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  1. knowing John, he fully support quiver full (like the Duggars). Some catholics don't believe in birth control either. But anyway, I do believe we should be content what we can and can not do too (and some people case is not able to have children). I can't always be upset that I have limits because of my deafness. People tell me all the time "oh, you should be glad you are deaf because there are some things I wish I didn't have to hear". I have a hearing child and it is VERY frustrating to raise him as a hearing person. Why? because people have a high standard on how a hearing person should talk, write, act, etc. Plus, he can hear things that I can't. But I can do it. I just can't be upset with God for restricting my communication, even with my own child. Nor be upset with other people because they have their own opinion . Even Parents with deaf kids have to deal with comments that hurt them. People would tell them that they should accept their kid is deaf and don't attempt to make them hearing-- meaning no hearing aids, no cochlear implant, nothing.. just teach him sign languages. Others think they should force their child to communicate with hearing people so he can be part of their culture and have good jobs (which I think this is untrue.. the result is usually the same no matter which direction you go). Being genetically deaf, it is really scary for me to have another child, wondering if my children will be deaf too. Not that it is bad to have deaf kids, it is the responsibility that go with it that can be overwhelming. Being scared to pass your genetic traits to your kids (and deciding if you should not have them no matter how badly you want them) is just as frustrating as not able to have kids.. and top of it all, you have people tellling you NOT to have kids. I can relate somewhat about it.
  2. two wrongs doesn't make it right. I believe the teacher should have been fired.. but the student handled it wrong. She know the teacher could get fire for saying such thing and should have reported it. But this student apparently have an "acting out in anger" aggressive issue. I do know that some kids are being taught at home that anyone bully them or call them names, they punch them and that should end it. (My hubby believes this) But they also taught to respect the elders, no matter how mean they are. The only time to get violence is when you are trying to defend yourself. Everything else are just opinionated words by stupid people who think their opinion is worthy.
  3. people were stoned to death for adultery as well. homosexual's argument = we are two consent adults Polygamy's argument = We are two consent adults (two people decide to get married even though they already have other spouses) Homosexual's argument = we want benefits and adoption rights Polygamy's argument = We do too. homosexual's argument = we want to make commitment to care for one another for the rest of our life. Our confession of our love polygamy's argument = we do too (remember, these are two people who feel they love each other and make a commitment for life to look after one another except they don't believe marriage should limit to one spouse) Polygamy's another argument = the father should provide for the mother and child with benefits. It's not right when father is already married and providing everything for his first marriage and other end up as a single mom. yep, They will be next, and you got yourself a major population issues. Look how many children most Polygamy's (spiritually) Marriage have. keep it up and everyone will be joining . We know how men love to commit adultery or divorce because they are in love with someone else. Most of the time, these husbands do NOT want to get divorce. They just have to in order to marry someone else.
  4. I like his new website. I just hope all that images isn't copyrighted (nor I really care to look at them) ... Who knows, people do get ugly when they don't like a website. Like the movie "expelled" when John Lennon's wife wanted to sue for using a few second of his music.
  5. actually, my parents took action. I'm just hooked for life. But I could have live in the deaf culture lifestyle if my mother choose differently
  6. being deaf, yes he does have a reason. The bible is clear that he made the deaf and mute (because he said so in his own words to Moses). but at the same time, I can be implanted with cochlear implant or wear hearing aids (or learn sign languages if I had to). Although I can't hear as well as a hearing person but I am being assisted. Although, when I don't use assistance, I am back in silent to remind me that I am deaf. So I don't know being assisted to have children is something God doesn't want us to do or not, but I do know that every child that born through IVF or surrogacy (as well as children being born outside of marriage) do have a soul.
  7. CANEYVILLE, Ky. ? Kentucky's governor warned it will be "a long haul" before life returns to normal after last week's deadly ice storm that cut power to hundreds of thousands and blocked roads with fallen trees and other debris. Officials in the state's two largest cities, Lexington and Louisville, reported progress. Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry deactivated the city's Emergency Operations Center on Sunday evening after a sharp drop in the number of homes without electricity. ..... http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,486545,00.html pray for the people there. They certainly need help.
  8. this site may have something: http://www.biblestudycharts.com/products.html or this http://www.learnthebible.org/character_ ... om_age.htm (look on your right side,there is a list of links under "see also". click those too)
  9. yeah, but if a child's heart set on having kids, you don't tell them "I'm glad you can't have kids" That's just a terrible thing to say even if you fear teenage pregnancy.
  10. THE single mother of octuplets born in California last week is seeking $2m (
  11. but my hubby got saved through Amway.. seriously. They talked alot about God and faith as well as their business. At first, he was quite annoyed by it because he was an atheist, and was raised to be one from his parents too.
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