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  1. I worked in Amarillo in 2011/early 2012....had snow on Christmas Day there.
  2. Nothing better than a good cup of coffee with my morning Bible reading....
  3. We have 1375 sq ft. Combined electric and gas this winter has been around $150 at the highest. It's just myself and my wife. Gas furnace, stove, fireplace (not used too often) and hot water. Dryer is electric.
  4. We have natural gas and haven't been over $100 any month this winter.
  5. My wife and I used to be drastic opposites, she being cold and me wanting to turn the air condition down in the summer. She slowly stopped hormone replacement medicine last year and we are not as extremely different this winter. Actually, she is now sometimes warmer than I overnight.
  6. Thank you. I was a rough night last night and I suspect another tonight.
  7. Right now I can't get warm enough.....have some sort of bug. 5 blankets last night wasn't enough.
  8. Pork chops, brown rice, green beans.
  9. Got a coupon in the mail for being new in the neighborhood....free pizza tonight.
  10. We had leftover chicken, rice and green beans.
  11. Ice Hockey....played for hours as a kid on frozen ponds.
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