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  1. Invicta

    Way of Life:Friday Church News Notes

    Our church is the only one in our town that is not in churches together. The Catholic Church is a member,. The other churches are gradually adopting Catholic teachings. The Anglicans have mass and confessions and both Baptists churches have lent classes. The Baptist church in the next town, when we visited it a few years ago, had a pastor who said that communion was the earliest tradition in the church. While I was wondering what he meant by "tradition" I missed what he said next, but my wife whispered to me "He believes in transubstantiation." I replied "He can't do." On the way out, my wife said the the pastor, "I didn't know you Baptists believed in transubstantiation." He replied. "You live and learn." Rome doesn't need the inquisition now. the churches are becoming Catholic without realising it. There is one lady who comes to our weekly seniors lunch. We call it the Bethany Lunch. I once invited her to come to a special service, but she said "I can;t come to you as you are not in Churches together." That doesn't stop her coming to the lunch where they get a short gospel message.
  2. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    I had chicken and sage and onion sandwich. KFC is not my favourite.
  3. Invicta

    Bible software for Linux

    I just tried to download Online Bible and got a similar message from McAfee WebAdvisor. This site is VERY RISKY
  4. Invicta

    Bible software for Linux

    I just tried to download theword.net on my Windows laptop and got the message from my ISP. Harmful website blocked This site has been reported as harmful, We recommend that you do not visit this site I have Online bible on DVD, but that only works for a short time then gives errors. I suspect this is because it is Unicode and I also have Quicken accounts program and that is non Unicode. When I tried to install it yesterday, it said it was already installed and I have to uninstall it first. But in the past when I tried to uninstall it, it said it wasn't necessary to uninstall it first.. This morning I went into settings to uninstall it and it wasn't listed in the apps. In the past it was listed but I got the major Windows 10 update a couple of days ago so that might have something to do with it.
  5. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    I did chicken tikka masala with rice today. It is a mild curry, I got the sauce from a jar. I had the same today, still some left in the jar which I will probably use on Monday.
  6. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    I did chicken tikka masala with rice today.
  7. Invicta

    Is Time To Talk Impeaching Trump

    Of course it should, but even if it was changed it would be a lie, as if he was too old to care he wouldn't care about trump.
  8. Invicta

    Happy Mother's Day (in Australia)

    DaveW, I am glad your wife enjoyed it. Actually I had no idea what High tea and low tea was so I asked Mr Google, When we were in France a few years ago, we went into a small supermarket the day before their Mothers Day, All the lady shoppers were given a red rose.
  9. Invicta

    Happy Mother's Day (in Australia)

    The Difference Between High Tea & Low Tea We British are famous worldwide for our so called ‘traditions’ of High Tea and Low Tea, but if you’ve never heard of them, or don’t know the difference between them, you are definitely not alone. It is a stereotype, of course. All British men wear top hat and tails, English ladies only communicate by handwritten letter and everyone, from scruffy students to busy billionaires, have tea in the afternoon. It may no longer be a tradition here in the UK to take tea in the afternoon, but millions of us eat tea every day as a main meal. Here we explode the myths about taking tea in Britain and reveal the big differences between High Tea and Low Tea. High Tea Contrary to popular belief and the aristocratic sounding name, High Tea did not originate amongst upper classes. In fact, the opposite is true; High Tea is a predominantly working class meal that was traditionally taken between 5 and 7pm – the time that labourers would arrive home from their physically demanding jobs. It was called High Tea because, in contrast to the cakes and tea at low coffee tables of the upper class Low Tea, High Tea was enjoyed at a high table – the dining table. The foods enjoyed at High Tea were diametrically opposite to those at Low Tea. Low Tea was intended as a light snack to tide someone over until dinner. High Tea was an energy packed meal designed to sustain those who worked hard all day long. Instead of crustless cucumber sandwiches and petit fours, workers would dig in to meat pies, pickled salmon, cold cuts, bread and butter and jam. Tea, the beverage, was also drunk in copious quantities. Low Tea In the mid-1830’s, the Duchess of Bedfordshire was suffering from what we might today call a mid-afternoon slump. With a long gap between mid-morning breakfast and dinner at 8pm, she began to take a light meal in the afternoon, which consisted of tea, sandwiches and cake served at a coffee table in her room. She began to invite her friends to enjoy this meal with her and before long the practice had spread to the rest of the country as a social, afternoon meal. And so Low Tea was born - the high class and quintessentially British tradition that is also known as Afternoon Tea. It couldn’t sustain a working class labourer, but was enough to tide over the leisure-loving ladies of the upper classes until their evening meal. The tradition is enjoying somewhat of a revival amongst the British public, but is used only as an occasional treat rather than a regular meal. The differences between High Tea and Low Tea reflect some of the differences between the classes. Working people didn’t have time to take leisurely afternoon meals, in the same way the non-working classes couldn’t face a heavy meal at five o’clock when dinner was served at eight. Even today, modern workers tend to have ‘tea’ at around 6pm after work, with a biscuit and a cup of coffee to get them through the afternoon. These days, Afternoon (Low) Tea is the preserve of smart hotels for birthday treats, whereas High Tea (minus the actual tea) is still an everyday meal taken by millions of people. We usually call the evening meal "tea"
  10. Invicta

    Happy Mother's Day (in Australia)

    I think ours is in March. In France the Fête de Mères (Mother's Day Feast) is on the 27th May.
  11. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    I have not had a good pizza from any chain. Had some really good ones from independents. Had steak and sautéed potatoes again this evening
  12. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    We don't often have baked beans, but when we do it is usually on toast. I have never had them in a picnic, not that we have had a picnic for years. I have had them cold as leftovers. I don't think they taste the same since they reduced the salt and sugar in them. Today I had lamb leg steak, sautéed potatoes with garlic and parsley, steamed carrot and extra fine beams and I did Cauliflower cheese for Kay and I had a bit of that as well.
  13. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    Back in the days when my wife did the cooking she sometimes did "Boston Baked Beans". I think she used to put muscovado sugar in them..
  14. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    Baked Salmon with fennel leaves, olive oil, lime juice, with steamed potatoes, celery, carrot and green beans.
  15. Invicta

    Whats for Supper...

    Kettle Chips https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=kettle+chip&tag=mh0a9-21&index=aps&hvadid=79920783719517&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_6z0iz8uecx_e My favourite used to be Mesquite and Salsa, but they don't that now.