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  1. I didn't know that. Flamingos get their pink color from their diet of shrimp.
  2. Yahoo, definetely. Caramel or chocolate?
  3. I admit that I'm the most angelic person here. :saint :saint :saint
  4. Did you know that you have such lame comebacks??? :thumbdown
  5. I am honored that you chose my name Ashlee!!! L: Lela
  6. I thought maybe we all could name at least one thing that we collect or used to collect. This will be really fun to see all the strange and weird things that Baptist keep. Here's what I collect: rocks and fossils Now it's your turn!
  7. Did you know that Ashlee's face is funny? :frog
  8. Ban Ashlee because she's just plain weird. :amen:
  9. [quote="KayceeLochner"]Melody -that's my fav. name-[/quote] Whoops not that, how about Faith?
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