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  1. When they talk about how we should be glad our gas isn't as high as England or S. Korea, they ought to look @ the difference in distances - all of S. Korea is about the size of Indiana (must be rough in Austrailia though). Even here in the US : 200 mi gets you from Boston to NYC or NYC to DC, it only takes you halfway through Ala, out here it's 150 miles to Home Depot or a hospital w/ a cardio unit and 185 mi to an airport that can handle an airliner (even DC-9 or MD-88 size). And to think a lot of us didn't believe it would ACTUALLY get over the $.50/gal mark - in most states the state & fed tax on it is that high.
  2. Howdy from 'pert near Colorado - extreme WEST Kansas (real Ks)
  3. 1) Uncle Sam didn't issue my parka till he was sending me to Korea, relax - your in God's army now, He'll send a wife in His time 2) Most parents look forward to grandchildren when the kids are grown - you know you're in grandparent mode when you hold someone's baby, hand it back, and don't think you might want another one yourself 3) While it's always a nice bonus to have an attractive spouse - when you're both in your 80's, you'll both be ugly :Green 4) Most people have been trained up in the world's mindset - so if you're 20+ and not at least engaged, they look @ you and ask "what's wrong, don't you function?" Just some maybe not so senile rambling.
  4. We used Rebekah Ann, Rachel Lynn, David Stephen, Daniel James, and Joshua Paul. Wanted 7, had 5. Twins run in her family quite commonly so each time we had to be ready with 2 girls' names and 2 boys'. Too long ago to remember all the unused names though.
  5. I remember when in the US the following crimes where capital offenses: 1st degree murder, rape, kidnapping, hijacking, and treason. Then again, fornication, adultery, and homosexuality were illegal too. How far we've gone the wrong way in such short time!!
  6. My wife prefers her 2.5" .357 for travel & gen carry(I'm a 1911 guy). Nothing beats a 12g w/ 000buck for home security, the .303 Lee Enfield bags Bambie's parents, and the .223 eliminates the prarie dogs :Green
  7. I would agree this deals w/ any position teaching men - SS class, etc, or directing or otherwise having authority over men such as leading choirs with men in them.
  8. Reclamation Ranch (Jack Patterson) has a boys home AND a program for men 18-35. reclamationranch@hotmail.com
  9. People wanting to complain about their pastor gets the same response from me as someone gossiping about a church member. I tell them, let's discuss this at lunch (or whever on the following day) - I'm buying. I set a time & then call the other party and treat them out to eat, giving them a time about 10 minutes later than the 1st. When the 2nd party arrives I tell the 1st one "I wanted to be sure I got all the facts straight, shall we talk?". It may not shut a gossips mouth, but they find someone different to gossip to (I've gotten too old to care if they gossip about me).
  10. Incidentally, it has been my experience in the last 35+ yrs of ministry (in church, on the street, in juv facilities) that young people will accept truth from someone w/ a real concern for them without it having to be couched in "kid gloves" manner better than adults. They can handle it straight and hard as long as you care, and are real. I told one young man "next time - how 'bout not coming to church looking like you're here to play soccer" - resulted in 3 different kids coming decently clothed afterwards (I don't mean suit & tie - they have probably never had one on in their life).
  11. Wasn't tying to imply any attack which is why I said IF there was any misrepresentation it was probably unintentional, I know sometimes things done different from the norm of an individual's experience can seem strange and there was no detailed explanation of reasons or operative details given. Again, our operations may be somewhere between what you are used to and what she is used to - but as she said, that is PART of being ind baptist.
  12. I may be wrong, but I believe that the previous post is a bit misrepresentative of MrsW's point (though unintentional). If kids (and adults) are constantly kept within the realm of their peers (based on close age) they do not comfortably interact with much younger and much older. We bring in about 20-25 kids on our bus, many are undisciplined. My junior church workers are creative, energetic, and work toward a 3 fold end: give them Biblical teaching on salvation, teach them appropriate behavior, be as illustrative as possible in messages (if they keep coming back under the gospel, they might get under conviction and get saved). Ages 12+ MUST stay upstairs in the regular services. We have a nursery, but I NEVER tell someone to take a fussy child there - that is the parent's decision. We have a couple of families who work on trying to involve the other children in w/ their families during activities (the reason we designate a "youth" activity is because we have seen some bus parents sent 2 little ones w/ the older one to get them out of their hair and get a free bite of food, the older one gets discouraged & quits coming to activities because of a selfish parent). I also don't teach the "adult" SS class so I can be in the other classes occasionally in order to not just be "the guy who preaches upstairs" to those kids (yes, I know a kid is a baby goat - children :smile ). That was a little intimidating @ 1st to the teachers, but they're more relaxed w/ it now. Don't know exactly how they do it @ MrsW's church, that's what we do, just saying there is much merit to her points.
  13. "Where do we go from here?" Stay faithful!! I hope ya'll don't have the same problem in Australia that we have in the US (BTW are you a "foreign" missionary to Aus. or a "national" Aus. pastor? - just curiosity), but the AVERAGE stay for an ind Baptist pastor is 2-3 years (wicked). Remember, we will be rewarded for our FAITHFULNESS - not "results". Pray that you and your wife don't both get discouraged @ the same time, when one is down the other can exhort. The Lord is the "finisher of our faith", and His work in us He "will perform it unto the day of Christ Jesus". I've been blessed -we have the largest ind Baptist church within 150 miles (19 members including my family), but remember that numbers don't automatically equate w/ "sucess" - spiritual growth in your people and a desire to put God 1st in lives does.
  14. Every 3 weeks we have some kind of activity for the youth, isn't elaborate or expensive but is an opportunity for fellowship. 2 sets of adults are there and they (the activities) are planned and carried out by 3 of our young 17-25 yr olds
  15. Youth and C&C? We have a youth rally every 3 months, in order to have 2 dozen "youth" @ it we include ages 12-25 and have churches driving up to 100 miles to participate. Whichever church is hosting @ that time sets the activities, but one consistant one is the "Bible Bowl". We are given a heads up as to what book or section of chpts the questions will be from (each pastor comes with several questions, no one pastor knows what all the questions are so no group can prepare by being drilled with the actual questions), the church that wins gets to keep the "golden cowpie" and bring it to the next rally. So far, we have still it in our possession - in preparation some of our young people have memorized half of the book of James, read the book to be questioned on as many as 15 times, etc. They have LOVED it. We have had Sword drills, Scripture scavenger hunts, hookiebobbin', waterballoon volleyball, waterballoon baseball, wallyball (volleyball in a racketball court where you can use the walls and ceiling), etc. I also use our young people in the nursing home ministry, rotate our piano players, have young people playing other instruments during congregationals, helping during work days @ church, partnered w/ someone on visitation, helping take up the offering. If you draw a line in a circle 125 miles out from our church in all directions - within that circle are only 8 ind bapt churches including ours.
  16. Every place in Scripture where you find someone speaking in tongues there was a GROUP of people there that spoke that language themselves, Charismatics want to zero in on the word "unknown" but the "unknown" God was known by Paul and other Christians - just not by the Athenians. Let women keep silence in the churches, the context of this command is prophesy and SPEAKING IN TONGUES (yet the majority of church "tongue talking" is by women). No where in Scripture are we told to ask for a heavenly prayer language so the devil won't know what we're praying. "The tongues of men and angels..." anywhere in Scripture an angel is found speaking - both speaker and hearer understood the language.
  17. Didn't have dinner last night, had supper. Lunch is what you bring in a brown paper poke to eat for dinner around noon. Had breakfast last night for supper (if I'm not careful I might get confused, or maybe I already am). Ate cathead biscuits w/ sawmill gravy, yum!!
  18. Greetings from extreme West Kansas
  19. Russian: the Synodal translation, German: the Luther Bible; Spanish: big battle right now concerning Reina- Valera1602, the 1960, and the RVG (see the book "Elephant in the Living Room").
  20. Lee Young-ho told me that if they look wealthy they are Japanese, if they look intelligent they are Chinese, but if they are good-looking they are Korean :lol
  21. "it any provide not for his own..." I agree, the primary context however is widows - unfortunately many eldery are put away and forgotten while their savings,home and then the government pay the upkeep and handle. Go ahead - boo, and hiss (I hope not), we've been involved in nursing care (usually "death homes") ministries for years and have 2 CNAs in the family, and have been caregiver @ home too.
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