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  1. John congrats to your Brother in law. seems as if deer activity is happening earlier this season then usual. I'll be in my stand in a few days, hope I can be as lucky as your brother in law.
  2. I just spent the past few days reading through this thread in hopes of an answer, and although this thread provides countless hours of information in regards to the KJV, I am still left with one question: Would you prefer someone to not read the bible at all if they are uncomfortable reading the KJV? What I mean by this is: someone is interested in reading the Bible, yet they become frustrated when attempting to read the KJV so they stop. However when this individual picks up a NIV they can not put the Bible down. So would it be better for this individual to read the NIV because that pe
  3. In five minutes I am going to be packing to come home.
  4. I was rather confused by this thread with no input, until I saw rednecks and hunting. Now that's a topic I can add to.
  5. Does anyone like sweet potato pie?
  6. 1. Do you plan to do some traveling during the holiday season? where? I will be on my way back from OK to TN just in time for Thanksgiving. My biggest traveling for this year is tomorrow when I get on that airplane leaving Korea taking me home to TN 2. Do you like peanut butter? Natrual PB only, taste great, healthy fats, and just peanuts, could eat it all day 3. What is your favorite chip dip? Don't eat chips that often, but when I do its usually Tostitos and Salsa 4. What is the oddest gift you've ever heard of? (that either you or someone you knew recieved/gave) My buddies daughter us
  7. [quote="tired"]Michigan stinks I am so sad. And Maryland can beat ranked opponents and lose to Virginia. All my teams stink in every sport but hockey and English premiere league soccer. I better stop liking them or they will stink. :lol[/quote] I'm a Vols fan, lets not talk about a team stinking right now. LOL
  8. College: TN Vols, bad year this year I know. NFL: TN Titans, and yes I think they have a shot at the Big Game.
  9. Hello all, I am Shane. I am in the US Army, and currently in Korea. I am scheduled to fly back to the States in a few days, where I will return to my home state of TN and will be stationed at Ft Campbell. I have been married to a wonderful woman for 7 years now. I was basically raised in a church, and I accepted the Lord while I was attending a church youth group in High School. I continued to follow him for the rest of my high school years. Yet it seems I have grown distant from him. Since I have been married, my wife and I have not been to church, except on a few occasions with her gr
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