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  1. Teehee kudos to you for making me laugh
  2. I'm Katie....and I'll be 17 in 5 1/2 weeks... Trizzle? :loco hmm...
  3. I think they were married before she got saved. but you are right- it does depend on the situation. no matter what else anyone says, not everyone goes through the same things so unless we've gone through it we really shouldn't judge anyone else...and I'm not accusing anyone on here or trying to argue so please don't get upset. :lol it's just my :2cents
  4. Actually I knew a lady whose husband didn't allow her to attend church. She obeyed him, and in the end God blessed her and her husband got saved. I think it was because she was humble enough to submit to God and him, and it was a good witness to her husband. So I wouldn't rate not going to church as a horrible sin..as long as you're honoring your parents/husband like the Bible says and its not in rebellion towards God.
  5. There?s so much here That?s keeping me From loving You the way I should The way I want With each distraction You fade away a little more And the world gains a little more control The control You should?ve had I want to change Erase the past All these things that I?ve done All these battles I?ve never won I tried so hard to do this on my own I was so wrong I need forgiveness, Lord I?m on my knees, so Let that cleansing wave wash over me Today this ends Today I?m done From here my eyes will stay on You On You alone So break me down Show me, Lord, what I?ve become Search
  6. ok sorry to be so quick on the defense there...
  7. ummm...I'm not adding to Scripture, and I'm not teaching. I was merely stating my opinion, NOT arguing. I didn't come in here to start a fight. and I didn't say you couldn't ask to not have to do it...
  8. hmm... :loco practical? I guess. but then we'll be so busy praising God that we wont care about eating, right? :Green
  9. Right. And also what if the kid is saved and his/her parents are not...and the parents want him/her to become a prostitute or kill or injure someone. I think it would be a much better witness to refuse and do what's right. In the end, God will have last word with the parents...but I doubt how much of a Godly example would be shown by giving in to a command like that. but I also agree that someone who is spiritually intune with God (prays a lot) should trust God in that kind of circumstance...because God will provide a way to do right without disobeying your parents. Anyway not arguing...just m
  10. Ban Jerry for getting the year right :lol:
  11. Hello from Slidell, Louisiana!!! :tum
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