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  1. If we could be relied upon to do everything we should, we wouldn't need a government in the first place.
  2. well, maybe so, but I hate the governemt TELLING us to do that. We should be able to CHOOSE to do that!!
  3. ha ha, I bet half out our food is bought at a discount b/c of a "do nOT sell after this date"! LOL We are still alive and kicking!
  4. we have about 350-400. We don't do the bus thing at all. Not big on visitation either. We sing both hymns and praise and worship. On Sunday mornings we have piano, acustic guitar, electric guitar, and drums. On Sunday night we have the same, but with the clarinet and trumpet.
  5. I am sorry....I know this is totally off topic. However, Mr Jerry, I just wanted to thank you for a good tear rolling down my face fit of laughter!! LOL I am sitting here trying to picture this in my head!! hahahaha
  6. Ohhhhhhh!!! Sorry about that! I missunderstood what was meant by "homechurch", that's all!
  7. How in the world is it disobeying Mr Jerry? There have been many many churches that start this way! How else would a church start? There is a family up the street and "homechurch" with several other families. They rotate which house will host it. THey are doing so until they can afford a building. It is rather common over here. There is another church that uses the highschool gym to meet until they too can afford a building. Is it really important WHERE Christians meet? Afterall, the actual church isn't the building, but the believers!!
  8. how can they put "Christian" in front of that?
  9. I found this by accident earlier today and was what do ya'll think about this?? http://christiandomesticdiscipline.com/home1.html
  10. I WISH we had just gone to the JP. lol
  11. haha, well, our "honeymoon" was nothing more than a trip to the zoo. I am NOT kidding!! LOL That was all we could afford. Plus, we got married on a Friday and had to be back at work on Monday!!! Someone asked if we were going on a second honeymoon for our 10th next year. I told them that no, the zoo in Alexandria Louisiana wasn't worth a 1000 mile trip!! LOL
  12. gracious sakes!! It is sad to see fellow Christians so ready for a fight!! There are some things are black and white...clearly right and wrong. Others things are "to each his owns" type things. There is something called grace, which we all need to remember to show each other.
  13. I am sorry. I didn't mean to start a debate about how much should be spent on a wedding. I just always look back and laugh at ours because it was so messed up. I wasn't saying not spend a lot,etc. There is a middle road on everything. I guess it was a senseless post anyway. going to delete it. sorry ya'll
  14. I agree Mr.Jerry!! While there is nothing wrong w/ a pretty wedding cermony, I too think that overly lavish weddings are just untasteful. I would much prefer seeing that money being spent on setting up housekeeping. I have 3 daughters and 1 son. I am willing to give each of my daughters a small, tasteful wedding that is hopefully a bit nicer than mine. However, I am not willing to go into debt for it!
  15. edited for the sake of peace
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