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  1. Did you know that I don't read in the mornings because I read right before bed?
  2. I know I already posted this one: King of Kings
  3. I'm not sure. I know that today she had bus visitation. She's a senior, so she's probably too busy to hang out with other OB members anymore. :roll
  4. I guess I do read my Bible every day or at least try to, don't I?
  5. I had homemade pizza for dinner.
  6. In five minutes I'll still be hearing my family playing Wii Fit.
  7. Ban John because I could never scare anybody away! :frog
  8. Brother Marshall has a great sermon on David and Goliath. It's quite funny. Isn't that right, Ashlee?
  9. Thursday, it's closer to the weekend. :Green Email or text message?
  10. Ok, you CAN read minds!!! TPNTM likes old shows and movies.
  11. Don't we always forget His blessings and then worry about something else?
  12. I like "O Rejoice in the Lord", "I'm Standing on the Solid Rock", and a few others.
  13. That's funny, because our pastor just preached on David a little bit last night too.
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