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  1. We are moving to Midland TX in June. We are needing to find a new church home since we currently live in KY. To long of a drive to come to church on sunday's. So does anyone know of a good church that isnt a mega church or too small of a church. We like our family to stay together during service. So if anyone has any info can you please let me know?
  2. We watched the movie yesterday as well. I think that what stand out to us during the whole movie is the fact a child can be taking from you in a minute, which causes you to question what you did wrong. The other part is that even when it seems that God isnt answering prayers he answers them in another form. I especially like the part when the guy was asking God how can he provide for his family, if he keeps losing or getting turned down for a job. How many times have we all asked that question when dealing with some kind of trial. I remember a few years back a man ran a stoplight and hit my husband in his diesil truck near the fuel tanks he was spared then a month later a metal handle broke off the same truck and hit hubby in the head. We were both asking why and how we could take care of our daughter. But the same year I got pregnant with our son after trying for 6 years. So God ways are not our own ways.
  3. I wouldnt shoot somebody over merchandise but I would over my children. I see what you are saying though I dont rely on the gun to protect me since it is basically a tool that will reguire someone to actually pick it up to use it. I know that we are suppose to put our trust in God but Im married to a man that watched his mother get killed when a man broke into her house. So for my husband he wants to protect us since he couldnt help his mother since he was young. My husband keeps my car in good shape and if I have a tire that has a low tread left he buys me a new one. I dont think that just because we rely on God to protect us that we shouldnt look out for our family and ourselves.
  4. I too grasp the meaning for everything written but the gun confused me about why it was in there. I think that we all need to look at our selves when dealing with any matter. WHile some are openly sinning that does not mean that we are all without sin. We are human and we need to make sure we keep up with our own sins before talking about others. I read my bible more then my husband does that does not make me a better christian then him since he likes to read a chapter and think about it for a few days. Were I read more then one chapter a day and I dont think about it for that long of a time. I think that the test was posted should have all of us questioning if there is any thing standing between us and Jesus ,such was the case of the young man that didnt want to give up his money to follow God but he did everything else right. So there can always be one thing that stands between us and God. One thing for sure since reading and doing the test I realized were I could be starting to let things get in the way even though they were not on the list.
  5. I understand now what you mean. We have trusted God for the last 4 years (when we moved here) to protect us but We do have a gun to protect our family as backup. We think of a gun as a means for a back up plan if something happened such as a earthquake, we would be able to hunt for food to feed our kids. I think a gun is a tool not a toy or something that I love more then God. If God told us to get rid of all of them we would do it today.
  6. The one question that I have to shake my head about is the guns. 11. Do you sleep with a gun for protection? I sleep with a 9mm pistols and 12 guage shot gun under my bed, a key in the gun safe to get ahold of the four guns in there ranging from 12 guage to 357 magnum revolver, 12 guage in the closet off the living room (trigger lock). We are fully loaded and ready for actions. --How much do you trust in the gun to deliver you? I trust the gun to deliver me and children if someone breaks into my house when my husband is not home to protect me. We live in a rural area and had recently had several home envasions down the road. If I dont hit them with the 9mm the 12 guage will. I believe God gave me my two children to do what ever necassary to protect them from harm. Another thing I dont believe in public education at all,, if I wanted to send them to be indoctrine against God they can get that from an atheist. We also dont believe in sending them to the local private schools due to the fact there is no difference between how the kids dress and public school kids. We do have regular tv and netflix. We watch a total of 3 hours of TV time a day. We give as much as we can to others and God but also being able to provide for our childrens needs. The reason why I say that we know of one couple that gave everything to the church including their time and their children had no clothes and very little food to eat. So I think that God expects you to take care of your children and then give the rest to others. We have several electronics. We have cellphones and an landline phone. Today hubby had an propane tank to start leaking and he called me to let me know. We dont own a boat or anyother toys like that but we did have but we sold them. As soon as they became a problem that cut into our time with God and family we got rid of them. I do know one model because they talked about her on the news Lauren Scruggs, she walked into an plane propeller while it was still on. We dont keep up with the current fashion we look for what covers us up and isnt to tight. Yes we do have friends that are unsaved but we have witnessed to them about God. We dont run around with them but maybe meet up to do dinner once or twice a year. We are not here to witness to saved people we are here to witness to the lost. I vote for the ones that follow as many as my beliefs and the economy has no affect on who I vote for.
  7. sissytishad

    Your Favorite Hymns?

    Yeah I know the history of the song but like you said the tune sticks in your brain. They hear it on their christian music for kids cd. I finally got them to listen and sing to something other then Father Abraham had many sons. So their favorite song changes on a weekly bases. There are several songs that are promoted as christian but you can hear them on the local rock radio.
  8. Yeah Christian friends and family argue with us about sending our children to public school. Nope not going to happen, even if both hubby and I have to work two jobs each to homeschool them or send them to private school.
  9. sissytishad

    Your Favorite Hymns?

    My favorite is Here I am and the most current one for my life is I need you every hour. My kids like Battle hymn of the Republic.
  10. They have arms reach co sleeping bassinet that interested me but we settled on a cradle by myside of the bed during the night with everything needed for the baby. So I was more comfortable with this then the baby being in bed with me since both hubby and I move alot in our sleep. So if you move around alot or your spouse it might be in the best interest to not co-sleep.
  11. We have decided to get her a pink KJV reference bible. We are going to also get our 2 year old son a blue KJV bible reference bible. The bible is similar to one of my old bibles that she loves and so I think she will like it. We are going to have their names put on them as well. We plan on letting them at a later date to read and look at other versions. Right now I dont think she has to debate why KJV only so we will discuss that at a later date. We try to not over protect them but I dont want them to be confused at this time.
  12. Not our church but family members church and family members. I was told by my sister she wouldnt come to our church due the stance on alternative lifestyle. Their church is suppose to be IFB but the doctrine they promote is totally different from the IFB I have grown up as.
  13. Thanks everyone for the input. I know we are the ones raising the kids but it is funny how the ones attack you the most are fellow believers. I should have known that when they were more worried about supporting alternative lifestyles they might not agree with KJB. We are the odd ones in both sides of our family. We dont let our children just go anywere and not without us. THen of course the biggest mistake is that we actually homeschool. What happen to parents actually wanting to be with their kids?
  14. We as a family believe in KJV only. Well I made a comment about buying our daughter a study bible that has the tabs and I received heat from others in our extended family about only using KJV. They said that our daughters view of the scripture will be short sighted. Is that true that our daughter(10 years old) should be allow to read other versions? I know were we stand and I just thought I would ask it here to get everyone elses opinions. Also I was told that if we get her anything but black or burgundy she might as well not read it. Does anyone know were to get a girly color that is large print with thumb index? Also would you get an study bible or reference bible?
  15. We discuss how there was a man that delivered toys to children along time ago. We really talk about mainly how God sent his son to die for our sins. We dont tell our children that santa brought them anything. I teach my children to be thankful for the present of Jesus coming to save all men. Encouraging children in believing in someone that isnt real isnt good but to each their own. We all have to answer to God what we choose to teach our children. We tell our kids that fairy tales is make believe. If some would read the real fairy tales then they would be shocked. When I went to public school we had to read the real fairy tales and I didnt want any part of them. I dont send my child to public school due to what they teach so I sure wouldnt bring the stuff into my home. Of course this is how we manage our home.

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