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  1. Yes, but the graduation ceremony is on a Sunday night. :sad
  2. Does this not prove my point?
  3. Can't you understand the lack of geographical depth in Kansas forced Kansans to rely on intellectual depth?
  4. Who can truly understand the depths of subtlety within Kansas?
  5. Sometimes aren't we the only ones who understand what we are talking about?
  6. Ban whoever should have banned me for not doing so!
  7. I helped in nursery, but we did have the message on a tv in the room.
  8. Well, maybe it will pick back up soon. :pray
  9. Can't I support Kansas against other states, and not care when they play each other?
  10. Ban John because I took debate freshman year.
  11. Have you heard, once a Kansan, always a Kansan?
  12. Ban tired because it is more like a friendly discussion.
  13. Yeah. Our band director was angry with us for participating. He said it was unclassy and undignified. :roll We were even challenged by another band to a "spirit competition" You know, one school yells "We got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit how bout you?" We weren't allowed to respond after the band in front of us yelled that at us. Because we are better than that. :bonK:
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