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  1. I agree that Moses didn't believe he was qualified for the job. However, it seems to me that if that was the only issue he wouldn't have argued with God as long as he did. I only said that because he already somehow knew that God would deliver Israel through him (Acts 7:25, For he supposed his brethren would have understood how that God by his hand would deliver them: but they understood not.) The reason I said that Moses had the "been there, done that" attitude is because that is something I deal with personally. I know it's not right, but if I had been in Moses' place and had to flee for my life for doing what I thought God wanted me to do, I would have thrown in the towel right then. God had to really work on Moses to bring him around.
  2. I agree. However, if you'll go back to Exodus 3-4, Moses didn't want to follow God. He had "already tried that" and wasn't going to do it again.
  3. Charbo


    While on active duty I shot the M16. I've also shot 9mm, .44 mag and different shotguns. I used to own a .357 and an 8mm. Right now I own a .45. Unfortunately, that is all I can afford now.
  4. Ban Katie because my old computer quit working.
  5. Ban Katie for not taking her meds today.

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