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  1. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&ved=2ahUKEwj1v-7C7Z_mAhUJGDQIHYAEBQoQFjADegQICRAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbaltimore.cbslocal.com%2F2019%2F12%2F04%2Fformer-pastor-cameron-shane-giovanelli-calvary-baptist-church-pleads-guiltysex-offense%2F&usg=AOvVaw07XWx5DupUlL26oQ8haC_L
  2. I believe Mr Giovanelli landed in Jacksonville Florida (Pastor Greg Neal) at Immanuel Baptist, and was positioned to lead their new Bible College that I believe was to open in 2020. If this is all true, it truly saddens me, as between this and the guy at the church in Hammond give IFB a bad name.
  3. Chippewa Lake Baptist Church, Medina, Ohio, Pastor James Siekbert. When unable to get to church, watch online Church of The Open Door, Westminster, Maryland, Pastor Norris Belcher.
  4. Makes one wonder what the content of the so-called halftime message will be, not to mention how the attention to the message would be. Me thinks that the attention will be little to the message, as most will probably be preoccupied with the events of the game. Then you have churches who just totally cancel their evening service all together. IMHO, a Super Bowl service is nearly as bad as cancelling the evening service. It is merely a display of misaligned faith and attention.
  5. For those who remember Jerry #’s, I have a source that recently told me he went home with the Lord in April 2016. My source had no info on John81.
  6. I seem to recall him trying to avoid the topic of Hell during an interview on a talk show. He is just a motivational speaker at best....motivates me not to watch or listen to him.
  7. And maybe so they can feel good about themselves, falsely thinking that their marriage will be blessed by God.
  8. Breakfast last evening, french toast with strawberries and whipped cream. Pork chops, egg noodles and some sort of vegi tonight.
  9. Oh my! That doesn't seem to lend to a good/credible testimony, rather isn't that hinging on a false testimony, showing that one can continue in their pet/habitual sin while being saved? I'm just scratching my head over what you said RU is teaching about being saved all the while continuing in the habitual sin...just doesn't add up to the Bible to me.
  10. RU really teaches that?? We have RU at our church, though I am not familiar with it, in that I have not "supported it" (by attending the meetings) since moving here. RU seems to be more prevalent here where I live as opposed to where I used to live. Isn't it one thing to be a drunkard before being saved, but after one is saved one should be moving away from whatever sinful behavior he/she has as opposed to continuing in it (whether drinking, smoking, whatever)? Yes, the time one person is convicted of his/her sins may differ from another persons, but I don't understand how one can be saved and willingly continue in sin. Once a person is saved, shouldn't he/she be convicted of his/her sin(s) and soon avoid continued/intentional sin(s)? I thought that RU was supposed to be a good ministry, and thought that it was to be a help. But if it is in fact "teaching" what you propose, then how is that beneficial?
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