. Theres somethings I overheard in conversations as a kid that made me go huh say what ? My church was big on Curtis Hudson too.
  7. I like to kid with her about her Dew intake....... but she is a bonified Dewaholic. She used to be a regular Dew drinker and then got used to diet and could'nt get used to the regular again. Myself I drank so much Dew at one period of time that I could'nt stand drink it anymore. For the longest time, a couple years, I went without a Dew. Now occasionally I can drink it. Bonified Dewaholic yeah that was me too at one time.
  8. I hear Adkins is bad in many ways. Its high in fat low in carbs. Bacon, sausage, eggs, peaunuts and Diet Dew. All she wants to do is drop the weight. What will end up happening is she'll gain it back just as fast when she gets off it. Its a I want it off fast and I want it off now, even if it starves me kind of diet.
  9. Ouch ! I guess my question would be how does one talk their wife out of doing Adkins....... it seems easier said than done....... lol :Green
  10. Oh yeah thats nice, real nice...... :cooldude:
  11. The appointment Thursday was'nt for the nuerologist but a post surgury appointment. The Nuerology appointment is this coming Thursday.
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