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  1. Need some prayer today. Lots going on.

    1. HappyChristian


      Have prayed for you.

    2. PastorMatt


      Prayed for you. Let's know how it turned out.

    3. nucreature


      Thanks for praying. Need wisdom in a family decision.
      That's all I can say about it. Need a real miracle.

  2. Sounds like what folks oughtta do before they join a church. Many a time young people hear what pastor preaches, then mom & dad don't agree so there is the inconsistency. I think it is just one more reason so many of the young people get out of church.
  3. I believe it's nationwide, and getting worse. Without a teachable spirit, people are not prone to listen to godly advice. Yet they would probably never admit how much the media (news, tv shows, internet, music, etc) have shaped their views. By default, they let the world tell them what to do.
  4. I'm southern, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Heard a wonderful message Sunday that is still speaking to me:John 11:1-6 "When God is 'lateIt really hit home with me, for I am so anxious for God to "do" something in nearly every area of my life. Long story and yet no words could communicate what all is happening. I'm just glad that God is never really "late". He is always right on time.

  6. I can certainly understand being leery of posting anything on facebook or myspace that may give too much information. However, I also believe that facebook can be a great avenue to share scripture, witness, and be a light for Jesus Christ.
  7. Well, same thing happened to me. I posted Way of Life's rebuttal to the 20/20 thing on my facebook. I have since deleted all of it. It was not exactly stated but one of the critics said that there was a key doctrine the IFB's teach which causes a breeding ground for abuse. The only doctrine I could think of was separation, which is one of the main doctrines that churches have thrown out the window. Maybe they akin that to isolation? Or maybe it was something about pastoral authority? Or maybe the "independent " thing made them think we weren't accountable enough? I really wasn't sure what the comment on my wall was referring to, but the critic stated that they and some of their friends have experienced great pain and personally know of very similar circumstances in other IFB churches they used to attend. I have heard over and over bashing from Christian friends and family who are in more liberal churches now. They say that a good portion of their memberships are ex-Baptists. And yes, they have stereotyped us IFB's. In their view, we are judgmental, legalistic, unloving, and miserable in our Pharisaical convictions. No matter what scripture I bring out to support certain convictions that are contrary to theirs, the "don't judge" card is thrown at me as well as the "lack of love" card. I fear that there truly are IFB's who have done damage, and there is no excuse for that. I have known the harshest IFB's who later turned out to be either unsaved or the fell into deep sin. Those of us who truly want to live holy and godly in this present world, love sinners, serve the Lord Jesus Christ, and avoid the worldly entanglements are tagged and labeled. Jesus said "Marvel not that the world hate you" Yet, these are Christians who are siding with the world in their criticism.
  8. We have a family friend who is so very nice, and is very drawn to our family. We have been hospitable to him and have showed him the love of Christ in how we have dealt with him. Today I finally found the opportunity to speak with him one on one concerning his soul's salvation. In a nutshell, he says 5 months ago he realized he could not obtain salvation in anything other than trusting Christ as his saviour. Also, he said it is the blood of Christ that atones for our sin. Everything I asked...and I asked in every way I could think to tear a hole in his experience, but he is assured that he has genuine faith in Jesus Christ. Later in our conversation, he also said that he believes the Book of Mormon to be God's Word as well as the Bible. He says he studies God's Word and the Book of Mormon backs it up and vice versa. Of course, I brought up the fact that the mormon prophets had been wrong...cited particulars...but I feel like I failed in this encounter. Are the mormon teachings so full of actual truth that the lies get hidden? He is so very sincere....but is it another Jesus? Another gospel? If any of you have any pointers, I could use them. I have challenged him to read the Bible only for a set amount of time. He won't do it, for he is convinced that would be wrong. I have actually offended him, but he is still pretty gracious about it all.
  9. It's chilly down south!

    1. LindaR


      We have a wind chill advisory here in the delta of Mississippi. It is collllllld outside!

    2. Crushmaster
    3. PastorMatt


      That is why you all live down south, right? :)

  10. Kitagirl, Just to share my story.....I attended a jewelry party one time and of course there was a demonstration by the party director concerning fashion. She was wearing an above the knee skirt and lots of jewelry herself. She showed several posters of what a fashion-conscious lady should/should not wear. Wouldn't you know it? Everything she showed on the "should not" poster described me and what I was wearing. I actually was wearing a nice dress tea length and pumps, make up, hair done well...but my style was being presented as drab and unappealing. I had to really fight not to let that bother me. I was so insulted. I was the only one dressed that way and the rest of the ladies had to be blind or stupid not to have noticed that I stood out. The thing is the "should wear" poster was so "sexy, tight, revealing,etc" I wouldn't want to dress that way. I only went because it was a fundraiser, but that memory revealed how out of step I am from the world. Guess what?? I don't mind that one bit. The more degraded this world gets, the more different a woman in any kind of modest skirt and dress is going to appear.
  11. I have been noticing the new "Strongest Strong's Concordance" for the 21st Century. I looked to see that Zondervan published it. I have a couple of the older ones. My question is: which one(s) are more true to the KJV? Or is there even a difference? I wanted to give my children concordances for gifts, but I want to purchase the right ones.
  12. This is great and a timely reminder. Thank you!!!
  13. I am so glad to see SOMEONE who has this viewpoint. Where are all the separated Christians nowadays? They are ridiculed for their antiquated viewpoints. Separation IS a Bible doctrine. We should not pick and choose the teachings that we will follow. It's all important or God would not have put the commands and principles there. On that subject: honoring the Lord's day....we all know Sunday is coming...so why don't we prepare to worship instead of shop?
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