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  1. What IFB not complaining about something! That is a novel approach. but a refreshing one. We have a tendancy to look at the negative. Yesterday one of the preacher boys in our church brought a message from Phil 4:8 and entitled it the power of positive scriptural thinking. His main emphasis was that we so often use that verse for the things we are not to think about but dont apply it to the things we ought to be thinking about. The thought just occured to me what about a forum "I was blessed by ..." The only thing allowed in it is how you were blessed. My pastor brought a great messag
  2. In nearly 40 years of ministry, I have never known of a person saying if you can't read Greek you are not quallified for the pastorarate. I was exposed to Greek in Bible College but I can not read it. Others on the other hand poo poo taking Greek and excuse their lack of it with "I don't need Greek to understand the Bible." That is true but for many who say it is Greek for "I AM TOO LAZY TO STUDY GREEK." A person who has no knowledge of Greek can readily understand the KJB. But Greek is a usefull tool in understanding what the Word is saying. Paul uses the Greek word agoni which is prop
  3. Doctrine is important and I in no way would belittle the importance of doctrine. The person who says I am not interested in doctrine is saying I am stupid and I want to stay that way. But what roll does it play in salvation. I was saved in OctOBer of 1969 at the First Baptist Church of Monticello, IL. I was raised in a church that believed I could loose my salvation. I don't know exactly when but sometime that winter I became thoroughtly convinced of my security. How any one can study the Bible and not be is beyond me. When then was I saved in OctOBer or later that winter. Certain tr
  4. Why anyone in their right mind would steal a member from another good church is beyond me. The only way they can be stolen is if they are disgruntled. If they are disgruntled with the other church, how long before they are equally disgruntled with my church. Disguntled members are usually problem members and add nothing to the church that steals them but problems. A member who can be stollen from another church can just as easily be stolen. All the stealer does is encourage disgruntled members of another church to become a disgruntled members of his church. This just encourages church
  5. (1) Not all things in scripture are intended to be taken literally. Scripture however forewarns us with such phrases as "is like unto' or "as though it were." These are totally missing from the account of creation. (2) Men have taken, until the advent of the evolutionary hypothesis, taken it to be literal. Then so as not to appear scientifically ignorant they have attempted to find away to make evolution and scripture agree. Paul warns against "science falsely" so called. If "science" does not agree with scripture pitch science do not change scripture. (3) If you believe something t
  6. BIG BANG A presentation at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago says, "in the beginning there was nothing and nothing exploded." This is the only accurate statement I ever heard from evolutionist. NOTHING EXPLODED Evolution definitely is not a fact it is not even a theory. Theories require scientific evidence. Evolution is a hypothesis. A hypothesis is merely somebody's guess. That is all it is it does not deserve the dignity of being called a theory. The 'scientific community" wants to imply that those creationist are scientific morons. The truth is evolution has more scientific dif
  7. Going to church, Bible College and even seminary does not make one a Christian no more than sleeping in the garage will make you a car. The Bible teaching on Satan, Holy Spirit, hell, deity of Christ and His sinlessness is clear. Can one be a Christian and call God a liar. If Jesus was not sinless, he died for his own sins and could not have died for ours. We are hopelessly lost and religion is a farce. There is NO such thing as a Christian
  8. Verse by verse studies have a number of advantages. (1) preaching the WHOLE counsel of God. Topical preaching can miss some of it. (2)Topical preaching makes us prone to ride our own little hobby horses. (3) Subjects can be dealt with as they come. Have you ever felt like the preacher was preaching at you because of something that recently happened. I think many of us have but if the subject comes in the order from the series he is following, how can it be. Its amazing how it "just happens" to come up when it is needed. You would almost think some omniscient God was leading it.(4) It a
  9. The mountain tops can only be reached by passing through the valleys. The mountain top is the reward for successfully passing through the valle. The mountain tops are the result of drawing closer to God in the valley, All though its in the valley that we grow, it is still a difficult place. Were it not for the mountain tops, the valley would be an even more difficult place.
  10. Is this a fair assessment of what is being said thus far? There appears to be a slight difference in time between Mat 28:1 and John 20:1. In John 20:1 it was yet dark while in Mat 28 it was beginning to dawn. Possibly 2 different occasions.This presents a problem of when was the stone rolled away. It appears to have already been rolled away at the earlier event while in Matt 28 it appears to be rolled away as she arrives. Key word is appears. Matt 28:2 may refer back to what has happened. Scripture although inspired and in agreement, is not always chronological.
  11. This topic probably belongs in another forum. But I didn't see one that looks quite right for it. There is a question that has always come to my mind and I have found no answer for. Pastors I have asked have offered no help. None of my reading has covered it. So hopefully some where out there some one can clear my question. My question is not to be interpreted as questioning the infalibity of Scripture. That is not the point at all. How can we reconcile Deu 24:16 "The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: ever
  12. If the marriages not performed were limited to homosexual marriages, there could be a problem. I would not perform any marriage I did not believe to be founded on the right basis. These would include but not be limited to the marriage of a believer and an unbeliever, a divorcee, alcohol being served at the reception, and of course homosexuality. I know that some may disagree with some of those but that is not the matter being discussed so save your disagreements.
  13. Can one be saved and deny Scripture? We may not all interpret it exactly the same way. But in the matter of homosexuality there is no matter of interpretation. To ridicule one because of an opposition to homosexuality is to deny the plain teaching of Scripture. A question arises in my mind obout the salvation of one who professes to be Christian yet think homosexuality is ok.
  14. Been away and just picked up your situation. You may be assured that you have my prayers. Let me remind you of that oft used but so true scripture of Rom 8:38. God has a place for all His faithful servants.
  15. I got on this thread late and have not read all of it. But let me use a little of my personal testimony to answer this question. The Lord saved me from a life of drunkeness and filth. When music has a beat that would have been accepted in the bars and honkey tonks that I use to frequent, it can not honor God. I have heard much of what is called " christian Rock" and CCM. It has a sound that I immediately associate with my past. Nothing about my past glorified Christ. So, the music of it even with Christian words attached can not glorify Him.
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