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  1. Intresting, intresting. There is a quote that says that once you can't answer something or yoiu don't have an argument then you attack the person. So I am not surprised of some words. By another way seems like a manipulation of verses to use it in your preference, hmm. Something else that I have mention several times calls my attention that the ones who are always in pro of the charismatic practices to get in Baptist Churches are the same ones... sooo... I see you can't answer the question. And with things that are facts that are true then you come with ... like a Catholic and blah, blah, because you are just avoiding to answer what is a fact. Kevin, candlelight and the other one (I can't remeber the name) Here is the issue, I think you guys are manipulating the BIble and then avoiding the facts. PLease, be honest at least you think Jesus would be there raising hands, crying and doing those charsmiatical practices?????? Because if then maybe we have a different Jesus. I have a Jesus who is solid, spirit adn truth. Its just silly trying to compare me with Catholics, its funny what modern Baptist could say.
  2. you didn't answer tough. PLus history is good always that doesn't go against the Word of God. All those verses and I repeat the question if that really mean to "dance", lift hands and all that in the temple or tabernacle, did they do it? No they didn't! Have yoiu ever heard a jew ceremony? Well you ll see how far from that it is, Those verses are out of the context and there real meaning. Now it is also important what church has done for 2000 years, since Christ built his church. I ask again: Has church been wrong for 1900 years? You know that is impossible to proove that there was Huss, or Wycliffe or Spurgeon doing thatm, because it was not teached to church to do it! noT EVEN jews did that in the temple or the tabernacle! NONE! intresting! So just to write psalms 150 would be out of the context.
  3. True Mrs W. but don't you think Hanna has weird, normally this storms dies fast, in one week or something but Hanna is still there being silly. Crazy Hanna.
  4. in this moment of hurracanes with Hanna still bothering but getting more to calm, now we have another one behind. hurricane IKE, today changed from early morning hurricane category 2 to hurricane category 4, we have to watch this hurracane. In this moment its north to the Dominican Republic.
  5. JOhn what do you think about a family retreat? You need to try at least for a moment to change the environment. I pray God can give you wisdom, of how to use the wise words toward your son.
  6. No, no. YOur wrong I make 3 esential arguments when you answer them then we can see if i am a "very narrowly focus'd and revisionist history of Baptists". 1- What does rasing hands in the OT means. (please don't tell me you do something with out knowing the meaning) 2- What was the "worship" in the Tabernacle and the temple in the OT. 3- What instruments where played or used at the Tabernacle and the Temple in the OT. That is why I say, that sometimes we say the BIble doesn't say anything against but we don't take time to stop and analyze the verses. Now in other hand, i can tell you I can hold historiccly what i said, by some reason it is called CONTEMPORARY, NEW, MODERN, ETC, ETC, ETC. Or maybe you are right Christ started raising his hands and sining and crying and clapping ni middle of the synagogue, please! Don;t try to accuse me of something which is your preference. Or maybe Spurgeon in 1650, Spurgeon in 1850, or Huss in 1390, or Wycliff, or Patrick, etc. etc, etc. maybe they where at church there jumping, and rasing there hands and doing all those emotional things. Hmmmm. so now who is the "very narrowly focus'd and revisionist history of Baptists"
  7. Hi, I am back, Kevin how are you? Nice to see you again and again in almost everything i say, haha, its ok, one day when you invite me to Korea I will forgive you. :thumb :thumb Just Kiding. Alrright lets see where do i start. I have never tried deer, is it good? Let's see Kevin. First the issue of Modern BAPTIST, well Kevin as I mentioned i the past there is no historical documentation for 1900 years of Baptist raising hands, and doing all those things. As I said was it that for 1900 years we where wrong? And suddenly modern Baptist discovered and got lighted again in a "true" hmmm.. i don't think so, do you? Or would it be that let's see maybe charismatic and pentecostals strated all those practices and it has started to enter in some Baptist Churches? ohhh I think so, what about you? About if the Bible backs up if people could be rasing there hands in the "worship". I challenge you to find me two verses where it says that during the "worship" they where doing those practices. What did it mean to rais the hands in the Old Testament? You know? It is important to know what did it mean. That could change the perspective of things. (I AM LIVING YOU HOMEWORK KEVIN, i know is saturday but please forgive me my friend). Then, I got one more thing, I have seen how several time different people start saying that in teh OT they did that, I got a homework for those who are saying that, tell me how did they "worship" in the tabernacle and then in the temple. And i say 'worship' because modern chrisitianity thinks that singing is synonym of "worshiping" and then they divided in songs of praises and songs of worship, haha, i never understood from where do they get that but well. So the homework is east tell me during singing what did they do in the temple in the OT, and how was the thing in the tabernacle. INstruments, etc... JOhn 4:24 god is emotional, and they that worship him must worship him rasing hands and with your eyes closed. ooooops sorry i confused of Bible in the King James 1611 says something like this: God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth
  8. You know what I like about all this. It always happens, new books, with perverted and perverted stuff. Books like Da Vinci Code, and one that was before that I don't remeber the name, and many other books every certain time, that they only remeber in the memory of some. This books strat dissapearing, less people read them, and talk about them and it continues on, BUUT the Word of God doesn;t it remains powerful and eternal for ever and ever.
  9. candlelight, sisther. Got a question for you. What did it mean to rais there hands? Why did they do it? Now, regarding to the fact that jews did it in the OT, they also killed animals and made them in sacrifice, do they also do it in your church?
  10. That is a good question KJB_Princess (I wonder what is your real name to not have to write all that). Lets see. I would have to say that sinceresly in our church no one those that, I think and maybe we can agree on this, that people are teached and learn. For ex. your church has learned there is nothing wrong on rasing hands and clapping, and all that, as I have learned the opposite. So that is why many things could be the blame of teachers and pastors. You know KJB_Princess I don;t really want to start a discussion on this but I do believe this: - I have to praise in Spirit and truth. (I don't need my flesh and my hands) - Do you think that lets say Spurgeon in the 1800, or anyone before lets say Marthin Luther who easn't even a Baptist do you think they where rasing there hands and jumping and all that, or could it be that for 1900 years the church has been wrong and not biblical and until 1900's they saw that we could play CCM, rais or hands, and do all those things we see today? I think its a fashion, its a thing of the time. It really gets me mad, when they call some singers "worshiper" like if they had a special gift of been "worshipers" just because they rais there hand and do all those things, so if they are worshipers, what am I? An apple? I know you don't agree, its ok. haha.
  11. well, to be honest I don't agree on that either, but I am not intrested on starting a discussion over it. What I can tell you is that I am amazed how many "types" of "IFB" are in the world. That is intresting. I will stand with the biblical,historicly distinctives, old fasioned, old paths, separatist, Independnt, soul winner Baptists. But well, I respect (with out approving) others election. In other words INDIVIDUAL SOUL LIBERTY. allright. :uuhm:
  12. :thumbdown :thumbdown :thumbdown :uuhm: :uuhm: :uuhm: :uuhm: Thanks God your pastor never wrote a book of the Bible.
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