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  1. I'm actually not allowed to say what my favorite song is here, but it's really beautiful. I sang it to her when we were courting and I still love to sing it to her.
  2. Grilled rabbit with potatoes and leeks, with some grilled asparagus on the side.
  3. Yeah, that's what happened to me when I first got religion. I say "got religion" because that's all it was. I was just playing religious games. I didn't get saved until several years later. I've met people like this. My response to them is "Oh, goody. Which one of the Seven Sons of Sceva are you"? John, if it makes you feel any better, our church went from 22 people to roughly 350 in about three years and I have heard people say over and over that the reason they wanted to join our church so badly is that we were one of the few in our area who were just preaching the word of God and fulfilling the requirements the New Testamant lays out for the church, and not doing any of the seeker sensitive, emergent silliness. I'm also getting reports from our sister churches and friends in other churches that Bible believing churches are growing. Fewer in number, but those that remain are seeing sharp increases in membership. What that tells me is that the good churches are weeding out false converts, pew warmers, and the "entertain me" crowd. While those folks just go on to join or form bad churches, it allows the good churches to get down to the business of preaching the Gospel.[/align]
  4. Some nice tuna steaks, okra, and L.A. caviar.
  5. Yes we do. We live in a part of the country where such a thing is seen as a novelty and people are sometimes taken aback by it, but we still do. We also teach them that they're not to call grown ups by their first name.
  6. This isn't my story. It's an experience one of the guys I post with on another forum had. I just wanted to share it because it's such a great story. It's long, but it's worth it. Those of you who listen to Way of the Master will know him.
  7. Last year, my mother was invited to speak at a convention in Boston and she didn't want to drive the six hours or so by herself, so she called me and asked if I drive her up there. I asked my wife if she'd be okay for a couple of days, and she said she'd be fine. I was looking forward to it, because I'm a big baseball fan and had never been to Fenway. My experience at Fenway Park another story in it's own right. I didn't know anybody in Boston so my days were spent wandering around, looking at the sites, and waiting for my mother to call me to come and pick her up. One day, I ended up in the park where they were holding a big environmental rally. I had never been to one and didn't know that there would be so many pagan groups (I mean, literally pagan) and, for some reason, a large Marxist contingent. As the rally started to end, I started to leave and go across the river to Harvard, where I had found this great hamburger joint a couple of days before. Just then, something inside me said, "Have you ever seen so many lost people in one place in your life?" I believe that it was the Holy Spirit spurring me on and so I did what I always do when God asks me to do something uncomfortable: I tried to get out of it. I used every excuse I could think of: "I don't know what to say to these people" and "Hey, wait a minute God, I'm supposed to be on vacation here". And so I left. But I didn't get far before I fell under such conviction for being disobedient that I turned around and jumped up on a concrete wall and said, "OK, God, you said 'Go' and I'm here. I'm trusting you to do the rest". People were streaming out by the hundreds and I cleared my throat and said, "Excuse me, I see that you're all coming from the rally and I want to thank you for being so concerned about God's creation. I understand that you're all here because you want to see the planet saved and so do I. I know that you've all been here most of the day and are ready to go home, but there's one important message that you didn't get to hear today and if you'll just give me ten minutes of your time, I'd like to share it with you". I think I had a crowd of about fifty or sixty people. I started out by explaining that God had created the Earth to be perfect, but that it fell under a curse because of man's sin, and that's why we have natural disasters, global warming, pollution, etc. A couple walked away, once they realized that this was going to be one of those religious things, and a couple more snickered at me, but because I was able to put it in a language they could understand (thank God for giving me the words), I had their attention. I finished and thanked them and told them that I'd hang around a little bit if anybody wanted to talk to me. At the end, several people came up to me and asked me different questions about people who've never heard the Gospel, about how if God is real, why are there so many religions, etc. Everybody left except for this little teenaged girl, about sixteen or seventeen. She was just as pretty and as sweet as she could be. She walked up to me and she said, "I believe in, like, God and Jesus and stuff. But I'm afraid God hates me." I asked her why she would say that and she told me that she was in a sexual relationship with another girl and that she knew in her conscience that what she was doing was wrong. So I explained to her that God gave her a conscience so that she could know when she had broken His laws and that doing so was a sign of His love for her, not hatred. I asked her what she thought of the Gospel presentation I had given a few minutes earlier and we talked about that and I basically gave her the Gospel all over. I gave her my email and my wife's email (in case she felt more comfortable talking to another female), but I never heard from her. I don't know what happened to her, but I'm sure God planted a seed that day and, funny thing, I've never been nervous about open air preaching since then.

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