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  1. Ban John because I'm not in that game either.
  2. Ban madeline because I need my first ban as a junior member.
  3. Thanks for the service. I work with the "CH"Air Force from time to time. Mostly Spec Ops.
  4. 282Mikado


    True so true. The music should fit the lyrics. I never could understand Christian "Rock" or Christian "Hip Hop". Take the lyrics out and watch the people do. Are they getting in the flesh? Then that music doesn't belong in Christian anything.
  5. Just pickin' up where we left off at lunch. Good to hear from you again. You may want to check the other game now.
  6. Ban Marcus because I haven't as yet so he's new to me.
  7. Banning BZM because I promised to on the other game. I always try to keep my promises.
  8. Sorry to hear that. Maybe finding out that I just banned you on the other game will pick you up :clap:
  9. ban madeline because I'm still trying to get out of newbie status
  10. Ban HC because I have to go back to work and stop playing this game :sad
  11. He could always start as a CA and if he likes it he can use his GI bill to get a theology degree and become a Chaplin. If I'm not mistaken they can go all the way to Colonel.
  12. ban mzmomo6 for not even getting a chance to finish my last post before she banned me. WOW your quick! :bolt:
  13. ban bzmomo6 for not liking my moniker. You can call me 282 for short :smile
  14. Your welcome! I really enjoyed it. I'd have been a true lifer had not family issues required my getting out. Fortunately I got a job where I am still able to work with the military regularly and lend my support. God is good!
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