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  1. Great story war eagle! We can all learn to be obediant to God's promtings as you were that day. How bold you are,that took a lot of guts,and of course the Holy Spirit fiiled you to do a hard task. I will keep this teenage girl in my prayers. Oh ya, 17- 10 :lol :thumb
  2. Wow,great story! Heres another one similar to yours.. I go to the local juvenile jail.There are 4 units with about 12 prisoners in each unit.Now I am able to speak to the whole unit with a sermon,but when I first started there I would go into a unit and adress myself and what I was(a preacher) and would invite anyone who would want to talk to meet me at a table in the back of the unit.Sometimes noone would come but on average it was usually 3-5 guys I would be able to speak with. About two years ago,I went into a unit and four young men wanted to talk.I would talk with them about what part of town they were from,what school they attended,and asked them about their families.Then I would share the gospel with them.One this one particular visit one young man was saved.He was a very troubled 16 year old.He was expecting to be in jail for a while.Two days later the young man was released,he was very happy to begin his new lifein Christ.That night he went to a basketball game at his local high school.His girl freind got into an argument with another girl,and her boy friend mistakenly thought the young man from the juvenile jail was going after his girlfreind,according to witnesses.This guy had a gun,pulled it out and shot the young man who had been saved two days earlier.He died at the age of 16. Almost every time I preach at that jail,I use that story to illustrate to these young men that their life could be over in a flash.I tell them that if he would have rejected Jesus two days before he was released,he would be in hell forever.But,I know that he received Jesus as his Lord and saviour,so he is now in heaven with Jesus forever more. The Lord uses that young man's testimony to convict many young men that they are sinners and that they need to trust Jesus for their salvation.His death as tradgic and sensless as it was,is being used by the Lord to help others see the light.
  3. No,I go on behalf of my ministry and my local church.I have yet to preach at a sate prison though.I would like to know more about Rock Of Ages,any info on them?It sounds likea great ministry.
  4. Great thread! A couple of years ago,a local newspaper did a story about me and my ministry.I go to several local jails to preach the gospel.One of the local police cheifs that I deal with,contacted the newspaper because he thought that it was a good thing, and that he had seen how the prisoners that were saved had changed so much(all glory to God!!) I was very apprehensive about doing it because I dont trust the media when it comes to telling the truth about the gospel. The other reason the cheif thought it was a good story is that I have a dissabeling disease called Dysautonomia. I reluctantly agreed to the interview because I looked at it as an oportuntity to spread the gospel.The day of the interview came and I met with the reporter.The reporter was very nice and cordial.I explained my ministry and what I preach,that men are sinners and that there is salvation for anyone who would repent and trust Jesus as the Saviour.The interview was printed in the next weeks news paper.To my dismay,the part about the gospel was left out.The article was a positive one,explaining that I preach in jails,but the very reason I did it was to proclaim the gospel and it was left out.I was very distraught and dissapointed. The next day I went to the jail that started the story.Some people had called the station wanting to talk to that preacher who goes soul-winning in jails.The city workers passed along the phone numbers to me.That night I called a lady who had a son in another local jail.She aked me to go talk with him.I had plans for the next day,but I cancelled them,God was obviuosly at work.Her son was into some occultic things and he was mad at God because of the pain and death in the world.I talked to him a whlie,he was convicted of his sin and recieved Christ as his Saviour!My disappointment in the article was done away with.God was using the article for His purposes the whole time!What a mighty God we serve. God taught me a lesson that day.The prison ministry can sometimes be difficlut.I have been spit at,cursed at,had my wife and child threatened among other things,it can be dishartening.Never the less,God taught me through this experiance that I should never give up in sharing the gospel.Even when things look dim,He is still working in hearts to save souls.I also learned that I should always trust in His Word and his love to convert even the vilest of sinners,for He saved me and I am sinner myself.If he can save me and change me,He can do it for anyone.

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