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  1. Can someone please explain to me this fairly new (less than 20 years) church term "having community" or "finding community"? I always thought there was the fellowship of the brethren, but I am hearing this coming from the more modern-leaning church members. Not trying to cause offense here, just trying to figure out what the terms mean.
  2. I recently switched cell phone carriers & obtained a new android phone. Up until that time, I was using what I jokingly called my "dumb" phone, which would browse, but at a price--no data plan. Now I am trying to learn to use my new phone & I would very much like to add a KJV app, preferably one which I can read, but will also do audio, so that I can listen while I'm doing other activities. I have noticed there are SO many apps. I need a little advice. I appreciate any input on this.
  3. Need some prayer today. Lots going on.

    1. HappyChristian
    2. PastorMatt


      Prayed for you. Let's know how it turned out.

    3. nucreature


      Thanks for praying. Need wisdom in a family decision.
      That's all I can say about it. Need a real miracle.

  4. Heard a wonderful message Sunday that is still speaking to me:John 11:1-6 "When God is 'lateIt really hit home with me, for I am so anxious for God to "do" something in nearly every area of my life. Long story and yet no words could communicate what all is happening. I'm just glad that God is never really "late". He is always right on time.

  5. It's chilly down south!

    1. LindaR


      We have a wind chill advisory here in the delta of Mississippi. It is collllllld outside!

    2. Crushmaster
    3. PastorMatt


      That is why you all live down south, right? :)

  6. I have been noticing the new "Strongest Strong's Concordance" for the 21st Century. I looked to see that Zondervan published it. I have a couple of the older ones. My question is: which one(s) are more true to the KJV? Or is there even a difference? I wanted to give my children concordances for gifts, but I want to purchase the right ones.
  7. This is great and a timely reminder. Thank you!!!
  8. I am so glad to see SOMEONE who has this viewpoint. Where are all the separated Christians nowadays? They are ridiculed for their antiquated viewpoints. Separation IS a Bible doctrine. We should not pick and choose the teachings that we will follow. It's all important or God would not have put the commands and principles there. On that subject: honoring the Lord's day....we all know Sunday is coming...so why don't we prepare to worship instead of shop?
  9. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you all for addressing my questions.
  10. I realize this is an old thread, but I just wanted to mention that for many years we have purchased videos from christianmovies.com. The films from the Christiano brothers are good. We also like the old Ken Anderson films and the Edward McDougal ones. We also purchased flywheel some years before Facing the Giants came out. So we were more than ready to watch the new Kendrick Bros movie. The fact that it was put out as an independent Christian film and especially as a ministry of a local Baptist church was appealing, too. We have felt that in this day and age we all need encouragement to walk
  11. May I humbly ask a question concerning this? I have had second thoughts about culottes, t-shirts, and ladies blazers...as well as ball caps, cammo colors, etc... I guess we all are at a different point in our walk with the Lord, but I don't want to just brush off the Holy Spirit when He points out something in my life. I know pants define that area of a woman's body that will cause a man's eyes to zero in, and also a tight fitting "anything" will do that. But I am talking about garments pertaining to a man. A t-shirt, for example, even a big sloppy one, is a t-shirt a man's garment? Culottes a
  12. Sorry, I should have been more specific. When I used Windows, we had the K9 web protection program to keep the porn, offensive words, gambling, etc...stuff out. Well, so many programs aren't friendly with Linux, so I thought I'd ask if anyone knew of a good program/application that is compatible with Linux. Thanks.
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