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  1. With the above post, I feel compelled to ask. ¿De dónde eres?
  2. Don’t automatically trust Google Maps First day after arrival in México I decided to go to the Plaza Aluminio. In this shopping center is a bank. We didn’t have groceries but the shopping center had a bank and a grocery store ( I had no phone service, insufficient Spanish, less than $70 in pesos, and it was a Friday). Google maps showed only a 2 mi walk on paved and dirt roads including a railroad track to cross. Having drawn the map in my notebook, away I went. After a quarter mile I went from pavement to dirt. In another 400 meters I’m sharing the mud road with dogs, a couple of motorcycles, three buses, and a truck. Where my dirt road is supposed to continue North is jungle without trail and the road goes West. I follow the road(I have plenty of time and it’s just a little detour.) After a while I’m back on pavement amongst apartment complexes that look identical. Please realize there aren’t any street name markers and there are many roundabouts (traffic circles). Several streets ended at an apartment complex gate. I knew roughly where I was but didn’t know how to get out and don’t have enough language to find out. I finally get back to familiar territory but can’t just go back home because I don’t know if the bank is open on Saturday. I walk another 1 ½ miles and get a taxi. But wait, there’s more! The bank wouldn’t exchange my money, I needed to go to a Casa de Cambio in the center of town! The Casa de Cambio only accepts cash and I didn’t have much, I wanted it to come out of my bank account. I walked and prayed finally deciding to get what few groceries I could and we would ride out the weekend, then I would go to the money changers and figure things out after that. As I head toward the checkout line, I see ——— ATMs!!! Now armed with Mexican Pesos, I buy more groceries, get a taxi and head home. It only took about 5 hours (most of it in the sun) and 5 or 6 miles of walking. Oh yeah, we went on the overpass above the “railroad tracks”, it was a major stockyard with 7 parallel tracks and fenced on both sides. Nope, can’t trust Google Maps but you can definitely trust our Savior.
  3. According to another report, one particular professor says he can't advance due to his perverted (my words, not his) choices. Since, prior to employment finalization, he had to sign a statement agreeing to their detailed statement of faith (which included a prohibition on deviant (again, my choice of wording) sexual behavior including pre-marital, extra-marital, and same-sex - he should be fired for breach of contract and see what the AG thinks of that.
  4. I've been around MANY people (from Mexico, C.A., Korea, Philippines) who had morphological and/or syntactical difficulties with English. His seems more an attempt to butcher (think someone "faking" Ebonics, Southern or Country lingo and getting it wrong) the language intentionally. Him being a chain jerker, it would seem in line with humoring himself at our expense -- of, all in good fun. For the record, I don't have a problem with it (meaning I don't mind -- not meaning it always makes sense).
  5. I might be wrong --- I thought I was wrong once, but it seems that I was mistaken about that--- but I have a sneaking suspicion that in reality; TGL probably has a very good English vocabulary, good grasp of (and usage of - away from OLB) English grammar, and may have even been born and/or raised in the US.
  6. Reminds me of something from a "Patch the Pirate" tape - "You're trying to make a fool out of me!""No fiendly, you're doing a fine job of that yourself."
  7. Naw, sometimes the things men post in the open forums are more disturbing than they want to see -- they're sure not interested in the back room. Although, if we reopened it, lured you back there, and locked you in -- it might make some folks happy.
  8. Much has happened in the last two years. We were in E. TN. during the Covid crunch - rare to find a church open yet the Lord gave us a church to park at for 7 months and provided 6 new supporting churches. Nicaragua had an election which Daniel Ortega won (after arresting all his opponents for treason), he has shut down over 20 NGOs because they receive funds from the USA. Currently we can only get a visa for 3 months per year and the plane tickets are around $4000 per person. As a result, we are going to spend 6 months (Aug - Feb) in Mexico continuing Spanish language learning while praying Nicaragua will open up soon. As far as I can determine, only 2 IB missionaries are currently in country -- they both already had permanent cedulas. Even they are required to make a trip to the immigration office in Managua every 6 months for "renewal" of a 5 year visa. I've noticed that (unlike younger missionaries) I don't have people whining to me about how "I'd go, but I'm too old"
  9. As an update, let me start with saying THANK YOU for the financial help (Bro Alan was a huge blessing - wish he was still around to read this) and prayers. Esther underwent several surgeries, debridement procedures, grafts, stretching exercises, and release surgeries. She has 100% range of motion (more than I have) and is playing piano. We're about to spend 5 weeks there (starting this Mon), she has another baby brother arriving. Again, thank you.
  10. I would say it has gotten off topic --- except --- Hno. Morales can get off topic by himself with an OP without a followup post.
  11. Just for clarification, when the discussion took place and the permission given, it was Vietnam era. We pulled out before I turned 17, so no, I am not a Vietnam Era veteran. I shot my first rabbit at age 6 (currently own the rifle I used - it was my Dad's, and own the knife I skinned it with), owned my first rifle at 10 (birthday present), first drove a truck and a tractor (by myself, as opposed to just steering it) at age 12.
  12. Curious, when did the military start accepting 16 yr olds? My parents were willing to sign permission for me to enlist after HS graduation (17) - Vietnam era. During the Civil War, some southern boys would a piece of paper in one boot when enlisting so the could "honestly" answer "yes sir" to the recruiter's question "Are you over sixteen?"
  13. The most controlled "no weapons" place in the U.S. is in prison -- 129 homicides in 2018 and multiple non-fatal shankings every year.
  14. Wow, siblings (sigh)! Yawl (to avoid the argument over y'all or ya'll) should be grateful to us for paving the way. We wanted to move out of the house and ended up in a big fight with Mama. The favorite kids got their independence without such a big fuss (although she held onto her babies for a LONG time). Come to think about it, if we hadn't joined in her defense against the bully across the street (Channel) we would probably not be back on speaking terms with her OR the siblings.
  15. Well, we ARE different, but in all seriousness: 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 the Armistice with Germany went into effect, officially ending The Great War ( the war to end all wars -- just over 20 yrs later to be renamed World War One). Commonwealth Countries continued with the original name of Armistice Day. In 1954 the US changed the name to Veterans Day and expanded it to include honoring all except those with a Dishonorable Discharge. We already had a holiday to honor the fallen - Memorial Day, started in 1868 and was 30 May until 1970 when it was moved to the last Mon in May (all national holidays were moved to a Mon in order to ensure everyone a 3 day weekend because what's a holiday (no matter how solemn the occasion) without our fun, right?)
  16. While I agree that MANY in government want to eliminate honor or recognition of God, this is not quite an accurate observation (the 2022 obverse image on coinage). I just took some coins out of my pocket: penny - motto above head (2003,05), behind head 2021; nickle - motto on right rim, head facing forward (slightly right) 2022; dime - motto on left in front of head (1982); quarter - motto on right behind head (2018). All minted in Denver, CO. Are there any minted before with the motto behind the head or was a change made around 2000? Don't know, didn't research. btw: US currency didn't have "In God We Trust" until 1956. It bore "E Pluribus Unum" which was the de facto national motto from 1776 until July 1955 under Eisenhower (President when I was born)
  17. Bro, I like to jerk folks chains as much as the next guy ----- HOWEVER. Your guess is what is known as a WILD guess. If a church honors those who signed their name to Uncle Sam's blank check, I don't have a problem with it. If a church says secular things (and it IS a secular thing) doesn't have place in our gathering for spiritual things, I don't have a problem with it. I'm NOT a liberal in the least AND I'm a vet, with a brother, 3 b-i-l, f-i-l, Dad, grandfather, numerous uncles, numerous cousins, etc who are all vets. In combat zones, in actual enemy contact, support roles, Army, USAF. USN. Marines, CSA, Civil War, WWl, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq.
  18. Many things now labeled "political" are not political but rather moral -- killing babies, sexual perversion, adultery, fornication, gender were all Bible (and sin) issues long before a politician took up the "cause"!
  19. If the pastor is in error (Scripturally) the same procedure is to be followed as for any other member (he is also a member) -- go to him (with Bible and humility), if further action is needed - take a witness or two, if still unresolved - bring it before the church, if Scriptural error persists - put him out.
  20. Yes, thank you for posting this. Whisperingsage talked with my wife for a long time on the phone, was able to properly diagnose a problem the doctors had been missing for over a decade. They were both a blessing.
  21. In answer to your question. He raises sheep and is in the FL panhandle. Those pics are bedding areas of his own sheep.
  22. As to the issue of whether or not they “have their reward”, are doing it “to be seen of men”? Probably not, only 2-4 people are likely to know (unless they use an accountant or are audited.) If they do as one man I knew of many years ago who had his check sticking out of his shirt pocket with the dollar figure (on the right side of the check) visible as he shook hands around the church (of over 1000 people) - well, he already received his reward!
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