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  1. Jerry, Thank you for clearing that up for me.
  2. Paul was speaking of Biblical Doctrine, not denominational doctrine.
  3. Jerry, Are you saying that the IFB have no traditions?
  4. Jerry, Why would you accuse someone of getting their beliefs "from the RCC?" Unless I am wrong, you believe in the false doctrine of "once saved always saved," did you "get that from Luther? Must have since it isn't taught in the Bible. Once again, the church of Christ is not a denomination; it is not a "part" of the church but is the church which belongs to Christ. We do not get our beliefs from the RCC nor any other denomination. We obtain our beliefs from the one and only source and that is the Word of God. By the way Jerry, most baptist believe in the Word as the only source of a
  5. And therein lies the danger of taking passages out of context, linking passages which are not teaching the same things, etc.
  6. Dennis, First, the thief on the cross died under the OT. He was not under the Christian Age since Christ had not yet died. We also take noted that Christ had the power to fogive sins while He was on earth (Matt 9:6; Mark 2:10; Luke 5:24). Now that He has died, was burried, rose again on the third day and accended back to the father; now that His church has been established we are under the Christian "Age," which means we must submit to Him through the NT teachings. Also, there is nothing that says that the thief was not baptized under John's baptism.
  7. Jerry, There are many differences.
  8. Jerry, A dictionary will define a word in every way that it is used in society. I suggest that you look up the word "baptized" in your dictionary. You might be surprised that one definision includes sprinkling which is not a Biblical definition of the word as even the Baptist admit. Denomination is a part of a whole. The church of Christ is not a part of anything but is in fact a whole; it is the church which Christ established and owns.
  9. Nathaniel, you seem to imply it is either 1 Co 1:10 or Eph 4:3. These two passages are saying the same thing. They are calling for unity not division. They are teaching that Christians are to speak the same things not divide and not to have “unity in diversity,” that is to remain "unified" even though error is being taught and praciticed. There is no unity when error stands against truth. Amos 3:3 comes to mind. When error is taught/practiced, it is those who are teaching/practicing error that are causing division not those who are standing firm on the Truth/Word.
  10. Being in any denomination is a sin. The Bible condemns it and so I must do the same. Ah, Mark 9:38-40….good passage but it does not support denominationalism. Notice that not once did Jesus say that this man taught something other than the truth. As a matter of fact, as you have underlined, he said” he that is not against us is on our part.” If you read the Bible it is clear that those who teach error is not “for us.” You might turn to John 15 where Jesus spoke of the vine and branches. Many people mistakenly turn to that passage to justify denominationalism; it doesn’t teach such eithe
  11. You are welcome Rick. 1. Cornelius was not saved prior to baptism. The HS was given in the same way it was in Acts 2 to the Apostles. These two passages (Acts 2 and Acts 10) were the fulfillment of the HS being poured out upon all flesh as we study in Jude 2. This is not speaking of the HS in the sense that Christians receive Him today. This is a much deeper discussion than we will be able to have in one or two sentences. 2. The Bible teaches that when one hears the word (Rom 10:17), believes in Christ (John 3:16), repents of his/her sins (Acts 3:19), confesses Christ as the Son of God
  12. Jim, I think there seems to be a misunderstanding in our presrent discourse. When I speak of being disappointed in the behavior of certain Christians, I am not speaking of a willingness to stand for the truth. I am not speaking of those who know the Word and are willing to speak out about it. I am speaking of those who yell, make personal attacks, treat others unkindly.... I am forward in the sense that I am willing to discuss the Word of God. As I have stated in previous post, I believe that any time and any place is the right time and right place to discuss the Word of God. I, to my
  13. Jim, First allow me to say that I do not who you and Rick and others have been talking with or seeing because most of what I have heard about the church of Christ members which you have "met and or known" are far off from the people that I know. Now, are there some people who profess to be Christians who believe in things contrary to what the Bible says? Of course. Are there people who profess to be Christian who will treat people undkindly? Sadly, yes. I wish that people understood the harm they do by being unkind. But, most members of the church that I know would either not speak at a
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