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  1. Still getting used to my new Blackberry Torch.

  2. Crisis, crisis, crisis everything is in crisis! I have had it up to here ^ with these Chicken Little characters that call themselves President, Congressmen and Senators.

    1. HappyChristian


      Amen! They push things through loudly declaring that things will fall apart if they don't - fully knowing things will fall apart if they do!

    2. Wilchbla


      Remember last election where it was that if we didn't get out of Iraq immediately the world was gonna end? Well....

  3. Michael Jordan once said, “I’ve missed over 9,000 shots in my career…lost over 300 games…26 times I’ve been trusted to make the game-winning shot, and missed. I’ve tried and failed over and over again. That’s why I succeed.”

  4. My BIL's last flight was on a discount airline; No movie. Didn't need one. His life kept flashing before his eyes. ;)

  5. Borrowed from Chuck SchOBert I think Congress men should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers so we could identify their corporate sponsors.

    1. John81
    2. John81
    3. PastorMatt


      My Congress men don't have that much room on their body for all the corporate sponsors.

  6. I smell a smelly smell that smells. (My bil in Middleburg must have his shoes off again.) :o

  7. *borrowed* Imagine living with 3 wives in one compound and never leaving the house for 5 years. It is now believed that Bin Laden called the US Navy Seals himself.

    1. Crushmaster
    2. PastorMatt


      You bring up some good points.

  8. “Were you ever in the melting pot, dear Friends? I have been there and my sermons with me, and my frames and feelings and all my good works. They seemed to quite fill the pot till the fire burned up—and then I looked to see what there was unconsumed—and if it had not been that I had a simple faith in my Lord Jesus Christ, I am afraid I should not have found anything left!” – Charles Spurgeon

    1. farouk


      Hello Sir. Great quote from Spurgeon! I love his sermons and daily readings.

  9. Up! UP! and AWAYYYY!!

    1. PastorMatt


      I hear that is supposed to happen on May 21, 2011. lol

  10. Adrenaline does supress pain. Also makes you hungery.

  11. THINGS MOM WOULD NEVER SAY "How on earth can you see the TV sitting so far back?" "Yeah, I used to skip school a lot, too." "Just leave all the lights on ... it makes the house look more cheery." "Let me smell that shirt -- Yeah, it's good for another week." ~Mikey's Funnies

  12. Update on my great niece from her father, "They have taken Kaylie's drain out of her head, PT came in and she walked with our help to the window to color on it and put stickers on it. She is doing well! The surgeon came in and said after the drain comes out it is up to us when we want to go home. So continue to pray for Kaylie's strength, she is ready to leave the hospital. Thanks for praying!"

  13. So last night I had a dream that my almost 1 week old grand son already had a 340 word vocabulary. Is this something common among grand parents to have these kind of dreams?

    1. HappyChristian


      Since I'm not a grandma yet, I don't know (well, I'm an adopted gma). But I'm sure any of my grandkids WILL be brilliant. =)

  14. I find it interesting that Cain's descendents were city builders and worked with iron but Seth's line has no record of producing or working with anything until Noah is commanded to build the Ark. Could it be said that God's people should be more concerned over the things of God and less concern over the things of this present world? That God has called us to build upon the things that will be born above His wrath?

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