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  1. Shoes........................ :pray God Bless!
  2. https://www.pocketpower.org/code/signup ... rcd=124745 I am a member of Pocketpower.org and I have been using and recieveing the " Book of John KJV" for almost 4 years now. I find when I hand these books out, people are not tossing them to the side or throwing them away. These books are great when Soul Winning. I just thought this might help! :amen:
  3. What should I do flip a coin and Vote ? This is like voting for " The Young and the Bold", a new Soap Opera for Nationwide TV. The real question is, which Canditate will make a difference in our Economy today? I just don't believe in some of the Political tactics these guys are doing to get votes. ( My Opinion). :pray
  4. Sun AM-PM Wed PM Occasionally Thurs and Sat ( Soul Winning)
  5. Living in Nevada, we really do not see the leaves change colors or SNOW, unless we go up into the mountains. I do miss the changing of the seasons. :thumb
  6. I hum Blessed Assurance when annoying music is played in Stores or I hand out some tracts to people in or out of the stores to get my mind off the music.
  7. Bible's, Autographed Football Cards, and Stamps :thumb
  8. :goodpost: When I was living in Florida we had 5 named Hurricanes hit the State in one year. I used to live in Naples and boy did I doing a lot of Praying for those storms to miss us and God managed to answer my Prayers 4 out of 5 times. Praise God for that. :amen:
  9. Who are you rooting for this year? Ohio State :thumb
  10. The Eagles need a lot of Prayer for the up-coming season! :lol
  11. Thank-you all for the wonderful welcome! I already feel at home here! Again Thank-you! :coffee
  12. I did not know that! A saltine cracker,when chewed for 2 minutes , will turn to sugar in your mouth.
  13. This Hymn is very uplifting and inspiring. Thank-you for sharing this moving Hymn. :smile
  14. Well written! I really enjoyed the photograghy. Thank-you for sharing!! :thumb
  15. Nice Poem! Thank-you for Sharing. :smile
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