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  1. I was just wondering......would you consider the New King James in the same catorgory as all other translations? When I first became saved (only 5 years ago), I admit I had all translations. For the last year and a half, I haven't bought anything other than the New King James, but after reading a lot here, I think I may have been misinformed about that as well!
  2. My name's Melissa, from NE Pennnsylvania.
  3. My name's Melissa, from NE Pennnsylvania.
  4. Wow. God really is amazing. Just in the past few weeks I had been questioning a lot of things about my own church. I wasn't sure about where it stood on many things. Part of the confusion, and I may have mentioned, we now have a new pastor. We operated for a year without a pastor, and the one before that may not have made the best decisions in some things. I could see some differences now. Not that all his sermons are about sin, but there's no questioning some things. He doesn't shy away from telling us something in our lives is wrong. Like he talks a lot about God's idea of marriage and family and what's right. Which I think is something the teens in our congrgation need in this world. Well, this Sunday there was a letter in the bulletin and he spoke to us about putting the word "Baptist" back in the name! The name had been changed to a "generic" type-no denomination attatched, even though we remained a Baptist church. He said he understands this is common and that some feel that brings newcomers in. But he said he felt this is deceptive, that God doesn't need "marketing" strategies. He also spoke to the congregation (a little) about Baptist distinctives. I couldn't beleive it! I think God was telling me I'm in the right place.
  5. Thank you all for your replies. I guess that is what I am doing-taking what I hear preached (whatever church) and seeing if it is doctinally correct by searching through His Word. :uuhm: For now, the music, dress, aren't as important an issue to me.
  6. Hi. I am new to this site, and I'm not quite sure this is even the right forum to post this, so I apologize if not. I was wondering if there is perhaps a book someone could recommend that gives a bit of an overview as to what different denominations beleive. A bit of background... I became saved only 5 years ago. Unbeknown to me (or most of the congregation I think) the church I began attending was slowly shifting from Independent Baptist more towards non-denominational. All I knew was "Baptist" wasn't in the name, and the music was very contemporary. Since that time, we have a new pastor, and are "getting back to the roots". We didn't change the name (again!), but "non-denominational" isn't part of it. We still have the same praise band, but the style of music is different. I suppose some of it would still be called CCM, but since I didn't grow up hearing any gospel or CCM, I don't know an old hymn and from an old Amy Grant ballad unless someone tells me. They don't perform any fast, rock/pop sounding music anymore. Also, the dress is very casual, although I don't know what it was like before I began attending, and I'm not sure yet what it will be. I noticed the pastor does not dress casual. I grew up without religion. My mother's side is very RC, my father's Lutheran. But neither parent was really involved. I never watched (or heard of until I was older) Billy Graham or Jimmy Swaggart or any TV "personality". My best friend's family has attented an Assembly of God church for over 20 years, and I've attended a few times. A girl from my bible study (who actually never accepted Christ or was baptised that I know of) married and her and her husband now attend an Episcipalian church. Another good friend of mine is Methodist. My question is, would you all consider any of these "false churches" (other than RC-that one I know). I looked at some of David Cloud's articles (wayoflife.org), which only confused me further. What am I attending? The women don't wear dresses, and some of the music is CCM (which, btw, I think is WAY too broad to include soft ballads that I'd consider glorifying God as well as a something with a beat you'd hear on any secular radio station). Thanks in advance.
  7. Do the blessings/curses spoken of in this chapter pertain to us today? A lot of passages in the OT, but this chapter in particular. Melissa
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