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  1. No, clogged pores are nasty!
  2. I admit that I am ready for school to start!
  3. You can use plain white glue (like Elmer's) as a "pore cleanser" Apply a thin layer to your skin, let it dry and peel it off. You will amazed! Works just like those expensive pore cleansers.
  4. American Government, U.S. History, Physical Science, and 7th grade Science TEXTBOOKS! Getting ready for a new school year. :lol:
  5. I admit that I adore my husband.
  6. No problem! :Green By the way, thanks for the welcome!
  7. I'm new and I knew that! Hairspray will remove ballpoint ink.
  8. I think ya'll should be kind and let a newbie like me win!! :wave:
  9. Splenda for coffee, Yayy! Splenda for tea, YUCK! Sugar for everything, Yayy! Cottage cheese?
  10. We had grilled burgers and salad. I added worchestershire sauce and grill seasoning to the meat. Instead of plain white hamburger buns we use toasted Health Nut bread made by Arnold's bread. It's a delicious sandwich especially when the bread is toasted. It's crunchy and nutty and really fills you up. We made a good healthy salad and had homemade oatmeal cookies with craisins instead of raisins. It was a good meal.
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