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  1. There's a lot to consider in a topic like this, and when you compare scripture you'll come to the conclusion that God does use teachers to teach; but also teaches without the use of a teacher. Paul says many times "These things teach," or "Bishops must be apt to teach." If there was no need for a teacher then God wouldn't have them appointed. However, there are also instances in scripture where men are taught something that they did not learn from a teacher. Peter, when asked who Jesus was, responded "The son of God." Jesus then said, "Blessed are you, for you were not taught this by
  2. I've gone through several scriptures related to the Rapture, and I'm getting the impression that the Church will not be raptured until after the tribulation period. Phrases such as "At the last trump" and "After these things" lead me to believe that we'll still be here. I've also heard some Independent Baptists claim that nobody will be saved during the Tribulation Period. We don't have the option to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture and that nobody will be saved. John saw a number "which no man could count" standing before the throne of God clothed in white robes. The Bible makes it
  3. I can see where Kevin is coming from. I don't think that Kevin is by any means stating that you cannot have a good worship service using hymns. I think what he's saying is that the services he's attended that did use the traditional hymns were all about principle rather than passion. I'm not the type of person that jumps up and down, claps my hands, and yells. I'm very laid back. However, I have noticed that; for the most part, the services I've attended that use only hymns are full of people who look straight ahead, sing the words without any show of emotion, and then continue through C
  4. II cannot help but close my eyes and imagine somebody singing a song like "We Fall Down" or "Awesome God." They cry as they focus on the goodness and the mercy of a God who would send His Son to die for them despite their shortcomings and sinful lifestyle. They meditate on how God rescued them from their sin and washed them clean. They are smiling, with tears flowing... Then I imagine walking up to them and saying "How can you call yourself a legit Christian, worshiping to this kind of music?" It's at that point, I feel like I've missed the point. If a person loves God, and worships Him
  5. My uncle is a Seventh Day Adventist, and his wife has followed him into the religion. I do admire my uncles' commitment, but unfortunately many of those commitments are extra-Biblical at best. He won't even use a toll road on Saturday. For example, he refuses to eat meat. I think Jesus made it clear in Matthew 15 that we can eat whatever, because it's what comes out of a man's mouth that makes him unclean rather than what goes in. Also, Paul said in 1st Timothy 4 I believe that a certain doctrine of demons forbids men to eat meat (and also to marry) and that all food is meant to be recei
  6. Almost a year ago, my wife and I were watching Jay Leno and I saw Barack Obama for the first time. I remember being blown away by the way he spoke. I really liked the guy. I turned to my wife and said, "You know, I'd vote for him. Then again, he'd make the perfect antichirst." That was before I knew he was going to run for president. Of course, was basing my accusation solely on this ability to catch the attention of the masses. The only two things I knew about him was that he was a great speaker and he spoke at Rick Warren's Church. That didn't impress me much, because Rick Warren wi
  7. In some respects pink and purple are seen as "girl colors," but I can't say that it's wrong for men to wear them. If we're going to live up to the culture's view of masculinity, we might as well stop showing emotion (other than anger), start watching football religiously, and drink at least 2 nights a week. I personally feel a little odd wearing pink, so I don't do it. But that's strictly based on a personal preference and has nothing to do with my relationship with God.
  8. :goodpost: :thumbdown 6 out of 7 Smiley Faces completely agree that that was an awesome and true post. The "Thumbs Down Smiley" goes to Saddleback by the way, so his vote doesn't count. Anyway, I completely agree with you. There's a difference between "loosening up" and "lowering standards." Also, our standards should be Biblical standards. I was under the impression that it would be better for me to quit my job and go live in the jungle somewhere, secluded from this evil American culture because that way I could be separated and holy. Well, the problem with that is that th
  9. Good post, and good scripture reference. I don't think it's just the problem of watering down the Gospel, but the problem of assuming that above-average speaking skills can bring a person to Christ. I know in some Christian colleges such an emphasis is put on making sure that there are no wrinkles in your suit jacket and that you don't say "Ah" or "Um.." not even once. I'm not saying you should be careless when approaching somebody with the Gospel, but the idea that we must be Black Belt Evangelists takes all of the confidence out of God and puts it in the flesh.
  10. My understanding is that casual drinking is okay. The only verse that comes to my mind that would lead me to believe otherwise is the proverb that says not to look on it when it's red or something. I don't drink myself, but I'm careful not to condemn a brother that drinks a glass of wine during dinner or something similar. There's also the issue of whether or not it's fermented or not as well.
  11. I voted "Yes." Then I saw that nobody else did and now I feel like a heathen. Great. Anyway, I have had a bad habit of trying to correct way too much. While I don't purposely go to sites or groups now to correct; if a topic or an issue comes up which is obviously false doctrine they I do make an effort to throw a couple of Bible verses out there and hope that they will plant themselves. Today, my understanding is that I am called to speak the Truth, but whether or not that truth is accepted is up to the individual and of course our Almighty God. If they don't, I no longer get upset or
  12. I love FireFox. I have a Bible theme which changes my default icons to doves, fish, churches, crosses, etc. There's no real significance, I just think it's cool. I also use AdBlock plus, which has come in handy for a ton of websites. It comes in handy for suggestive pictures, movie posters, and yes; ads. I can see where Danny is coming from, because it does seem like stealing from a certain point of view. It's just simply not stealing though for a few reasons. 1. The purpose of the ad is to advertise a product. Lets say that a website has a half naked picture of a Hollywood star t
  13. The list can be a good idea depending on the standards of the list. For example... Good: He's hot, he has a nice car, he's athletic, he's REALLY hot. Bad: He smells when he sweats, his clothes don't match, and he cusses. Good out-weighs the bad! Or.... Good: He's cute, he says "please" and "thank you," he loves his grandmother, he volunteers at the local homeless shelter, and goes to Church on Christmas and Easter. Bad: He smokes, drinks, has naked pictures on MySpace, and parties every weekend. Good still out-weighs the bad! Also... a list may not necessarily be "inappro
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