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  1. In answer to your question. He raises sheep and is in the FL panhandle. Those pics are bedding areas of his own sheep.
  2. As to the issue of whether or not they “have their reward”, are doing it “to be seen of men”? Probably not, only 2-4 people are likely to know (unless they use an accountant or are audited.) If they do as one man I knew of many years ago who had his check sticking out of his shirt pocket with the dollar figure (on the right side of the check) visible as he shook hands around the church (of over 1000 people) - well, he already received his reward!
  3. One of our granddaughters, Esther, (the oldest child of our oldest son) was admitted to the burn unit in Wichita, KS on 15Sep20. Next month (Nov 2020) she will be 8 y.o. I took my wife to Dodge City to watch the other 3 children. Alisha (Esther's mother) is at the hospital with Esther. David (Esther's father) had to go back to work this week. Esther is burnt over 40% of her body, 60% of the right leg and 50% of the right arm are 3rd degree burns, the remainder is 2nd degree. When Esther gets back home (probably 2 or more weeks from now), our oldest daughter, Rebekah, (the one the Lord healed from Myeloid Leukemia after the doctors told here there was nothing else they could do for her) will go to Dodge City to handle in-home nursing for her (she's a CMA, CNA, Cardiotech and probably a few more things I don't remember). Rebekah started a GoFundMe to try to defray some of the costs beyond David's insurance. Here is the GoFundMe link https://www.gofundme.com/f/please-help-esther-with-her-hospital-stay?utm_source=facebook Updates are being placed on the GoFundMe page as they happen. Yes, the page list Rebekah as beneficiary - Rebekah needed to set things up quickly. David has his Venmo set up now, so the GFM monies can be transferred to him as needed. Thanks, I may not be able to update or respond to posts for a while - drove 25 miles to do this one. Thanks
  4. Squash casserole, zipper cream peas, collard greens with smoked ham hocks, baked sweet taters. All aforementioned veggies are fresh from garden. My wife’s been canning tomatoes, making pickles, chow-chow, hot pepper relish, 3 dozen tamales, on so on. On the “dog box” in the cab of the motorhome are two laundry baskets of yellow squash, zucchini, cucumbers, bell peppers, jalapeños, sweet Italian peppers, zipper peas, bi-color corn, onions, and honeydew melons.
  5. Simple - a loaf of leavened bread is more aesthetically pleasing and identifiable in painting, drawing or photo than unleavened. It's not right, I don't like it - but that's why (according to a family with 2 photographers and 2 artists). Personally, my wife and I don't like ANY attempts to portray the visage of our Lord (they're all going to get it wrong anyway). The actual use of leavened bread? Ignorance, just like the Philippino pastor who used soda crackers and Coca-Cola for the Lord's supper observance.
  6. So, the question still wasn’t answered. If there is not a difference between the KJV originally posted and the HCSB you posted and now the NKJV you posted - then why post them without other comments?
  7. That was answered in my first post, the rules for posting on Online Baptist stipulated that ALL Scripture is to be King James (irregardless of what you generally use)
  8. The OP has 2 Sam 21:20 in the posting. He utilized the King James, as is within the forum guidelines. Any particular reason for putting the passage up (as an entire post, no less) in the HCSB, in violation of site rules?
  9. Due to equipment limitations, we're a little beyond that decision.
  10. I hope DeBlassio and the State of New York gets hit with 20-40 law suits PLUS a class action suit with at least 200 named complaintants.
  11. Okay, thanks. I was told the above by a preacher in Alaska. The other states my wife read, DiBlassio I heard personally.
  12. South Carolina has stated no groups over 3 people, Alaska has said no gatherings in any locations (including the woods) for religious activities, Bill DeBlassio (NY) has said the police will stop services in churches and synagogues and has threatened to close offending places PERMANENTLY (even after COVID elimination). DeBlassio is also using police to enforce distances between people in public (he didn't say if that included couples or parent/child combos walking together). Kansas declared church and religious services as essential business just as grocery stores, and Georgia declared alcohol dealers as non-essential (unlike most states).
  13. CDC approved mask DIY The pattern is in above link. Instructions are about as clear as mud but can be figured out. My wife said she can answer questions if needed.
  14. My daughter and her husband work at a hospital in Jacksonville, Fl that has run out of masks. She sent a CDC approved pattern to my wife. It involves cotton and elastic. If anyone would be willing to make and mail them I can try to get the pattern to you (maybe she and I can figure out how to get it from her phone to a link in this post) and the shipping address. If a hospital near you needs masks and will authorize the use of these, you and your churches or friends might be able to help health care workers in your area. Anyone interested can let me know (this thread or PM) and I'll try to get the info on here (my wife is making some, I'll later tell 'x' # for 'y' yards - approx $ per qty - # of masks that fit a small USPS flat rate box or envelope, etc),
  15. I know of 2 churches who set up the sound system and pulpit on the porch and people sat in their cars in the parking lot (still at the service and still practicing 6+ feet of distancing)for the service. I know of another who is getting small, short range FM receivers for people in the parking lot to be able to hear better (hmmn, church a la drive in theater?lol)
  16. That can get you labeled Anti-government, anti-public safety, paranoid, extremist, cultist, anti- Rom 13, rebel, etc. btw - not only do I understand that none of the above would be an accurate assessment——-my wife and I also agree with you!!!!!!!!
  17. NO NO NO -- when things need to be done, the energy is to be MUSTARD that no KETCHUP be required..
  18. My wife, upon hearing all this, said, "Hast thou considered that thou mayest just be a picky old man?"
  19. Mustard? YES - yellow, not brown. Mayo? NO. Ketchup? DOUBLE NO!! And whose depraved mind decided to put whipped cream on top of a milkshake???? Scapping it off still leaves a contaminated shake. I also despise letting my ice cream get soft.
  20. One of my brothers used to make a sandwich with pickle, peanut butter, banana and ketchup. Our dog even turned his nose up at those sandwiches.
  21. The current pastor has been here 15 yrs, he was on another res for 23 yrs prior. About 30 yrs ago he spent 1 yr as the res museum's alligator wrestler. The current main alligator wrestler has attended the church a few times. This Sunday morning he and the Seminole Princess and Jr. Princess are supposed to be in the service when I preach. Please pray, I'm sure they've heard the gospel from Bro. Payne, but Billy (the gator wrestler) is still trying to hold Seminole spirit traditions and play around the edge of Biblical Christianity.
  22. ¡Que interesante! (How interesting!). I assume that the majority of folks here have already learned that the Lord directs and coordinates things without consulting us and sometimes without showing us where it "makes sense". Our job is not to be able to explain or understand "why", but rather to determine that it is indeed Him and be obedient (and without griping, murmuring, disputing - ie. be content and trust Him. Therein lies our greatest failure.) Anyway, I had the "Holiday Season" approaching, one son and his family were in the lower 48 having a youngun' and we saw them in the Chattanooga, TN area. We were leaving the motorhome in W. Memphis, AR for a month and driving the van to Dodge City, KS to spend a month with 2 of the boys and their families at Thanksgiving while another grandchild was born. My plan was to try for meetings in MS, AL, NW FL, Central FL, S FL as I sought to get to the Miami area where I knew I a definite meeting in Jan. Alas, one meeting in Tallahassee in Jan (500 miles from Miami) and 3 brethren want me in the churches in TN in Feb (875 miles from Miami). I picked up ONE other Miami area meeting but the pastor was going on vacation and wanted me to fill in the Wed before the meeting (Sun AM). It's an hour and a half from Miami. I developed vehicle problems with the motorhome and couldn't try to book any definite dates due to not knowing when I can be where. I couldn't get peace about cancelling any of the meetings. Not the way I want to spend money (at 5 miles per gallon fuel consumption). Fast forward: I'm in the middle of the largest Seminole reservation in Florida (Big Cypress) an hour from anything. The Hispanic church we had a meeting at gave us a huge love offering - it covered the expenses of traveling here and up to TN!! The pastor of the church here on the Res is the one I'm filling in for. We found out that this was not "merely" a vacation, 3 months ago they unexpectedly lost their 38 year old son and haven't had any chance to get away, slow down, or grieve. I'm SOOOO glad I didn't cancel for my inconvenience or personal concerns! The Seminole Indians only became a recognized tribe in the 1957, they were a loose band of Indians from several tribes (mostly Creek) who were hiding from US soldiers and living in the swamps and their descendants. This reservation is in the Everglades. They have a Chairman who may or may not choose to use the term "Chief" - some have , some have not. Their first chairman was a saved man who was also an Independent Baptist preacher! He started this church (Big Cypress New Testament Baptist Church). The large Bible on the communion table was presented to him in 1973 and cost $39.95
  23. Meal after service each Sun morning - quite normal for Hispanic churches even in the States. Our home church lacks a pianist (some learning but a long way from ready). We have recorded piano hymns on computer - maybe a larger church has a pianist who can do that. Most hymnals have the songs written about a step to a step and a half (also called either a tone or a tone and a semi-tone) too high for most people's comfort (as a high tenor - male alto I'm fine with them). If you find a capable and willing pianist just ask them to transpose down 1 to 1 1/2 steps. I also wouldn't have a female song leader but if you have a lady with a prominent and distinctive voice singing load enough for people to natural attune to during the singing, it will accomplish the same thing without having her chose or "direct" the singing (I don't know if that made sense).
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