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  1. Thank you for presenting the synopsis for these series. I've seen a few of them and some were fairly safe, while others were just like you said. Regarding certain shows, I had no idea about the content. Nevertheless, it's nice to know in advance what they're all about without actually watching the anime and be taken by surprise.
  2. I've started this topic because it was briefly mentioned in the book reviews, but I want to know your opinion on this type of entertainment. This is not much different from the Disney movies, only that it comes from Japan; however, the themes are more or less the same: magical girls, spells, romance, fantasy, slice of life etc. Many Christians indulge in fiction, so I was wondering if you enjoy it or do you think it might be something to be kept out the way. Somehow, I find it 'safe' to watch because it's just a cartoon without involving real people, but there are some anime series that must
  3. The whole list reminds me of some preacher in Arizona who got in trouble with the police. His name is Steven Anderson. PrOBably 11 out of that 18 points fit him very well.
  4. I haven't read all the posts in this topic, but there's a significant advantage that United States has over any other country of the world and that's the preaching of the gospel. As clearly OBserved, America is the only country that has continually and successfully spread the gospel through other parts of the world. Truthfully, there were a couple of English gospel ministries in the past, but their work cannot be compared with how many missionaries came from America. I'd like to believe that America won't be judged that harshly, because I hope that God will remember the immense world evangeliz
  5. As a few of you stated, it's very possible although it mostly depends on the child's comprehension of biblical notions. The proof will be clearly seen in time.
  6. OK, I admit I hate Wednesdays. The worst day of the week.
  7. none 4th of April or 6th of April?
  8. where I live, they have this tradition of knocking eggs and saying 'Christ has risen' and then the person whose egg got knocked replies: 'Christ has risen indeed'. Everyone emphasizes the so-called 'holiness' of this day.
  9. Happy Birthday, Jerry! Wish you all the best! Have a wonderful day!
  10. Ok. I'm sorry to write on this thread but I didn't want to create another topic for this subject because this title already refers to Christ as the Son of God. I heard recently from a Baptist pastor that believing women can see Christ as their husband. I know that Christ is the groom and the Church is the bride, not individuals. To me, this seems a little blasphemous, please correct me if I'm wrong but I see Christ as God, my Saviour, Redeemer, Master, I see Him in a position of authority as the Creator. There are many aspects in which I see Him, but this 'husband' role never occured to me and
  11. what I do is talk to people if they ask. Also, some discussion topics are related to my Christian life, so I have to mention my beliefs in order to state the reason why I'm doing certain things. I advertise it through my actions sometimes by controlling myself in difficult situations.
  12. Isn't that a prOBlem in the eyes of others? I've heard people complaining about Christians who practice this activity because it leaves a bad impression for the world.
  13. That's what the verse says, but it really goes against certain personalities because some individuals are not the type of people to aggressively interact with others, maybe they are scared of making a wrong impression. Also, if they try to force themselves to be friendly, people can sense that and the results are worse than before.
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