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  1. While the harp at first glance would seem to be a soothing instrument; there are more subtle and sinister forces at work with the instrument. It has its roots in early Egypt and was used in the worship of false gods. Even though, down through the ages it was sometimes used in "sacred worship" it was also used to for other worldly and Satanic purposes.

    Therefore, I think it best to stay away from this instrument in our current music and avoid every appearance of evil.

    Amen. :goodpost:


    Anywho, I got a type of harp called a Kinnor Link to image: (http://www.magictails.com/abydos/images ... kinnor.jpg) It is based of coins in Jesus time and testified to have been played in the temple in Jesus time by ancient writings. It is rather complicated to learn but makes a beautiful sound. Example of sound: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewwJGIy_ ... annel_page)

  2. I am sure by now you already know this but just in case there are others interested I wanted to add to the post. Connections Academy is a great! It is free and a "public school" you can do from home and correspond with the teachers. It was originally a christian school and they haven't changed their curriculum so students learn from a Christian perspective.

    I'm not sure we are talking about the same school. The connections academy I was talking about is rather secular. They have evolutionist teaching and many ungodly things in the curriculum.

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