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  1. Proper term, just my assumption. Threaded galvanized can be a headache, too. I'd much rather mess with PVC.
  2. When you said hard piped, I thought you meant copper pipe with sweated joints or galvanized rigid. PVC's definitely easier to modify. Yep, the flex will improve somebody's life in follow-up work.
  3. Vulture in the yard near chicken enclosure -- outside of Dulce Nombre, Copan, Honduras.
  4. Oh, now you've done it! You got me started!!
  5. If you sit in the center of the vehicle (motorcycle), do you drive in the center of the road.
  6. Remember that newer water heaters have electric ignitors instead of pilot lights. It draws very little and can be on an existing circuit. As to the sweated connections, it probably has to do with reducing call backs plus maybe a little job security.
  7. The self-taught also find and learn things in their time of self-taughtedness. You and I are probably building the basis for a brand new dictionary. That's one reason I've tended to hesitate on posting videos is because I'm self taught but I've had people learn something here and there in spite of that --- soooo.
  8. I'll take that as a vote for the second option: "Sure, sounds like something I would read." Actually, everyone's knowledge is limited (but I understand what you're saying). So, maybe you'd post a question there if one develops.
  9. May be, not up on the gas / plumbing end of things. I just send current through things so it can make your water exciting. As I told a customer after fixing his Jacuzzi, "If you get a tingle or your hair stands up while using this thing, give me a call 'cause it ain't quite right yet."
  10. They're wonderful if you get a heater large enough to meet your needs. Since your current unit is gas, get a gas tankless. Local supply (at the sink) electric units require a separate 110v circuit for each one. Most of the whole house units I installed required 70A/240V. Some were 100A or 125A/ 240V. That could end up with a new sub panel and even possibly a service replacement. I LOVE them but recommend them for new construction only, I don't believe it's worth the money as a remodel item (talking about the electric units, not the gas ones).
  11. Just a thought. I know there is a wide range of musical knowledge and ability here. From "I wish I could but am embarrassed by my total ignorance" (self-perceived ignorance) to "I've been trained!" (so have sea lions) and everything in between. I'm wondering if there's enough interest to warrant its own space (like the Homesteading area). My thoughts were: 1) It should be under the IFB area to reduce potential problems. 2) It should be for Q&A, tips, and so forth NOT debate on music style or genre. 3) It should be a place welcome to all levels from "Have an interest though not doing anything with it yet" to "I write, compose, play and sing". 4) Questions or discussion could revolve around vocals (How to protect my vocal chords when I have a cold), strings (What's the difference between a fiddle and a violin), piano (When I look at the hymnal I mostly see 4 note chord blocking but most pianist play more than that -- where do you get the extra?), other instruments (I can't think of a trumpet or clarinet question to put here) or music theory (Other than the main 3 chords in a key, how do I find others that probably 'work'? Or "What makes a chord, a chord?"). 4) If the questions are just in the generic music thread they get buried amongst songs, etc (Like the one on power chords 2 years ago) and someone looking for the first time (new IFB member, etc) won't know it's there. Yes, many can be Googled, many will frustrate you --- "Gospel Music" piano and guitar videos will usually be a la Stevie Wonder, Muddy Waters, etc. Bass is even worse for selection ANYWAY, all that to say --- let's see what the poll reveals and if there's enough interest we'll get the (other) Mods' and the Admins' thoughts on it.
  12. Heartstrings hasn't posted yet but he had a post elsewhere on OB. So, 3 in one post.
  13. Here's the audio link attempt of a song "Is it Any Wonder Why I Brag of Him?" - or "Look at What He's Done for Me", I'm not sure which is the right title. (I hope it works) https://1drv.ms/f/s!AivcGK6IMj2Lg9xMNDlZ9vm8ytIvyg
  14. DaveW mentioned a 12 string guitar, Muscian has a brother named Daniel. We were in a music store in S.C. and I introduced Daniel to a 12 string. He fell in love and bought one when he had the chance. Here's a video of him (I am running a 6 string with him but out of camera angle on the first pew). If I can figure out how, I'll put an audio of him alone on a song I like a lot.
  15. Don't we have any flutists or trumpeters, etc. out there? Anything from Salyan, Wretched, etc?
  16. HC: Video or audio. If you post one or two, I'll post my attempt at It is Well with My Soul on guitar.
  17. Sure you can. I know Heartstrings plays guitar. I'm pretty sure HappyChristian plays piano. I think I remember something about NoNicolaitanes playing guitar.
  18. In his example, the guy - we'll call him Bill, WAS the husband of one wife (we'll call her Sue). If he divorces Sue, he IS NOT the husband of one wife in the state's eyes. Is he NOW the husband of one wife in God's eyes? If no and he marries Frieda, he NOW has one wife. If yes, then he is STILL the husband of one wife (Sue) because he hasn't remarried. Or this, Bill and Sue marry, they divorced, Bill and Frieda marry, Sue dies --- how many wives does Bill now have (presently) -- I know such a case. Blameless deserves it's own separate thread (mentioned before an 6 page sub- topic begins).
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