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  1. Ooo thanks for posting that recipe! You just cannot find Old Bay seasoning out here and there are so many times I just crave it and wish I could find some. Have you ever had Old Bay potato chips? Those are pretty good as well.
  2. Maple glazed salmon, rice pilaf, and corn
  3. I'm reading "A Room with a View" by E.M. Foster right now. I read the first one in that series. I plan on getting the other three in the next batch of books I get :thumb
  4. Sesame chicken, rice, and green beans
  5. Breaded pork chops, rice pilaf, and spaghetti squash
  6. We're having BBQ pork tenderloins, steamed broccoli, rice pilaf, and a bowl of fresh cut strawberries and kiwis.
  7. I'm reading "Emma" by Jane Austen again until the new books I ordered off Amazon come in
  8. Turkey meatloaf, corn on the cob, and rice
  9. haha ok... I admit... I do read a lot of Christian fiction and Christian romances :ooops I know they are so dumb and don't help my brain at all but I can't help it, I think them. I do mix them up with a ton of books that do make me think. I read a lot of non-fiction, tons of the classics, biographies, history books, social science books, etc. so I think it balances out :duh I'm afraid to admit it but right now I'm reading "Sweet Blessings" by Jillian Hart :ooops
  10. For all of us nerdy book lovers, what are you currently reading? I'm reading "Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas" by James Patterson. It's little umm... not Christian. Either my grandma or my aunt gave it to me (neither is a Christian) and I had no idea what it was about until I got so far into it. :ooops
  11. Rosemary and thyme pork chops, salt potatoes, and green beans
  12. I used to love writing and wrote stories and poems all the time, I even had a poem I wrote published when I as 16. Sadly though when I went off to college I became so busy I didn't have time to write anymore. I think about starting back up again but never actually get around to it.
  13. Hot pepper chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.
  14. Tonight we are having lemon and pepper pork chops, rice pilaf, and corn.
  15. Honey BBQ Chicken, green beans, and corn
  16. we had baked chicken, pasta alfredo, and lemon and pepper green beans
  17. I would have been a bus kid too. I am from such a small town though that no church there had a bus or van or anything. The first time I heard anything about it was a couple weeks ago when I moved to California :lol That was so nice of your Preacher and his wife to pick you up. I went with a friend every Sunday until a couple of the girls there made fun of me for not having Christians for parents. :sad Can't blame them though, they were young and growing themselves.
  18. I'm making Parmesan breaded pork chops, rice, and green beans.
  19. Nope not at all. The closest in my family is my paternal grandmother who is Catholic and lived hours and hours away from us. Some how from a very young age I loved the Lord and had such a yearning and desire to study the Bible. The downside is that is very hard to do when you are 10 and have no way to get to a Church and have no one in your family that can help teach you. The upside is the faith and discovery of the Word and what all it means is so precious and pure and amazing when you discover it on your own as your grow. As I got older and became a better reader, I would pick up someth
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