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  1. The rapture comes before the tribulation,the second coming where Jesus comes to rule and reign happens at the end of the tribulation.My position is a pre-trib rapture and a pre-millenial Kingdom(Jesus comes physically at the end of the tribulation and before the thousand year kingdom age begins).
  2. I said later in the post that I actually preach two different sermons in a week. The rest are soulwinning. I'm used to blunt -- no offense taken. Preachers are used to it, deserved or not. The whole Bible is about Jesus. He said so Himself. You can find many scriptures that can relate to Jesus and Salvation. 1 Sam 17 is no different. It's very clear that there is a battle going on for every man's soul, just as there is a battle going on in 1 Sam 17. David stepped up to be victorious against Isreal's enemy. Jesus has defeated our enemy (sin) as well. I'm sure you understand this ... I was
  3. Agreed...Expository preaching IMO is the easiest as far as getting prepared for the sermon.You read it,and tell what it means,pretty simple.If you undersatnd the Bile in the correct way,that its a literal book in most cases,and when symbols are used,the bile interpits itself in almost all passages concerning verses of a sybolic nature. To preach a topical sermon(the correct way as Dwayner ponted out) takes more preperation time,but IMO is very enjoyable.I preach about 6 times a week and a preach a topical sermon every time I preach.God has called me to be an evangelist,so of course my topic
  4. I dont think 1Thess.4:13-18 is talking about Jesus coming to rule and reign as King,this passage is not talking about the thousand year reign.Jesus comes in the clouds to catch away the believers,and he brings with him the departed souls who are in Christ. The appearing at the end of the tribulation,Jesus comes to earth,at the catching away,he comes in the clouds,they are not the same event.Several other verses teach that this event happens before the tribulation.That is the plain teaching and literal interpitation.
  5. Agreed,I think means that the saved souls of the believers in heaven will come with Jesus at the rapture ,and they will recieve their new bodies with the rest of us who are living(hopefully!) at His return. What a glorious day that will be!
  6. I agree,what your talking about is preachers preaching against sin,no matter where it is.Preaching on issues that effect us is biblical.It stops being biblical when preachers preach issues for a political cause and not the cause of Christ.
  7. I wasn't twisting your words. I was making a statement in the form of a question because I wasn't sure of your position.No deceit was involved. I'm sorry if it sounded that way. My apologies. I will keep preaching agianst sin and preaching the gospel. That is what will influence America, not a political party or govenment. I don't think preaching against sin and preaching the gospel is opting out of society. I know that God changes hearts through His word and I know government will never do that. That's hardly opting out. That's doing what God tells the church to do. Jesus told us to be
  8. Its funny how cults will use the verses that point to Jesus' humanity(incarnation) but ignore the ones that state that he is also God. Many verses state the fact that Jesus is God.Here are two who are sometimes overlooked... Hebrews 1:8 "But unto the Son he saith,Thy throne O God,is for ever"...Thats the Father calling Jesus God... Revelation 1:6 "And he hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father" Again...the word calls Jesus God.. Those who dont know who Jesus is will die in their sin John 8:24 "for if ye believe not that I am he ye shall die in your sins.. This verse is
  9. It should be pointed out that the millitary(as far as I know) are not accused of water borading. From what I have seen its the CIA that are practicing this and not the soldiers. It should also be pointed out that none of the people who were water boarded were soldiers either under Geneva convention rules. I dont believe the US should use torture end of story.I personaly am against water boarding.Then again some politicians say that playing loud music,sleep deprivation and not giving them a good bed is torture.Do i agree with that? No. Mabey we as a nation should list specific ways that
  10. [quote="Calvary"]You're moving this thread into an arena that it wasn't talking about. The position of a pastor and his political convictions should be mentioned from a pulpit. To take issue with a platform of a politician is certainly no cause for alarm nor is it shirking his duty to preach against sin. The point of this talk has been that Christians opting out of politics is not an issue of church and state seperation. I am a Christian, be it as a pastor or as a "lay person" my voice should be heard in the political process. The pulpit of America has been silenced by an indifferent, almo
  11. [quote="zealyouthguy"]Cough up some proof that they preached politics from the pulpit. Because that's what the whole statement that I made is based on... and you all have wandered left, right, and all around. Creating straw men, knocking them down, tilting at windmills. I have repeatedly posted quotes about the beliefs of early Baptists. Show me them endorsing a candidate from their pulpit. Lest you forget: [quote]I disagree about the politics, I'm of the opinion that it's because of the lack of pulpits telling the congregations about the politicians and gov't that they (gov't)
  12. 1 Cor 5:22-23 God says that the all in this passage means saved people,but it doesnt say what you want it to say,It doesnt say "those who dont get saved were choosen to be lost." Because God tells us what "all" means in this scripture doesnt mean that Jesus didnt die for those who will reject him. Again in Rom.8:31 does say that Jesus was delivered for saved people,but again it doesnt say what you want it to that"Jesus wasnt delivered up for the lost." Because God word declares here that Jesus was delivered for saved people doesnt mean he wasnt for those who reject him,again you are coming
  13. See Jery's post,he answers your objections that God loves all and Jesus died for all..
  14. I agree with Zealy,the historical baptist position has always been for the seperation between church and state. Looking back on sermons from past baptist preachers,yes they preached hot and heavy agianst things that are against God's word.If that happend to be a political issue for some,they didnt shy away from it . The difference between what they did and what A LOT of sbc are doing now is that we should preach on issues for the cause of Christ,and not for the cause of politics.Thats being done today by preachers on the right and the left and it simply isnt biblical. We are to be spread
  15. What about "all" have sinned and come short of the glory of God",does that mean"men of all nations or all kinds of people?? Or does it mean just what it says?Ill take God at his word that he means all. All means all in John 12:32"And I,if I be lifted up from the earth will draw ALL men unto me",Again Ill take God at His word all means all If you believe in irresistable grace,then do you believe in limited atonement? Because you cant have one without the other.If you believe all means elect from all kinds of people,do you believe 'the world' in john 3;16 means different elect and not all peop
  16. IMO,You cant really be a two point or one point Calvanist.A Calvanist will tell you so if you ask him. The points of the tulip cant stand on their own,all five points go together. You cant have irresistable grace without total depravity,you cant have perserverance of the saints without unconditional election,you cant have unconditional election without limited atonement. If you believe in one point of the tulip,the other four follow. I dont think any point in the tulip is backed by scripture,which is what's important IMO.
  17. Interesting blog,my guess is that not many of us on this board consider themselves as any kind of evangelical. He made some good points,thanks for the info tired. Thanks for the heads up Jerry,we need to warn our fellow believers about folks with bad doctrine.
  18. Auburn beat Bama again..... WAR EAGLE!!
  19. I understand your points but respectfully disagree..infact possibly my favotite preacher of all time John R. Rice,believes simularlly to you..The way I read it God is pointing out tounges,even when it was used correctly,wasnt to be sought after,but charity is because unlike the revelatory gifts that will cease when the revelation(the bible)is completed,charity in this world and the next will never cease.. God is contrasting the two..
  20. The verse Seth quoted 1 Cor. 13:8 says tongues will cease. The following two verses I believe say when tongues will cease. vs 9 "For we know in part,and we prophesy in part. vs.10 "But that which is perfect is come,then that which is in part shall be done away." I believe these three verses teach us how we received God's revelation (the Bible) in NT times, when it was completed (that which is perfect), these revelatory gifts(tongues, prophecy, knowledge, which in context means revelatory knowledge) will cease. When this letter was written, the Bible wasn't completed, so God was telling
  21. A reformed Baptist is a baptist that believes the doctrines of the t.u.l.i.p.,just ask them and they will tell you.I agree with Zealy,if you study the history of what we call "baptists" you will find that the majority of them were NEVER calvanistic. There were far more generals than particulars. The "reformed baptist" doctrine is poised to take over the SBC ,which is just one of the many reasons why I choose not to be a Southern Baptist. Irresistable grace is the teaching that a person is bornagain before they believe the gospel.The hottest evangelist going in SBC circles is Paul Washer.
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