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  1. 1John2:15-17

    Superbowl Church Services - I'm NOT a fan

    Makes one wonder what the content of the so-called halftime message will be, not to mention how the attention to the message would be. Me thinks that the attention will be little to the message, as most will probably be preoccupied with the events of the game. Then you have churches who just totally cancel their evening service all together. IMHO, a Super Bowl service is nearly as bad as cancelling the evening service. It is merely a display of misaligned faith and attention.
  2. 1John2:15-17


    For those who remember Jerry #’s, I have a source that recently told me he went home with the Lord in April 2016. My source had no info on John81.
  3. 1John2:15-17

    Can Your Kids Have Gay Friends?

    We should be training for for witnessing opportunities yes, but also as to what sin is and how to avoid it, whether it be lying, stealing, homosexuality, whiskey, whatever, and teach them to separate from it.
  4. 1John2:15-17

    Can Your Kids Have Gay Friends?

    That's not it at all. Unsaved family and friends quit associating with me. I have made attempts at witnessing when the opportunity arose. We are also called to be separate. One who is saved should not put him/herself intentionally into a situation where his/her testimony could be questioned, nor should he/she do, say or act as the worldly sinful world. One who truly loves Jesus will want to honor him and strive not to sin (although none of us are perfect) and strive to do ones best to glorify Him.
  5. 1John2:15-17

    Can Your Kids Have Gay Friends?

    That's wonderful that his family is all saved. I just found it amazing how I didn't have to do anything to "lose" lost friends, rather the quit associating with me when I began to follow Jesus and the Bible. I no longer have the desire (and also despise) for things such as alcohol, profanity, sinful music, and so on. I thank The Lord for all of that.
  6. 1John2:15-17

    Can Your Kids Have Gay Friends?

    Exactly....the lost/unsaved friends will usually stop being friends with one who is truly saved. Same for family. Of my family only my sister claims to be saved (she attends a Lutheran church), but one sure would not know it by her fruit...she is still deeply steeped in the world and sin. My brothers stopped communicating with me years ago after I was saved. My parents are communicating with me but are not saved, but have seen my life changed and my sisters hypocricy and ask questions from time to time. Like you Candle, my family is comprised of Jesus, my wife and my church family.
  7. 1John2:15-17

    Fundamental Broadcast Network

    I believe it is an FM station out of North Carolina, but I pick it up on the internet.
  8. 1John2:15-17

    Fundamental Broadcast Network

    Just recently found FBN and listen occasionally while working. Hymns/music mixed with some short messages by preachers past and present. Anyone else listen? Curiious. (null)
  9. Kinda like Burger King christiantity, have it your way, pick and choose which version/scriptures to follow. All too many people dislike the KJB/AV because it cuts to the heart. Many would rather refer to one of the many corrupt versions to find which one fits his/her lifestyle and/or pet sins.
  10. 1John2:15-17

    The "wines" Of The Bible - The Blessed & The Cursed

    However, there is agreement on the KJB versus the rest.
  11. 1John2:15-17

    The "wines" Of The Bible - The Blessed & The Cursed

    Also, how can any of the other versions be right if they all come from the same line/translation and don't even agree with each other?
  12. 1John2:15-17

    We Do Have An Eclectic Collection Here

    And there are also the two sipping saints pushing an agenda.
  13. 1John2:15-17

    Joel Osteen

    I seem to recall him trying to avoid the topic of Hell during an interview on a talk show. He is just a motivational speaker at best....motivates me not to watch or listen to him.
  14. 1John2:15-17

    Do You Cook On Valentine's Day?

    My wife is cooking today as we have to go to church/RU tonight after I get off work. Taking her out for dinner tomorrow though.
  15. I've heard Bro Davison and Bro Gaddis....love their preaching.