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  1. Ooo thanks for posting that recipe! You just cannot find Old Bay seasoning out here and there are so many times I just crave it and wish I could find some. Have you ever had Old Bay potato chips? Those are pretty good as well.
  2. Maple glazed salmon, rice pilaf, and corn
  3. Sesame chicken, rice, and green beans
  4. Breaded pork chops, rice pilaf, and spaghetti squash
  5. Well I did get a full time office job outside of the home a couple weeks ago. It's been great! I get home before my husband so I have time to get dinner ready for him as he walks through the door and the house work hasn't slacked. Laundry is up-to-date all of the time too. The only thing that's suffered is my little kitty gets lonely during the day when I'm gone and gets all excited and meows like crazy when I get home. But like I said before, this job is just to get a savings for a future house and I will only have it until we have kids. To the person that said women who get bored at home should look to the olden days for what to do, that doesn't work for me. I was bored at home and didn't have enough to do and was filled with idle time because of our living situation. We live in a smaller apartment in a big city which means absolutely nothing is to be done outside, the complex has people that do everything. I have no yard, no garden, nothing outside. Like I said, it's small. Before we moved we had a 1 bedroom apartment, now we have a 2 bedroom townhouse. I can clean the entire thing top to bottom in just a couple hours. We don't have any kids yet and my husband is gone at work all day so it just doesn't get cluttered or messy as quickly as it will in years to come. And I do make fresh bread (without a breadmaker even) and all of our meals from scratch. I am just at a loss of what else I could have done at home to fill my time.
  6. We're having BBQ pork tenderloins, steamed broccoli, rice pilaf, and a bowl of fresh cut strawberries and kiwis.
  7. That's California for you. I've been here a little over 1 month and I've seen a lot of that :thumbdown . Minus the oodles and oodles of Mormons walking around talking to everyone...
  8. Turkey meatloaf, corn on the cob, and rice
  9. alright I buckled down and bought a can of cream of mushroom soup. I'm nervous to try it but hopefully it turns out alright. :thumb
  10. I finally broke down and played a game with my husband while he tried to teach me. yea... He laughed the entire time and won every game in a matter of mere minutes :ooops Guess I need a little more practice lol
  11. Rosemary and thyme pork chops, salt potatoes, and green beans
  12. Congratulations!!! :thumb :clap:
  13. I very rarely carry cash with me and always use my debit card so that takes care of the giving money to them. I do however buy them something nice to eat if I am ever asked. In one of the old cities I used to live in back east there was a boy about my age (early 20s) who was obviously malnourished and as I was walking to my bus to go home from work one day he asked me if I had any money for food. I politely apologized and told him I didn't carry any cash with me and he asked me if I could please just buy him a candy bar or something simple and cheap to eat. I felt awful and brought him down to the pizza shop down the street and told him to order anything and everything he wanted and I paid for it. He was so grateful for a couple slices of pizza and said I was the only person who cared enough to help him out when he was down like that. He told me so many people just assume he is cheap or a freeloader or a homeless druggy because he is asking for money or food but asking a complete stranger for food is the most humiliating thing he's ever had to do and it's even worse when people snub their noses at him. I will never forget what he taught me that day. I planned on bringing him some food and vitamins and what not but I never saw him again. My theory behind giving people food or jobs or whatever they need is if they are really in need, then I want to be there to help them. If they are lying about it and I loose money or items from helping them then that is not my worry. I'd rather help someone who didn't need it then snub my nose at someone who did.
  14. I take care of all of the finances and budgeting in our home but that's just because my husband is a mega spender and not a saver and we would end up with $5 at the end of every month if I didn't. He just has no concept of a budget and although he never spends beyond his means, he just doesn't think to the future about saving or anything.
  15. This was fun to read! To see how everyone thinks everyone looks. I always pictured you with dark dark brown hair, green eyes, and bouncy/energetic. You know those girls that are hyper and happy all the time and sort of bounce along and skip when they walk anywhere :duh no idea why but I always have
  16. What do you think about employers googling names, email addresses, screennames, etc. of job candidates? How would you feel if you found out an employer did this to you?
  17. I used to live there too, waaayyy too foggy to be a dream vacation spot :thumbdown
  18. Italy :thumb haha Maryland is on there as a dream vacation spot :tum :frog
  19. Every time I heard about this group picketing someone's funeral I can't help but giggle and think about how many people will be picketing their funeral some day. :duh
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