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  1. I am only here very very rarely, but the ONE time I visit in many months; what do I find? A racist thread. Shame on you, OP. :gross:
  2. I just saw the "list" of "false" religions. You can't be serious!!!??? Messianic Judaism is a "false" religion? What nutjob came up with this idea? :loco
  3. Hi; Imma newbie just returned. Just popped in on my break from class. I don't spend much time here but thought it would be rude to show up but not say hi. Soooooo HI!!!
  4. Thanks for the reminder. What would be the issue you wish to discuss in order to take this further than "God spanks us when we are bad little boys and girls"?
  5. That leads me to the obvious question then. Do we "preach to the choir" then? :puzzled: Or do we "sharpen iron with iron"? Just trying to get a "feel" for the forum. Thanks for the welcome, btw.
  6. You may have a little trouble doing research about Armstrongism. But there is TONS of stuff about British Israelism. BI is the source of Armstrong's heresies. Many years ago I was mixed up in the WWCOG and it was a long dusty road out of it. Armstrong took a mixture of Mormonism, SDA, Baptist, Pentecostalism, British Israelism, and a spattering of Judaism to form his "one true church" which is the only one teaching "The Plain Truth" in these last days for "The Wonderful World Tomorrow". :loco Do a google on "British Israelism" and you will find all you need to refute his junk.
  7. Hi Linda; Thanks for the welcome. The BB kicked me out. It puzzled me at the time but I have since come to accept that each and every board that one may visit has its clique and if one were to challenge the "powers that be" he is in for trouble. :ooops You may remember me as av1611jim. You may also remember WHY they banned me. No matter. Take your toys and go play somewhere else is my motto. (ha ha ha) The FFF is a hateful place in my experience. It too has its "clique" which pretty much controls the board but since it is unmoderated one can post with a bit more freedom and that is why I stick around over there. It will be interesting to see how this place operates. I suspect that, like all other boards, that OB has its clique as well. It will be fun to discover whom is in it and whom is not. I will try not to step on any toes as I wander around here. :cooldude: Oh and one more thing; I am IFB KJVo. So maybe I got a fighting chance to stick around here, ha ha ha ha ha ha !
  8. Howdy; Hi there folks. I heard about this place while playing around on the BB and FFF. Thought I would check it out here and have a little fun also.
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