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  1. Judge not kest ye be Judged Mr. Rivera. FYI Gerlado my late uncle was as liberal as they come.
  2. You are welcome. I believe it is important to give to others and bless them I am not sure butI think thatthe Boy Scouts wil pick up fod in November around Thanksgiving.
  3. Christa learned that she will have one baby a son. He has an enlarged hert & must be delivered today.
  4. This Saturday the mailman will pick up bags of cans & boxes of food for the food bank. The food drive is effective in all 50 of the United States. Some towwns may be too small to participate. You can also take the food to the food bank a day or so prior tothe food drive and let them know the food is to be included for the food drive.
  5. While she got venence on him she will have to answer to God.
  6. Lord help dad to heal from the surgery he hadMonday night. Dad had an aneurysm jut above his left kidney. He is in alot of post operation pain. Please pray
  7. Jesus Help me to fall asleep and give my legs comfort. Calm me down to Jesus and give me the peace You promised in John 14:27
  8. Please pray for me to get a good night's sleep. Thank you. Angelmiss
  9. Please pray for my mom & me .We have chest colds Than you for praying
  10. Jesus I do not ant nausea from some medcnesI took to combat body aches &a cold. Help me Jesus
  11. Bro MAtt is there still a Baptist Ladies Forum? Angelmiss
  12. Christa had an ultra sound yesterday which showed two sacs but only one of them has a baby in it. The other is void a DNA. Thank you for [aaaaying. Angelmiss
  13. hank you Jerry for praying. Christa has a 14 and 1/2 month old son.
  14. our family friend Christa is pregant with twins. She is due inthe middle of September. Please pray for her health the abies& for there to be no complication during or after Christ' pregnancy .
  15. Jerry , I have heard preacher say that they wanted to shorten the sermon for Superbowl Sunday. You andI know this doesn't sit well with God. With all of the VCRs DVRs etc, you can recorda game and watch it later. That would please Jesus.
  16. What do bankers eat for breakfast Chex What Lullabye did Snoopy sing to his NieceandNpephews whenthey were babies? Hush little Puppy tothe tune of hush litle baby
  17. Jerry you said a mouthful. Watchinga football game or baseball game is not as important to going to church and showing God respect and love.Who came first God, Jesus, or football/sports? I have seen pastors cut a sermon short so the members could see a football game.
  18. There is a Joy that disappoints God and Jesus. What am I talking about? When we rejoice when An athlete froma team we dislike is severely injured or somebdy we do ot like becomes gravely ill, that joy is an insult to God or Jesus. When we behave unmercifully we fail to exhibit goodness,gentleness, empathy or loving kindness towards the person who is ill or injured. Then we are dabbling in the flesh, namely hate This saddens Jesus and The Holy Spirit. It is imperative that we exhibit loving kindness, mercy, and compassion We also need to pray for the person, just in case they do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We also need to ask God to forgive us for our attitude. Written by Janna B
  19. Last weekend a student from our local college wasspeeding to get home to see the football game when he ran into an oil Rig at a high rate of speed. . I posted this to encourage others not to speed just to get home and see something that you can tape on your VCR or DVD. Ask youself if speeding just to see something is worth possibly losing your life? I don't believe it is.
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