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  1. No, I do not "rule over" my wife. She loves the Lord and I comport myself in such a way, that we respect each other's God given roles. As far as my wife being equal, it is my understanding from the Scriptures that I as a husband should honor her above myself and sacrifice myself to protect her. This used to be practiced in our country (many years back, but I still remember it) in such ways as opening the door, standing when a woman entered the room and getting the chair for them.
  2. He may have known, but I don't see what difference it would have made.
  3. Back in the late 70's I was traveling back on leave from a military post in Okinawa. They had a weather event in the area when I flew into Oakland and they had to rebook me into a morning flight in San Francisco. I was of course in military uniform and ended up having to sleep on a park bench overnight to catch the morning bus to the airport. I must have been in the "bad section" of town because I had all kinds of perverts exposing themselves (trenchcoat style) and gay guys making very rude and suggestive comments to me. I finally got relief by finding a local hotel with their doors open.
  4. SamuelP, I am really trying to follow and understand your train of thought. But the way you have written this, I'm not precisely certain what you are saying or trying to intimate. Could you expound please? SamuelP said, "At the end of WW I, USA was afraid of Unions due to what happened in Russia. They started churches. The longest lasting is the Cedars (have gone through several name changes but is still the one that calls for the National Day of Prayer). I have actually heard preachers say, nor a striker be - clearly shown a Christian can't belong to a Union (unbelievable). They are also
  5. I don't understand why people look for secret codes to expose when the Lord God of the universe has already revealed everything he feels that is important for us to know in his Word. It just baffles me, why people would think that an infinite and all knowing God (who understands we are limited, failed and finite people) would for some dastardly reason give us the Bible to in some way be frustrated and have to figure out secret codes. I prefer to believe that God is smart enough to know we need his truth in an understandable way, and that he has given us that truth in his Holy Word. Chasin
  6. It's a problem of the "heart." One's heart must be regenerated by Christ.
  7. It is sad to think, and more sad to say, but I believe the nation is now at a point that a real conservative would not have done better. Let's face it folks, the nation as a whole has turned a corner and it is even more bent on its godless ways (as a whole) than many had thought. Trust in God and be prepared for persecution. Many of our Baptist forefathers suffered tremendous physical, emotional and spiritual warefare and persecution. Jesus warned of it. We in the USA have been blessed by God to (on the whole) avoid most persecution, while our brothers and sisters in other countries have su
  8. David, Thank you for posting about Pastor Dartt's passing. I had not heard until I read this. He was a great man and he will always have a special place in my heart. He was a man of courage and encountered many challenges. He always faced those challenges with strength, a firm backbone and yet showed love and mercy as God directed him. You are right, many a life was changed by Pastor Dartt and I know he will be greatly missed. All the best to you, Patty and the entire family.
  9. Notice I said "actively" and not allowing. There is a huge difference. God does NOT make a man rape a woman.
  10. P.S. God does not actively control/manipulate every natural event in the world every second of the day.
  11. There's a Catholic school on the property were Jonathan Edwards preached this message. The only visible marker on the site is a stone that has had some engraving done on it as a memorial. This is just 1 1/4 miles from my house in Enfield, CT.
  12. If you won't vote for Romney, will you be voting for President Obama or Mr. Goode?
  13. I fear our nation is beyond repair and is coming under God's judgement. There is simply no way to reconcile the fact that our nation now embraces this kind of perversion, claiming it as an act of acceptance and tolerance, with God's holy word declaring it as sin and abomination.
  14. Very, very sad. Everywhere one looks sin and the world are eating away at the body of Christ. Must keep our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ alone!
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