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  1. OK, I admit I hate Wednesdays. The worst day of the week.
  2. none 4th of April or 6th of April?
  3. The RCC has made the word of God of none effect by including various pagan practices and extra rules added to their dogma. The Orthodox branch is their twin sister. Yesterday, it was st. John according to their calendars and a close relative became extremely angry because I wasn't calling people and congratulating them for their birth name. I wouldn't do it because calling them would mean that I approve of this saint date. Still, I think there are almost 2 billion RC people, according to a statistic that I read on wikipedia. They can somehow justify their belief system. The 'faith-only' position can be recognized after reading the NT, but others have a different impression. This happens manly because of misinterpretations of Bible passages, they also practice elements from the OT, then cling to a verse, ignore others that contradict it and make a doctrine out of it.
  4. that's a bit deceiving, most ppl who don't know you, will think it's your birth year.
  5. a huge list. I'll start with: vulgar comedians, winter & villages
  6. I heard of this issue on sermonaudio, but personally, as long as the Bible is a King James version, I'm happy to completely rely on it. I have a Bible copy where Spirit is written with small 's' but there aren't any word changes, just capital letters thus it's not a major deal when the words remain the same.
  7. banned for promoting love to unexpected ppl
  8. peach and tiare flower combination, quiet time, phone calls from my fave people.
  9. There is no 'safe' entertainment nowadays. I'm specifically talking about media. Movies dealing with magic issues are evil enough, but I thought that other genres (such as anime or documentaries) are more viewable. It's just shocking the amount of swearing that they use in anime series. I'm so frustrated because I feel as if I cannot get away from any of these no matter what show I watch. talktotifa, I think that you were so right in giving it up, it's quite a dangerous waste of time. It's something that has become necessary but I don't understand why I'm still clinging to it.
  10. This is like walking on a thin line. I don't watch magic in shows but sometimes I follow 'anime' which is infused with fantasy and magic influences. It's scares me because I wouldn't want to upset the LORD by watching those. Even if it's just a cartoon with fairies or super powers, it's still not acceptable for me to view those series. I haven't decided yet if I should give it all up; however it's very hard to find a 'pure' anime because there are so many risks: if the anime doesn't have magic, then there's the pantheism..so it makes it even harder to find an 'ok' anime because if you try to stay away from magic shows, then they have their 'shinto' aspects thrown in unsuspecting episodes. Nothing is safer from magic and the like.

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