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  1. Banana and strawberry smoothie while sitting at DFW Airport.....had a big lunch.
  2. We had mid 90's here yesterday with a heat index near 108.....doesn't seem right for this area just yet.
  3. At 14 I was taking care of my siblings after school, getting them throu dinner, homework, as my parents both worked evenings.
  4. I agreed with your reply. Based on this, then Cloud's warnings about Lancaster Baptist (thier music), if accurate, should make one avoid it, no? If a church whose preaching is spot on(one up here in NE Ohio) but yet seems to promote Mr Chappell by displaying his books and preaching at his conferences annually, would you say by Mr Cloud's guideline/warnings, that we should avoid this church as well? From what I know about this church the preaching, doctrine and music is right, but should one be wary of them potentially falling away because of what appears to be a loose association with Lancaster/Chappell?
  5. I'm not bashing, but I guess that I'm a little surprised that the number of "right" churches must be less than I thought. Much of what Cloud says is accurate. If it wasn't for some of his warnings I would definitely be less "in-the-know." When I moved from MO to OH I figured it would be difficult to find a good church (and one that doesn't have a hint of falling away), and I was right. I miss my old church back in MO in many ways.
  6. Haven't read it yet. I have heard/seen Bro. Ouellette on a few occasions.
  7. Oh, I agree, just seems like what was said above, that more and more churches will continue to fall away and the number of "right" churches will diminish. My old church back in SW MO quit "associating" with BBFI years ago because of their falling away. Even the "school" my former pastor went to apparently has been slipping away as well. He went there in the mid-80's, he and others that I've met that went to this particular school said that looking back they could see the "beginnings" of the falling away from Biblical standards and toward worldliness. My former pastor would not attend that school in its current state. Although I like the preaching of one particular preacher up here in a big city IFB church, he has attended the Lancaster Leadership conference more than once to preach there, and also has some of Mr. Chappell's books on display in his church.
  8. I guess the only things we can do is to pray for true Biblical discernment.
  9. Yesterday pizza. Tonight, pork chops and sweet potato fries.
  10. Here's a copy/paste of the article referenced. WHY THE SWORD OF THE LORD CROWD WILL BE EMERGING WITHIN A GENERATION JUNE 18, 2012 (David Cloud, Fundamental Baptist Information Service, P.O. Box 610368, Port Huron, MI 48061, 866-295-4143, fbns@wayoflife.org) The National Sword of the Lord conference is scheduled for July 23-27 at Gospel Light Baptist Church, Walkertown, North Carolina. The speakers are Marc Dalton, Joe Arthur, Frank Gagliano, Jeff Fugate, John Hamblin, Tim Rabon, Lou Rossi, Kevin Folger, Mark Campbell, Raymond Barber, Norris Belcher, Mike Norris, Bobby Roberson, Paul Chappell, R.B.Ouellette, and Mike Allison. The Sword director is Shelton Smith. In the book Why Most Independent Baptist Churches Will Be Emerging, we give the following eight reasons why we are convinced that most IFBaptist churches will be well down the contemporary path within a generation: The maligning of warning and reproof Unquestioning loyalty to man Following the crowd Ignorance about important Issues Soft separatism Lack of serious discipleship Carelessness about music Quick Prayerism These points apply to the churches that are most deeply influenced by and that most deeply resonate with the Sword of the Lord. The bottom line is that these churches, for the most part, are simply not prepared to face the level of spiritual warfare that is raging against every Bible-believing church today. The Sword has never renounced the cult of Jack Hyles. It has never warned of Lee Roberson’s soft and ineffectual separatism which resulted in the dramatic downfall of Highland Park Baptist Church. It has never lifted a voice against Paul Chappell’s dangerous, unscriptural adaptation of contemporary worship music. In fact, in the most idolatrous manner, the Sword does not allow any warnings to be issued in regard to its heroes. Any such warnings are mischaracterized and the warners maligned. There is not a more effective “good old boys” network anywhere. As for the heresy of Quick Prayerism, the Sword has been at the forefront of promoting the men who created it and exalting those who practice it. WHY MOST INDEPENDENT BAPTIST CHURCHES WILL BE EMERGING is available as a free 65-page eBook from the Way of Life web site -- http://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/ THE TWO JACKS: JACK HYLES AND JACK SCHAAP is also available as a free eBook. Few men have had a greater influence on the Sword than Jack Hyles. H
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