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  1. I stopped listening to Psychology junk. They are suppose to help people with their problems, not to make their problems normal.
  2. i made this last night : http://www.tasteofhome.com/Recipes/Sout ... paghetti-2 yummy. I didn't put any onions in and I used the mushroom flavored speghetti sauce instead of just adding mushrooms (after all, both mushrooms are processed so it doesn't really matter which you use)
  3. [quote="futurehope"][quote="lettheredeemedsayso"] We have been through this on this board so many times. I am not happy about it because most people who are talking and they have not even directly challenged the alleged false teaching. So they are going completely on heresay and not on first hand fact. I guess what I am saying is there is a whole lot of branding and very little admonishing.[/quote] I con obviously see that the book "The Shack" (chose this because it is somewhat of a current topic) is full of heresy, but I haven't chose to confront the author about it (I can reasonably assu
  4. I personally think they dropped it out of Political Correctness. There are so many people who still feel that we should marry our own race.
  5. your post reminded me what I read today for some reasons: http://www.roanoke.com/editorials/commentary/wb/188529 But anyway, I don't really see anything wrong with the word ruckmanite. If one don't like it because they disagree with Ruckman most of the time, she/he should stay away from Ruckman teaching. I feel that those who keep defending the guy but yet disagree with him MOST of the time are not doing young christians and lost a favor. It's almost like saying, I agree with Rick Warren some things. And the next thing you know, people who are learning are picking up his book because they
  6. [quote="HappyChristian"]Our school used to collect Campbell's labels!! (okay, okay, just wanted to lighten things up! :lol: )[/quote] There is such thing as campbellite
  7. I don't think it matters what college you graduate, but where you stand that put you in that crowd.
  8. in other boards, we are labeled as extremist (sp?) , fundies, legalistic, etc. when people talk about us and our standard.
  9. Labelling is just easier than explaining.. I can go on and on explaining about my hearing loss, but I rather stick with the word "Severely hard of hearing".
  10. <> I only like him because his materials seem mostly lined up with the bible.. if he drifted away, I will drop him like a hat. I found out there were several people who used to listen to Ruckman because his teaching lined up with the bible but stopped when he got worst. That's how I would do to Cloud.
  11. LOL, Alimantado have a weakness for cakes :P
  12. The only way BroMatt can avoid ads all together if people donate money to keep this board running. Other than that, the best we can do is keep reporting bad ads so BroMatt can filter it.
  13. Happy belated Birthday and I'm just seeing if you will magically appear again
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