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  1. am i still sinning when i lie to protect somebody? suppose i live in a second world war where jews were the primary target of nazi germans for genocide. then some jews ask for my help to hide them to my house which i did to help them. after few moments, a nazi soldiers came and ask were are those jews that they seen running. am i still commit sin if i will tell them that those jews were run away from were i standing so that by lying, i could save the life of those jews? am i still commiting sin to my lie? (see the similarity of rahab and the spies?). knowing if i tell them the truth, those jews that is inside my house will be killed. if i lied, i could save their life. please help me. :pray this is causing me trouble inside
  2. one non-catholic church said "faith alone is misleading, he said faith is the factor for salvation and we must add works to obtain salvation. he supported his claim with this verse; actually this is the link click me even my born again best friend said salvation can be lost... i am confused. please help me
  3. so right after you died, you will be judge immediately? i thought we will be judge all at the same time so those who were died long time ago will have to wait until the judgement day. ah i still have alot of rice to eat just to cope up :sad
  4. the question is, is it ok to call our God the Father Yahweh when it is written in the Bible his name is Yahweh? i am holding NIV Bible (in which it is written in my native language) and in OT, Yahweh were written all over. i guess yahweh is the real name of God the Father since even Jews call Him YHWH thanks
  5. actually this is the second time we have a head to head debate. the first one was last year when he said masturbation is not a sin. he compared masturbation in wine. drinking wine or liquor is not a sin but being drunk is. this time when my one of my group ask if white lies is a sin. then he responded when was lie become a sin. then i responded giving exodus 20:16 16Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. but he said lie become sin when lying was fall into this category (lying against your neighbour) then i gave John 8:44 44You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. but he answered me: then after long discussion he insisted his answer is very similar to his answer about masturbation a year ago and then to support his claim, he site an example in Hebrews 11:31 when apostle paul see her as faithful women. his stand is if you lie for a good reason, your not sinning. his explanation regarding exodus 20:16 is lie become sin when you lie against your neighbour but in rahab case, she does not lie against her neighbour but he lied for her neighbour. if not by lying, those spies were all killed by the soldiers who is searching that time. she lied to protect the spies thats shy she never sinned. rahab was commended because she lied to protect the spies. anyway he is UMC from malaysia. he is very good debater.
  6. ? united methodist church said lying is not a sin. they site an example of what rahab did to the spies of israel
  7. so you mean there is already hell and if a criminal died, he will immidiately goes to hell and will burn there even before the actual judgement stating in the book of revelation. i thought the hell is not yet created until the second coming where everybody will all be judge at the same time. please help me thanks
  8. thanks brother danny carlton, seth, john, mr moderator and others who responded to feed me. it is overwhealming and i really appriciate it yet i have to digest it for a while. sorry if i made it messy but it is really helpful for me. i am newly saved and i can say that i am like a baby who will put everything into my mouth to know if it is edible or not. i dont intend to create a messy or dividing thoughts among my brothers, i just want to ask regarding the things i need to know since this is more important than my daily food since it will affect my life before this life. i appriciate all of your answers and frankly, brother danny and john the baptist have very good explanation, also to brother jerry who gave me a link about The Name i am asking. actually all of you have a very good explanation and i am very thankfull for that. please dont be tired or annoyed if i ask too many questions about The Bible. i am reading it but as i read it, i have more and more questions in my mind and i am afraid to ask to anybody except to my brothers, if i have to ask other like catholics or protestant, i might get loss. thanks you for the effort and hope that it will not be wasted, i am reading it carefully. i want to learn not because by learning more i will get save (because i know i am save by faith in Him) but i want to know more. please be patient to me and thanks Your least of brethren, pablo
  9. hi, is there a hell before judgement day? what i mean is when a bad, criminal person dies, does his spirit will immediately go to hell? what will happen to our spirit when we die? does our spirit will stay in our body and sleeping until the judgement day or second coming? suppose i have a love one who passed away, where does his spirit go now? does his spirit will immediately be judge or sleeping until the judgement day? please help me about this, i am sincerely asking since i am newly save (i was catholic before and since i realized that there is no purgatory, the question raised in my mind) thanks your least of brethren pablo
  10. thanks for the feeding, it really helps i am living here in muslim country and i have jewish neighbour and they call Lord God as Yahweh because that is the name given in the Bible. and if you will think it deeply, they have their point, the old testament is their torah and tannakh. what is written in their Bible should match to our old testament and in this case we should call Lord God, Yahweh. please help me your least of brethren
  11. in KJV His name is Lord God but in other version or even in torah His name is Yahweh. why we call Him Lord God when His name is in OT is Yahweh? please help me thanks
  12. i just finished reading that book and it is really informative. i actually mentionedl it to my catholic groups but they said im lying and possesing a wrong spirit. they rebute it one by one but what they are doing is really natural and expected. i am about to verify one by one if all those dates and info are true since i am searching for the truth. that book is great thought i have to dig more so that i can discuss it to my catholics friends but not this time. because of that book, i print all the history of orthodox catholic history in wikipedia and i finished reading it.
  13. you know kyla, i have to sneak on your back just to pick up those references you are giving to others. it is very informative for a man who is eagerly searching for additional knowledge of the history. anyway i think theres nothing wrong in knowing your history aside from reading the Bible. i just want to pack myself if somebody ask me about our history (specially catholics who keep insisting that we were pop up like mushrooms in reformation). please continue throwing those links, somebody is picking it up . thanks
  14. thanks for the responses. please help me to understand this. i know God The Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are one and God but i have question in mind regarding their equalities. if Jesus, our Savior is equal to His Father then why apostle paul said [color=#0000FF]And when all things shall be subdued unto him, then shall the Son also himself be subject unto him that put all things under him, that God may be all in all. 1 Corinthians 15:28[/color] please help me thanks
  15. are they all equal? thanks
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