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  1. Yes, Merry CHRISTmas everyone! :clap: :Green
  2. I use the Zondervan KJV Study Bible which I really like. :smile
  3. OH ok. Thanks. But what I don't understand is how the newer manuscripts could be better than the older ones. Could it be that the newer manuscripts were actually copied from manuscripts that were older than the Alexandrian texts but we just don't have the older manuscripts now?
  4. I have a question. Why must we use the King James Version only when there have been older manuscripts found and we know more about the English language than we did before back in 1611? :puzzled: I am not disagreeing with the King James Only position, I am just curious. I actually agree with the King James only position but this question was brought up on another board that I frequent.
  5. I agree that the Catholic Church is a very unBiblical church. They put their man-made traditions on an equal level as the Bible and dare I say they even elevate their traditions above the Bible at some points. What I mean is that if one of their traditions contradicts what is in the Bible, they usually follow their tradition instead. The Catholic Church disgusts me and I pray for the salvation of all of the poor souls captured within it.
  6. Ok, so how does one prove that this "gift" of tongues is false and not for today? :puzzled:
  7. Hi everyone. How does one convince a person that the modern "gift" of tongues is demonic? :puzzled:
  8. I believe you but what evidence do we have that the RCC has changed their early writings? :puzzled:
  9. I believe you but what evidence do we have that this is true? :puzzled:
  10. Hi everyone. Did the Catholic Church start when Constantine legalized Christianity? Is that why there are so many pagan doctrines in the Catholic Church today? What do you say? :puzzled:
  11. In another thread, a poster asked this question above. What is the answer to it?
  12. What a great thread! I love this thread! It answers so many questions that many people have about eternal security! :Green
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