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  1. Please keep my dad andMark inn your prayers. Da has a severe tear to his left rotator cuff. Mark has a similar problem but he has Bones rubbing against bone in one of hisshoulders. Thank you for praying.
  2. Keep me in your prayers please. I found out thathe watch band I wore irritated my skin, caused it to puff/swell up andI am itching. Angelmiss
  3. Jesus help me to trust in thee. Jesus I don't want ....... YOu can have it
  4. Jesus give me the peace You promised us in John 14:27. Jesus I need Your intercession
  5. Please pray for me. I need peace not worry or aniexty.
  6. Last night mom was being critical It got on my nerves since it reminded me of the kids who made fun of me in school.
  7. Judge not kest ye be Judged Mr. Rivera. FYI Gerlado my late uncle was as liberal as they come.
  8. I have a cousin Jim whom I doubt is saved. Also I am unsure of his wife Sandy's salvtion and their kids' salvation
  9. Will you please pray for my momm? She is critical of people on game shows whom do not give the right answer. Also she has a tendency to mock women of Wheel of Fortune who say I married my husband. As far as she is concerend the women should say I am married to the love of my Life or I am married to my best friend. I have gently reminded mom that not all women are married to good men. We watch a word show Lingo where the contestants try to guess a five letter word based on the letters. If a person cannot figure the words out she has the tendency to say you don't know any five letter words Or she has said Duh to the contestant. I live with my folks and her this to many times Please, please pray.

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