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  1. No, I do not "rule over" my wife. She loves the Lord and I comport myself in such a way, that we respect each other's God given roles. As far as my wife being equal, it is my understanding from the Scriptures that I as a husband should honor her above myself and sacrifice myself to protect her. This used to be practiced in our country (many years back, but I still remember it) in such ways as opening the door, standing when a woman entered the room and getting the chair for them.
  2. David, Thank you for posting about Pastor Dartt's passing. I had not heard until I read this. He was a great man and he will always have a special place in my heart. He was a man of courage and encountered many challenges. He always faced those challenges with strength, a firm backbone and yet showed love and mercy as God directed him. You are right, many a life was changed by Pastor Dartt and I know he will be greatly missed. All the best to you, Patty and the entire family.
  3. Wow, after over a year this thread is still going...............
  4. Tiffany, thank you so much for the follow up postings. I would love to have your mom's email address. I will send my email to you via private message, please reply to that with any contact information you wish to share for your mom and/or Pastor Dartt. Thank you.
  5. I haven't seen you around. Hope you are well. Praying for you now...

  6. Like I said, we are all responsible in the end.
  7. I'm thinking we are (our sins) all responsible for crucifying Christ. I seem to remember that the Roman's were in charge in land at that time and at one point could have stopped it. I believe it was Roman soldiers who did the actual deed. The pope is a delusional man who is fully culpable in an organized cover up of rampant pedophilia amongst the Roman Catholic Church's priesthood. Rather than be exalted he should be brought to justice.
  8. Accepted standards for sacred music have changed in both the culture and the church. It has always been that way and will always be that way. Even amongst the most traditional separated conservative fundamental believers. It is undeniable. All kinds of standards of acceptability change and move along a spectrum continually as each generation comes and goes. It is undeniable.
  9. Seth, That is all good and well; but it doesn't really matter if an individual is as crazy as a loon or a blatant heretic as long as they are 100% KJV and defend it to their death. If they do that, they must be alright and blessed of God! :icon_rolleyes:
  10. It's very similar to paying for the salary of a Pastor and church staff. If I want the services they provide, I've got to pay the price. Both should be careful to render quality services for monies rendered.
  11. Yes, absolutely, people do tend to put their "heroes" up on a pedestal. People should not do so and really should only hold the Godhead in such high esteem; but that does not mean that it is fair game to tear those men of God down unfairly or based upon false accusation.
  12. The pages that were on the Google book site did not have this quoted, but the quote may have been on some following pages that it said were not available for preview. The context up to the point of the pages not available is not nearly as cut'n dried as some here would represent. If one reads the entire context (up until the missing pages) this pastor clearly knew that the ELDERLY woman had gotten saved late in life and it would take some patience, love and understanding in working with her as she had many life-long habits (sins actually) that God would need to deal with her concerning now that she was recently saved and came forward during an invitation. I'd like to see the missing pages so that I can fully evaluate these claims, but I'm not paying $13 for those two pages. The pages missing are 95 and 96.
  13. trc123


    Where is the link, I am not seeing it......
  14. Don't you be telling me how to think woman! God don't want no dang femail telling us men what ter do........ :unsure:
  15. Sometimes ya'll don't have any sense of humor or tongue'n cheekiness; even when I put an emoticon plain as day. Yes, I do agree and was pointing out how absurd that thinking is. What were you thinking? :smile
  16. There it is in black and white. The Bible says it plain as the pimple on my nose. That must be the way it is! There is no room for any other interpretation.
  17. So, the fact that President Obama is not enforcing DOMA is the right thing to do then.......correct? The Federal government has no business being in the business of marriage. That is supposed to be up to the states, right?
  18. It is absolutely the pastor's wife's responsibility to deal with the ladies in the church in this manner! What were you thinking? :smilie_loco:4
  19. I thought that Patch the Pirate (Ron Hamilton) was CCM!
  20. The thing that has helped me most in my 30 plus years as a saved person affiliated with the IFB, is to have an "ignore" button in my brain for just such instances and people!
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