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  1. Hi there, I cannot find the prayer request site to implement my prayer request.... Can you please help me? Thank you....

    Dear One,

    I would like prayer for two urgent needs: 


    1. That my son, Bobby, get sober and clean free from alcohol and drug addiction and may his beautiful projects come to manifest in his highest and best interest. 
    2. That my daughter, Jennifer, keep her daughter, Eleanor, 100% custody and receive the restraining order and win her case against Rob Madrid. His family has a history of sexual addiction and abuse.


    Thank you so much for this. With a heartfelt thank you, Corinne

    I will be sending a donation next week with a grateful heart.... 

    1. Matt Souza

      Matt Souza

      Hello Corrine, I see you found the Prayer Request section. Your request is here. 


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